2014 year-end market indicators: jobs and spending

Market indicators include the most recently available data. Statistics are also available in print editions of The Bellingham Business Journal.

Annual changes, where applicable, compare the cumulative year-to-date totals with numbers from the same time period during the previous year. Data include raw numbers only and are not adjusted to account for any seasonal factors.

Jobs: Bankruptcies down, unemployment rate up

Unemployment rate

Includes non-seasonally adjusted figures in Whatcom County

November 2014: 6.3 percent (November 2013: 6.0 percent)

Source: Washington State Employment Security Department

Feb. Issue unemployment rate

Labor force participation rate

Includes non-seasonally adjusted figures in Washington state

December 2014: 63.6 percent (December 2013: 62.9 percent)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Feb. Issue Labor force participation rate


Includes Chapters 7, 11, 13 in Whatcom County

December 2014: 29

Year-to-date: 960 (Annual change: 44.18 percent decrease)

Source: U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Washington  

Feb. issue Bankruptcies


Spending: Canadian dollar keeps dropping

Canadian Dollar

Includes monthly averages (Canadian-to-U.S.) at market closing

December 2014: $0.86 (December 2014: $0.94)

Source: Bank of Canada

Feb. issue Canadian dollar


Sales-tax distribution

Includes basic and optional local sales tax to Bellingham

Year-to-date: $20.06 million (Annual change: 2.60 percent decrease)

Source: Washington State Department of Revenue

Feb. Issue sales tax distribution


Building-permit values

Includes total building-permit valuation in Bellingham

2014 total: $180.66 million (2013 total: $140.68 million)

Source: City of Bellingham

Feb. issue permit values 

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