3 Questions

This month: Chuck Robinson
Co-owner, Village Books

   If you could only eat one food — every day, for the rest of your life — what would it be?

   “Pasta. That’s cheating a little I suppose because I guess I could choose lots of different pastas and lots of different toppings, so it’s not exactly the same thing every day. Maybe spaghetti one day and linguini and clams another. (Although) maybe I would eat more Thai food I suppose than Italian. Pad Thai is also a lot like pasta. Maybe if I were choosing one thing, it would be pad thai.”

   What is something you do that your wife gets annoyed with on a regular basis?
   “I have more tolerance for clutter than she does, I think. And I think sometimes I let things get cluttered to an extent that it bothers her before it bothers me. For instance, maybe one of us has done a load of laundry, and carried the laundry into the bedroom and put it on a chair. She would immediately put it away and I would let it kind of sit there so she would get annoyed.”

   If you were able to read just one book the rest of your life, what would it be?
   “One of the books I’ve read more than once — and I don’t re-read books a lot — I remember taking Huckleberry Finn with me on vacation a few years ago. I had read it as a young person — probably when I was in high school — but reading it as an adult was an entirely new experience, and I have the feeling that that book is one that I could re-read.”

— Dan Hiestand

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