2020 ENGINEERING hires two engineers

The Bellingham Business Journal

2020 ENGINEERING has announced the addition of two new civil engineers in response to the increasing demand for their sustainable civil engineering services.

Raymond Smalling, PE, CPESC, LEED AP, has been added to the team as the senior project manager bringing 17 years of municipal, educational and healthcare project management design experience to the 2020 team.

Jennifer Allen has also joined the team as a civil engineer – economist.  Jennifer has a master’s degree in civil engineering and a bachelor’s degree in economics.  Her expertise includes wastewater and hazardous waste engineering, economics, environmental policy and regulation, bioremediation and constructed treatment wetlands.

2020’s civil engineering work includes tasks such as Low Impact Development storm water management incorporating natural rain-garden systems and porous pavements, ecologically based wastewater treatment & water reuse systems, rainwater harvesting, and material recycling and composting, which are designed to help meet sustainable design goals.

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