3 Oms Yoga shines on Bay Street

Yoga instructors Amy Robinson and Melissa Newman have joined to create 3 Oms Yoga because they believe people need yoga...

By Anne Maertens

Owners: Melissa Newman, Amy Robinson
Opening Date: June 20
Address: 1210 Bay St. Suite 100
Phone: (360) 671-3510
Square Footage: 1,600

Afternoon sun shines through three vertical windows into the studio of 3 Oms Yoga softly warming the hardwood floor. The room, filled with vibrant colors, is kept at 80 degrees for Intuitive Flow Yoga class, creating an atmosphere that allows students to shed extra layers and the worries from their day.

Yoga instructors Amy Robinson and Melissa Newman have joined to create 3 Oms Yoga because they believe people need yoga in their lives during tough economic times.

“It feels like people are reprioritizing their lives and taking more of a health focus, looking at what is important,” Robinson said. “For me, it actually felt like the perfect time [to open].”

The suite was formerly known as The Yoga Room, and both Newman and Robinson rented the studio to teach yoga independently.  When the owners of The Yoga Room announced they were moving, Robinson and Newman said they decided to take advantage of the opportunity to transform the studio into something that reflected who they were.

In a month, they turned the pale yellow and white walls into shades of purple, orange and other bright colors. Art pieces, which were hung in time for July’s art walk, decorate the room.

“[Before], there wasn’t really anywhere to hang out,” Newman said. “Our intention is to create a sense of community and something that’s really beautiful.”

The desire for people to feel invited is something both Newman and Robinson said was important to them. Each class is designed to accommodate all skill levels.

Newman, who teaches five, 90-minute Power Yoga Fusion classes per week, said she believes her class is a creation because she doesn’t teach with a plan in mind.

“I lead a really dynamic class, giving absolute permission and validation for people to slow it down if they need to or amp it up if they need to, but I teach to exactly whose there. Every moment it can shift,” Newman said.

In addition, Yin/Yang, Intuitive Flow and Prenatal Yoga are all offered throughout the week. An independent contractor teaches Yin/Yang Yoga, and Robinson teaches the Intuitive Flow and Prenatal Yoga classes.

“I think my greatest gift is intuition,” said Robinson, who begins each class by asking what her students want from her class and then formulates the class from what she believes the students need.

Unlike other yoga studios in town that are derived from specific lineages, all the teachers at 3 Oms teach from a variety of yoga experiences. One thing consistent throughout their classes is at some point, they chant three oms, which is known as the sound of creation.

Robinson said they are hoping 3 Oms will grow into a sustainable business, and she hopes to be open and teaching until she’s “110.”

“We have birthed this the way we birthed our children,” Robinson said. “It’s been a huge labor of love and it feels like our life. We’re just creating this out of who we are. It’ll keep evolving because we’re evolving, and peoples’ needs change.”


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