ACB awarded $37 million Coast Guard contract

The Bellingham Business Journal

Aluminum Chambered Boats (ACB), a Bellingham-based aluminum boat manufacturer, is reporting it has been awarded a $37.7 million, 5-year contract to build up to 80 boats for the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

The company would be building Transportable Port Security Boats (TPSB), which are high-performance vessels that are more than 32 feet long and are powered with Twin 315HP Yanmar Diesels and Bravo X-1 outdrives. These boats will replace the USCG’s current aging inventory.

The TPSB will operate in coastal areas throughout the world and are capable of conducting missions in as little as 24 inches of water or can safely operate in 10-foot sea conditions. The TPSB is designed to enable the crew to carry out its mission of security, maritime law enforcement, and search and rescue operations while limiting their exposure to the elements. The vessel also provides ballistic protection and offers shock mitigated technology to reduce the physical demands placed on the crew.

“ACB is very proud of our ability to successfully respond to the U.S. Coast Guard’s requirements,” said Kelly Webb, executive vice president of government sales for Aluminum Chambered Boats in a statement. “Our successful selection is attributed to the tireless dedication of our in-house government team, PD&E, and production, as well as the company’s proven commitment to support our products and customers once our vessels are fielded.”

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