Business licenses, April 2015

Filed on 18. May, 2015 in Data, Public Records

Listings, which feature both new and renewed licenses, include business name, licensee name and the business’ physical address. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham.

3d Petting Zoo and Hobby Farm, Kristen Dooley, 4545 Aldrich Rd., Bellingham, WA.
30 Minute Hit Bellingham, Lyman Fitness Limited, 2039 Moore St., Bellingham, WA.
360 (TEXTILE Design Farm) Llc, 360 (TEXTILE Design Farm) Llc, 1124 Raymond St., Bellingham, WA.
Afterlight, Afterlight Llc, 311 E Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
Ahzalhea Designs, Laura Caroline Hale, 128 Crestline Dr., Bellingham, WA.
All Service Sew & Vac, Jerry Robert Davis, 213 Crown Ln, Bellingham, WA.
America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses #5249, National Vision, Inc., 4297 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA.
Anzees Khan, Anzees Khan, 408 Grady Way, Bellingham, WA.
Ascend Chiropractic, Llc, Ascend Chiropractic, Llc, 1409 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Barber Shack, Jared Rame Rodelas-Kent, 2610 W Maplewood, Bellingham, WA.
Bel Euromarket Llc, Bel Euromarket Llc, 4151 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA.
Belakcon, Bellingham Association For Krishna Consciousness, 1109 N State St., Bellingham, WA.
Bella Commerce, Llc, Bella Commerce, Llc, 988 Pacific Rim Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Alternative Library, Bellingham Alternative Library,519 E Maple St., Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Association For Krishna Consciousness, Bellingham Association For Krishna Consciousness, 1121 N State St., Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Family Counseling, Pllc, Bellingham Family Counseling, Pllc, 1101 Harris Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Obstetrics And Gynecology, Pllc, Bellingham Obstetrics And Gynecology, Pllc, 3200 Squalicum Pkwy., Bellingham, WA.
Bellwether Real Estate Llc, Bellwether Real Estate, Llc, 11 Bellwether Way, Bellingham, WA.
Bird In Hand Design, Allison Faith Potts, 2808 Woburn St., Bellingham, WA.
Birth Advantage Doula Services, Molly Rianne Seimears, 230 E Smith Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Black & White Army Sc, Black & White Army Sc, 3310 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Blue Candy Mining, Clayton Frederick Shaya, 746b Marine Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Blue Heron International, Richard D Johnson, 718 Coho Way, Bellingham, WA.
Boundary Bay Law, Boundary Bay Law Corp., 1313 E Maple St., Bellingham, WA.
Brian Barclay Pemberton, Brian Barclay Pemberton, 2623 S. Harbor Loop Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Bruce Shaw’s …, Bruce A Shaw, 628 Old Samish Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Bunny’s B Nice Cream, Varvara A Gubina, 3708 Home Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Buy Discount Online, Dennis Lee Bay, 1440 Harris Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Cafe Bouzingo, The Laughing Eye, Ltd., 1209 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Capture Share Repeat Llc, Capture Share Repeat Llc, 10 Loganberry Ln, Bellingham, WA.
Carmen Winquist, Carmen Winquist, 5862 Noon Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Castle Services, Lynne Castle, 174 Harbor View Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Casual Cannabis, Casual Hp Productions Llc. 3332 Mt Baker Hwy. Bellingham. WA.
Caylie Mash Photography, Caylie Mash, 2520 Douglas Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Cee Cee Jewelry And Gifts, Christine Childs, 2423 C St., Bellingham, WA.
Ceh Construction, Judson Montgomery Hancock, 1101 Dondee Ct., Bellingham, WA.
Chris Paulenich, Christopher George Paulenich, 1410 E Illinois St., Bellingham, WA.
Christina Kay Kirwood, Christina Kay Kirkwood, 335 Ohio St., Bellingham, WA.
Coastal Construction and Excavation, Woods Design Studio, Inc., 850 Timberlake Way, Bellingham, WA.
Coinbeyond Inc., Coinbeyond Inc., 114 W. Magnolia St., Bellingham, WA.
College Pro Painters Of Bellingham, Bryonne Kayleen Langlois, 4160 Wayside Ct., Bellingham, WA.
Comfort Kills L.L.C., Comfort Kills L.L.C., 3868 Primrose Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Crosby Glass, Erin Crosby, 1424 Grant St., Bellingham, WA.
Davis & Sanon Group, Davis & Sanon Group, 1053 Sunset Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Dc Consulting, Delaine Clizbe, 1896 Governor Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Decode Creative, Gordon Brandon Allen, 4673 Bedford Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Delorean, Brown & Mcfly, Wear Cupcakes, Llc, 1200 Harris Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Depp Interiors, Llc, Depp Interiors, Llc, 2811 Broadway St., Bellingham, WA.
Digitalsoaps, Llc, Digitalsoaps, Llc, 4141 Bakerview Spur, Bellingham, WA.
Dks Inc., Dks Inc., 468 W Horton Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Douglas W Schoonover, Douglas W Schoonover, 863 Saint Andrews Way, Bellingham, WA.
Dr. Watts, Dr. Watts, Llc, 2917 Broad St., Bellingham, WA.
Dsw Consulting, Dsw Consulting Inc., 1924 Blakely Ct., Bellingham, WA.
E. A. Green Properties Llc, E. A. Green Properties Llc, 2422 View Ridge Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Elite Flooring Llc, Elite Flooring Llc, 1709 Electric Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Elsa & Co Photography, Elyssa Hanline, 2051 Wildflower Way, Bellingham, WA.
Emend Computer Services, Emend Computer Services, 881 Bennett Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Eve Elemental Llc, Eve Elemental Llc, 1205 Humboldt St., Bellingham, WA.
Exponential Integration Consulting, Tia Michelle Teachman, 2409 Huron St., Bellingham, WA.
Finch Precious Metals Llc, Finch Precious Metals Llc, 407 Virginia St., Bellingham, WA.
Fireweed Medical, Amanda Elena Apitz, 310 Palm St., Bellingham, WA.
Ga Boy Productions, Kentavious Shealy, 2672 Haxton Way, Bellingham, WA.
Gert’s Kitchen, Gertrude Achale James, 1559 Fruitland Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Ginger Blossom Babies, Ermelinda G Tisdale, 2423 F St., Bellingham, WA.
Green House Data, Inc., Green House Data, Inc., 808 Coho Way, Bellingham, WA.
Hand Picked Price, Kathleen Ann Evans, 1007 Nevada St., Bellingham, WA.
Homeskillet Hot Sauce Company, Homeskillet Foodstuffs Llc, 521 Kentucky St., Bellingham, WA.
Ingram Environmental, Andrew Nicholas Ingram, 2726 Douglas Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Integrated Systems Design Group, Integrated Systems Design Group Llc, 4001 Irongate Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Integrity Contracting Llc, Integrity Contracting Llc, 2626 Jaeger St., Bellingham, WA.
Island Quality Painting Llc, Island Quality Painting Llc, 2716 Douglas Ave., Bellingham, WA.
J K Fisheries Inc, J.K. Fisheries Inc., 3105 Cedarwood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
J&M Builders & Designs, J&M Builders & Designs, Inc., 2830 W. Maplewood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Jacobsen’s Handyman, Kevin Jacobsen, 1515 Humboldt St., Bellingham, WA.
Jalima Professional Cleaning Services, Llc, Jalima Professional Cleaning Services, Llc, 73 N. Point Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Jaxon Art, Rachel Jackson, 2615 Woburn St., Bellingham, WA.
Jbere, Micah Bobbink, 1610 Iron St., Bellingham, WA.
Jd Elite Fitness Llc, Jd Elite Fitness Llc, 1420 Meador Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Jean Leslie Baker, Jean Leslie Baker, 190 E Kellogg Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Jessie Bennett Photography, Jesusa A Bennett, 3829 Kansas St., Bellingham, WA.
John Chester Harris, John Chester Harris, 1701 36th St., Bellingham, WA.
Kinder Morgan Inc., Kinder Morgan Inc., 009 E Smith Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Kinetikos Animation Co., Colin Stanley Dalvit, 1518 Mckenzie Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Kloa, Llc, Kloa, Llc, 3042 Eldridge Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Knits For Global Health, Katherine Margaret Smoucha, 835 N. State St., Bellingham, WA.
Ky32 Records, Thelma Araceli Garcia Amerzrua, 2815 Nevada St., Bellingham, WA.
La Gloria Market, La Gloria Market Inc., 4739 Guide Meridian, Everson, WA.
Lane X, Llc, Lane X, Llc, 228 E Champion St., Bellingham, WA.
Law Office Of Patrick T. Lackie, Patrick Terrance Lackie, 114 W. Magnolia St., Bellingham, WA.
Leslie Cook, Leslie Cook, 3105 Cherrywood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Little Dog Properties Llc, Little Dog Properties Llc, 837 Spieden Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Lost Sparrow Clothing Radd Print Shop, Lost Sparrow Clothing, 2001 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Luigi Colombo, Luigi Colombo, 114 W. Magnolia St., Ste 400, Bellingham, WA.
Mana Bodyworks Inc., Mana Bodyworks Inc., 2405 Broadway St., Bellingham, WA.
Manatee Commune, Grant L Eadie, 310 Highland Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Mann Llc, Mann Llc, 1711 Concord Ct., Bellingham, WA.
Matthew Van Den Heuvel, Matthew Van Den Heuvel, 1020 Mason St., Bellingham, WA.
Mia Construction Group, Inc., Mia Construction Group, Inc., 239 W Axton Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Moss Mountain Bakery, Moss Mountain Bakery, 1309 N. State St., Bellingham, WA.
My Assistant, Jen, Jennifer Ann Evans, 2200 J St., Bellingham, WA.
My Garden Nursery, My Garden Nursery Corp., 929 E Bakerview Rd.,Bellingham, WA.
Nikas Auto Sales, Nikas Auto Sales Llc, 4770 Pacific Hwy., Bellingham, WA.
Niver Fish Co Inc., Niver Fish Co Inc., 1906 Harris Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Northwest Fishing Ventures, Northwest Fishing Lures, 2423 F St., Bellingham, WA.
Northwest Jobs Alliance, Northwest Jobs Alliance, 103 E. Holly, Bellingham, WA.
Pacific Culinary Enterprises, Glenn Denkler, 1001 Larrabee Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Painted Peace Llc, Painted Peace Llc, 1769 Lake Louise Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Patrick Wilson Artwork, Patrick Ryan Wilson, 107 Grand Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Pc Repairs And Services, Sergiy V Voytovych, 455 Barnes Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Peace Centers, Peace Centers, 314 E Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
Performance Data Llc, Performance Data Llc, 2000 Kentucky St., Bellingham, WA.
Phe-Ball Tremont Llc, Phe-Ball Tremont Llc, 355 Tremont Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Phoebe Wahl, Phoebe Alexander Wahl, 1125 16th St., Bellingham, WA.
Piercings By Chance, Chance Ray Sledge, 1409 Commercial St., Bellingham, WA.
Pozie By Natalie, Natalie Renee Ransom, 2424 Spruce St., Bellingham, WA.
Premium Events By Lisa, Lisa Ranae Vaughn, 2610 Alvarado Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Pterodactyl Handmade Goods, Tera Lynn Contezac, 2900 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Q Heffner Glass, Marque Samuel Mingledorff, 2185 Alpine Way Ste 102B, Bellingham, WA.
Rasode & Son Construction, Rajinder Singh, 3725 Bristol St., Bellingham, WA.
Raven Design, Mona C Viereck, 1005 13th St., Bellingham, WA.
Rdk Trucking Inc., Rdk Trucking Inc., 617 W Horton Way, Bellingham, WA.
Retro Commerce, Alexander Cameron Smith, 3760 Canterbury Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Reyes Tutoring, Chesed Reyes, 2914 Victor St., Bellingham, WA.
Rlh Management Inc., Rlh Management Inc., 2351 N Shore Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Rodney Smartlowit Tattoos, Rodney J Smartlowit, 2414 1/2 Kulshan St., Bellingham, WA.
Root Trading Company, Root Trading Company, Llc, 1943 Lake Crest Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Ruby’s Home Cleaning Services, Regina Montano Guzman, 5860 Pacific Rim Ct., Bellingham, WA.
Safe Place: Bellingham, Skookum Kids, 1415 14th St., Bellingham, WA.
Salish Sea Experience, Krista L Gordon, Llc, 2015 Evening Star Ln, Bellingham, WA.
Sands Enterprises, Sands Enterprises, L.L.C., 982 Kelly Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Sasquatch Cannabis Company, Sasquatch Cannabis Company Llc, 4929 Everson Goshen Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Sean Eric Rodrick, Sean Eric Rodrick, 250 N State St., Bellingham, WA.
Serenity Now, Verna Jean Avarell, 1215 Mill Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Sew Chic By Tessa, Tessa Elizabeth Mathis, 2621 Undine St., Bellingham, WA.
Sheena Shines Janitorial Service, Maria Rodriguez, 2600 Vallette St., Bellingham, WA.
Sheryl’s Gardens, Sheryl Ann Griffith, 4000 Flynn St., Bellingham, WA.
Sinclair Realty, Inc., Sinclair Realty, Inc., 431 N State St., Bellingham, WA.
Skagit Bank, Skagit Bank, 128 E Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
Smith Financial Group, Inc., Smith Financial Group, Inc., 2019 Evening Star Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Solomon K Perry, Solomon K Perry, 1115 Lenora Ct., Bellingham, WA.
Solstice Health Resources, Sondra-Joan Solstice Lappin, 82 Polo Park Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Sound Venture Group, Llc, Sound Venture Group, Llc, 1709 F St., Bellingham, WA.
Spectre Resources, Mike Garland, 1418 Harris Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Ss Sales, Inc., Ss Sales, Inc., 496 S State St., Bellingham, WA.
Stacey Enterprises, Stacey M Peter, 1226 N. State St. Bellingham, WA.
Steven Dale Scharton, Steven Dale Scharton, 4149 Ridgewood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Susan Willhoft, Susan Willhoft, 3135 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Sweet Green Fields Usa Llc, Sweet Green Fields Usa Llc, 11 Bellwether Way Ste 305, Bellingham, WA.
Tcby The Country’s Best Yougurt, Tahsin-Tanisha Inc., 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy Ste 516, Bellingham, WA.
Tdk Law Group, Pllc, Tdk Law Group, Pllc, 1200 Old Fairhaven Pkwy, Bellingham, WA.
Terrence Alan Brooks, Terrence Alan Brooks, 2701 St Paul St., Bellingham, WA.
The Wainman Law Office Llc, The Wainman Law Office Llc, 215 Flora St., Bellingham, WA.
Thomas D. Neeleman, Esq., L.C., Thomas D. Neeleman, Esq., L.C., 1007 Larrabee Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Top Shelf Cc Llc, Top Shelf Cannabis Clothing Llc, 1104 E Clearbrook Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Vanity 79, Vanity Shop Of Grand Forks, Inc., 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy, Bellingham, WA.
Varvid Connected Event Llc, 1319 Commercial St., Bellingham, WA.
Washington State Food Trucks Association, Washington State Food Trucks Association, 336 36th St # 212, Bellingham, WA.
Wccg, Inc., Wccg, Inc., 5373 Guide Meridian, Blaine, WA.
Wet Tile And Stone, William Enrique Toensing, 3305 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA.
Whatcom Community Foundation, Whatcom Community Foundation, 1500 Cornwall Ave. Ste. 202, Bellingham, WA.
Whatcom Wax, Jaramie Lee Thomas, 2200 Pacific St., Bellingham, WA.
Whimsey, Camela Kai Grichel, 1001 Harris Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Wild Berry Gardens, Ayesha Renee Brookshier, 2810 Kulshan St., Bellingham, WA.
Zed Presents, Cat Carnell, 4237 Wintergreen Ln., Bellingham, WA.

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