Trudy Scherting

Co-owner, Moka Joe Coffee


1.  How did you get interested in coffee?

“I love coffee! I spotted the Coffee Kinetics 1 lb. Coffee Roaster on Samish Island in 2001 and knew in that instant I wanted to roast coffee. Every day since my life has been consumed with loving and being around coffee.






2. Your company uses fair trade coffee beans at its roastery. What was your last fair trade purchase, other than your beans?

We purchase fair trade products regularly at The Community Food Coop. My last purchase was a fair trade chocolate bar by Green & Black. Cocoa farmers face the same desperation in farming that coffee farmers do.


3. What are one or two hobbies of yours, aside from coffee?

My favorite hobby revolves around reusing, recycling and reducing consumption. I love to shop second-hand stores for hidden treasures — Value Village, ReStore and Good Will. My second favorite hobby is that I love to fix up my house with my newfound treasures.

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