2005 BUSINESS ALMANAC and Year in Review

A look back at the Year That Was: 2005’s top business stories, movers and shakers and more.

Bellingham Weekly fracas ends in ‘hibernation’
Infighting, financial problems and alleged elaborate schemes for ultimate control contributed to the cessation of the alternative paper.

FBOs doing more than just gassing up planes
“We always try our best to market Bellingham because that next jet might be carrying executives who could bring 500 jobs here.”

Clubs scramble to fill niche left by 3B
Purchase of building by the Bellingham Housing Authority for conversion into apartments meant the end for nightclub

Location isn’t ALWAYS everything
These business owners show that improvisation, clever placement, and thinking outside the box can work just as well as a primo Main Street spot

Legislation could crimp cross-border business
The business community is working to alter an upcoming border regulation that could require a passport, something they fear will hamper cross-border business. Will they finish in time?

BTK: Mastering the Art of the Schmooze
Local experts say Bellingham is rife with networking possibilities — here are some tips to make the most of them

Belle Mirage, Dave’s Guide Service, Washington Choppers


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