Top property sales, Oct. 2009

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Residences above $700,000

Seller:  Donna Eide
Buyer:  Paul and Brenda Jeffrey
Description:  Split-level house with 2,414 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, built in 1959, remodeled in 1999, 638 square foot built-in garage, 502 square foot patio, 50 feet waterfront, beach access; marine view.
Address:  4481 Sucia Drive, Ferndale
Price:  $720,000
Date:  09/22/09

Seller:  Colleen Mitchell
Buyer:  Kevin Donaghy and Jenny Cheuk Lew, Jerry and Alice Wong (Vancouver, BC)
Description:  1 -story house with 1,505 square feet, 1,424 square foot finished basement, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1960, remodeled in 2000, 794 square foot attached garage, 542 square foot balcony, driveway, 69 feet shorefront, beach access; marine view.
Address:  1414 Northshore Drive, Bellingham
Price:  $778,000
Date:  10/08/09

Seller:  Ronald Guiel, Joyce Guiel and John Guiel.
Buyer:  Colin and Susan Guiel (Langley, BC)
Description:  1 -story house with 3,428 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, built in 1987, 780 square foot
detached garage, 396 square foot deck, 70 feet waterfront, beach access; marine and territorial view.
Address:  5421 Tsawwassen Loop, Blaine
Price:  $815,000
Date:  10/09/09

Seller:  Richaed and Carol Williams
Buyer:  Michael and Patricia Lulu
Description:  1-story house with 1,648 square feet, 1,327 square foot finished basement, 630 square foot attached garage, 960 square foot deck; marine view.
Address:  5550 Pine Siskin Road, Blaine
Price:  $715,000
Date:  10/16/09

Residential Land

Seller:  Robert and Kathleen Norman
Buyer:  David Emmerson and Robyn Emmerson (Tucson, AZ)
Description:  Lot – marine view.
Address:  9141 Belted Kingfisher Road, Blaine
Price:  $275,000
Date:  9/17/09

Seller:  Guy Garba
Buyer:  Anu Rehtlane, Erik Rehtlane and Nancy Rehtlane (North Vancouver, BC)
Description:  Lot – territorial view.
Address:  Largaud Drive, Point Roberts
Price:  $150,000
Date:  9/18/09

Seller:  Patrick and Mary Frost
Buyer:  City of Bellingham
Description:  11 lots – marine and territorial view.
Address:  1610 Fairhaven Avenue, Bellingham
Price:  $350,000
Date:  09/21/09

Seller:  OWSI RED Corporation
Buyer:  Ian Burns
Description:  Lot – water area -M.A.P.A.T Canal Association.
Address:  Ferndale
Price:  $321,000
Date:  09/25/09

Seller:  Howard and Kristen Plank
Buyer:  Hailey and Jacob Huntley
Description:  10.00 acres.
Address:  Noon Road, Bellingham
Price:  $349,500
Date:  09/25/09

Seller:  Rutherford Browne and Sheila Kyle-Browne
Buyer:    James and Suhyun Kim
Description:  Lot – marine and territorial view.
Address:  700 Bayside Road, Bellingham
Price:  $465,000
Date:  09/30/09

Seller:  John and Teresa Kingman
Buyer:  A.L.R Holding, Ltd. (Port Coquitlam, BC)
Description:  2 lots – marine view.
Address:  Saltspring Drive, Ferndale
Price:  $108,000
Date:  10/05/09

Seller:  Sutton Funding, LLC
Buyer:  Protium REO, LLP (Tulsa, OK)
Description:  Lot – marine view, 30 feet shorefront.
Address:  663 North Lake Samish Drive, Bellingham
Price:  $366,510
Date:  10/08/09

Seller:  James Martian and Deborah Baker
Buyer:  Petra Selke (Vancouver, BC)
Description:  4.84 acres – marine view.
Address:  1702 Benson Road, Point Roberts
Price:  $330,000
Date:  10/08/09

Seller:  Ferna and Gregery Kienzle
Buyer:  Chee and Joan Ling
Description:  2 lots – marine and territorial views.
Address:  Elizabeth Drive, Point Roberts
Price:  $287,000
Date:  10/08/09

Seller:  Salim Fores-Boulos
Buyer:  Constance George
Description:  1.00 acre – territorial view.
Address:  Gulf Road, Point Roberts
Price:  $125,000
Date:  10/09/09

Seller:  Sergey and Svetlana Savchuk
Buyer:  Wayne and Irene Hwang (Bellevue, WA)
Description:  Lot – marine view, 100 feet shorefront, beach access.
Address:  Northshore Drive, Bellingham
Price:  $850,000
Date:  10/15/09

Airplane Hangars

Seller:  William Weber
Buyer:  Jeffrey Lustick
Description:  Hangar with 1,015 square feet, built in 1992.
Address:  Unit S-14, Strato Hangars Condominium, Mitchell Way, Bellingham
Price:  $60,000
Date:  09/18/09

Agricultural Land

Seller:  Lonnie Vaughn
Buyer:  CMF Farming Properties, LLC
Description:  77.15 partially wooded acres – agricultural, territorial view. Sale includes a 1- and a half story house with 1,212 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1920, plus farm buildings.
Address:  617 West Wiser Lake Road, Ferndale
Price:  $980,000
Date:  09/25/09

Seller:  Allen and Mary Huttema
Buyer:  Karnail Brar and Nek Brar
Description:  116.45 acres  – territorial views; sale includes a 1 –and a half story house with 1,892 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1919, 768 square foot attached garage, 306 square foot deck, miscellaneous farm buildings.
Address:  3263 Massey Road, Everson
Price:  $1,500,000
Date:  10/07/09

Seller:  Sukhbir Sangha
Buyer:  Karnail Singh and Gurminder Kaur Dhaliwal
Description:  14.48 acres – territorial view; sale includes a mobile home with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 938 square feet, built in 1993.
Address:  6858 Woodlyn Road, Ferndale
Price:  $579,200
Date:  10/14/09

Commercial Land

Seller:  Diane Means and Susan Jones
Buyer:  268 Holdings, LLC (Coeur D’Alene, ID)
Description:  83.58 acres wooded land – general commercial. Sale includes a 1-story house with 1,372 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1910.
Address:  1537 W. Axton Road and 5426, 5428, 5436, and 5438 Barrett Road, Ferndale
Price:  $1,144,623
Date:  10/02/09

Commercial Properties

Seller:  Eisenhower & Carlson, PLLC
Buyer:  SBG Properties, LLC (Seattle, WA)
Description:  2 –story medical office with 11,100 square feet, built in 1985, remodeled in 2003, 20 parking spaces.
Address:  3614 Meridian Street and 1000 W. Orchard St, Bellingham
Price:  $1,200,000
Date:  09/17/09

Seller:  Weigum Properties, LLC
Buyer:  Stretch Investments, LLC
Description:  Office with 1,002 square feet, 1 bath, built in 2007.
Address:  Unit 108, Terrell Creek Landing Condominium, 4823 Alderson Road, Blaine
Price:  $233,000
Date:  09/22/09

Seller:  Ronald and Molly Weden
Buyer:  JEC, LLC
Description:  Warehouse (Ferndale Ready Mix) with 5,616 square feet, built in 1980, 2.75 acres land.
Address:  Creighton Road, Ferndale
Price:  $600,000
Date:  09/30/09

Seller:  Corporation of the Catholic Archbishop of Seattle, fbo Catholic Community Services of Western Washington
Buyer:  Visiting Nurse Foundation dba Whatcom Hospice Foundation
Description:  School, dormitory and offices with a total of 21,055 square feet, built in 1981, remodeled in 1986, 47 parking spaces, 4.42 acres land.
Address:  2806 Douglas Avenue, Bellingham
Price:  $2,500,000
Date:  10/01/09

Seller:  Wendy Ward-Cates
Buyer:  Charles Patterson (Burlington, WA)
Description:  Convenience store (Welcome Grocery) with 1,732 square feet, additional store with 1,260 square feet, laundromat with 828 square feet, 3 – 1,000 gallon fuel tanks, 552 square foot covered entry way, built in 1940, remodeled in 1972, sale includes a 1-story house with 1,176 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1940, 2.19 acres land.
Address:  5565 Mount Baker Highway, Deming
Price:  $180,000
Date:  10/01/09

Seller:  Sebco, Inc.
Buyer:  Ironborn, Inc. (Burnaby, BC)
Description:  Office (Department of Revenue and Employment Security) with 8,698 square feet, built in 1984, remodeled in 2007, 53 parking spaces.
Address:  1904 and 1919 Humboldt Street, Bellingham
Price:  $1,050,000
Date:  10/02/09

Seller: Bank of the Pacific
Buyer:   Craig Engels (50% interest) and Jerry and Tami Vogel (50% interest)
Description:  9 condo units, 7 – units, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,750 square feet each. 2 – units, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2,460 square feet each, built in 2007, plus l development unit. territorial view.
Address:  Units: 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, Gleneagle Villas III Condominiums, Gleneagle Drive, Blaine
Price:  $2,771,400
Date:  10/08/09

Seller:  Roger Mairs
Buyer:  James and Jamie Haddock
Description:  Mushroom farm with 5,485 square feet, 880 square foot material shelter, built in 1991, remodeled in 2002, sale includes a 1-story house with 1,232 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1992, 528 square foot carport, 6.77 acres land.
Address:  5410 Saxon Road, Acme
Price:  $370,500
Date:  10/05/09

Seller:  Jerry and Tami Vogel
Buyer:  GRIP, LLC
Description:  1-story, 6-unit apartment building with a total of 3,432 square feet, built in 1927.
Address:  604 – 614 Main Street, Lynden
Price:  $400,000
Date:  10/07/09

Seller:  Terry Hunt and Tanya Brooks
Buyer:  George Lund
Description:  2 –story, 6 – unit apartment building with a total of 4,524 square feet, built in 1975.
Address:  1700 Alabama St., Bellingham
Price:  $508,000
Date:  10/09/09

Seller:  Horizon Bank
Buyer:  3405, LLC (Scottsdale, AZ)
Description:  9 – mini storage units and office (Peace Arch Secure Storage) with a total of 31,750 square feet, built in 2007, 3.88 acres land.
Address:  3405 Portal Way, Custer
Price:  $1,650,000
Date:  10/07/09

Seller:  Marsha Larson
Buyer: Vandestraat Properties, LLC (Eastsound, WA)
Description:  27- unit apartment complex in 3 separate buildings with a total of 17, 648 square feet, built in 1999, 15 parking spaces plus basement parking.
Address:  2600 Douglas Avenue, Bellingham
Price:  $2,500,000
Date:  10/15/09

Seller:  Gerrit and Pamela Starkenburg
Buyer:  Fel-Lar, LLC
Description:  Warehouse (Feller Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.) with 5,670 square feet, built in 1992.
Address:  501 Virginia Street, Bellingham
Price:  $415,000
Date:  10/15/09

Seller:  George Rosser
Buyer:  Ravinder and Kuldeep Powar
Description:  Office with 1,474 square feet, 180 square foot mezzanine, built in 1969.
Address:  101 Samish Way, Bellingham
Price:  $290,000
Date:  10/15/09

Compiled by Wendy Darling.

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