3 Questions

This month: Drew Graham

   1. How did your former career as a broadcaster prepare you for your new position as development director for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry?

   “First off, thanks for using the term broadcaster. Radio, for me, was more than just being an on-air host. It was sales, production, promotions and entertainment — all things that I use daily at the chamber. In a very public position you meet lots of people from all sorts of social and economic backgrounds. You’ve got to connect and build a rapport with all of them. After 10 years in local media you generate a certain amount of name recognition, which lends a bit of instant credibility with folks. That helps. And I have built a really good list of contacts.”

   2. What are some changes you are planning to make in your new position?

   “Personally, I get up a lot earlier than I used to. I get so much more done between 6:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. than the rest of the day. No phones, no interruptions — I like the morning.
   As for the chamber, I really want to bring the local chambers in Whatcom County together — there are a total of nine — and help create a shared regional vision. While we may not completely agree on certain economic or political issues, the overall goal should be the same across the board. That’s a priority for me.
   And you know what? There’s some confusion on what chambers of commerce do, and how we actively help the local business climate. I’d like to inform and educate folks about our role in local business.”

   3. What are a few interesting tidbits about yourself you think many people don’t know?

   “I’ve been known to wear a kilt around town. My cousin is the inventor of the Utilikilt and I gotta be honest, there’s a certain amount of freedom when I don my kilt.
   I also posses an exorbitant amount of trivia, or as I call it, ‘intellectual lint.’ If you are on a game show and need to phone a friend for an answer — call me.”

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