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Lynden prepares for industrial expansion, annexes 104 acres

Business confidence continues to rise
BBJ’s quarterly survey returns with a new record-high rating

Cities capitalize on Bellingham’s anti-business rep
Ferndale, Skagit County actively promoting themselves as destinations for city’s disaffected businesses

Friday Harbor ferry gains ridership
Ridership proves to be higher than anticipated in trial period of commuter service

Ron Mueller: It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle
Wayland Marine owner says he enjoys the sense of freedom, fun his business gives him

On the trail of the ‘next great find’
Antiques dealers profess to the same drives and addictions as their customers — the need to search high and low, coupled with the thrill of discovery

Chamber working for changes in WHTI
Recent lobbying trip to the nation’s capital paying dividends

‘Lack of affordable housing’
It’s a buzzphrase used by both sides of the growth argument — but what does it mean for the local economy when so many residents can’t buy a house in Bellingham?

BTK: Mediators soothe interoffice discord
At loggerheads with a partner or co-worker? Bring in a mediator

All American Deli & Ice Cream, Four Starrs Boutique and Beauty Bar, Tweeks


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