3D Corporation expands desk administrator role

The Bellingham Business Journal

3D Corporation has announced the promotion of Jeff Delucia to Level Two Help Desk Engineer.

Delucia first joined 3D in July of 2008 as a level one help desk administrator, a position requiring high customer service and problem-solving skills. Delucia, with his customer-focused and methodical attitude, has exhibited and further-enhanced these skills to establish strong relationships with many 3D clients.

As a level two, Delucia takes on many responsibilities including making emergency service decisions as well as appropriately scheduling resources. Delucia will also become a mentor for level ones, serving as a resource for advanced problem resolution.

“Jeff’s incredible work ethic, knowledge level and will to please clients made the decision to promote him to Level 2 Help Desk Engineer very simple,” said Chris McCoy, 3D’s technical manager. “His dependability and no-nonsense attitude towards network administration make him an ideal candidate to assume this role.”

3D Corporation is a locally owned, advanced technology firm that has been providing network support to businesses in Washington State for over 20 years. For more information about 3D, call (360) 671-4906 or visit www.3dcorp.us.

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