ACB posts record quarterly revenue

Business has $17 million backlog of boats to build


Fairhaven boat-builder Aluminum Chambered Boats (ACB) reported a record first quarter revenue this year, up 269 percent from the first quarter of 2008.

“In a difficult market, we are very thankful that we continue to see positive growth,” said founder Larry Wieber. “Our hard work has paid off.”

ACB does not report its revenue numbers, said president and COO Jim Moore, but he did say that the company has a $17 million backlog of orders to keep the staff of more than 100 busy for the coming months.

“We feel we have a sufficient backlog to propel us through the second quarter and into the third,” Moore said. “There are a lot of possible purchase orders yet to be generated.”

While many companies in the boating industry are struggling, ACB has remained profitable by streamlining its production process and keeping a diverse customer base.

The company recently received a grant from the Department of Defense to analyze its production process and make improvements, “which told us where some of our weaknesses were,” Moore said.

These lean improvements also helped the company get an “Excellent” rating as a government contractor, Wieber said.

Government contracts were a key factor in the successful first quarter.

ACB is about halfway though its $9.8 million contract with the Coast Guard to deliver 47 Cutter Boat Larges and has 22 more Bridge Erection Boats to supply to the Marines.

The company cannot survive on the government sector alone, however, Moore said, and thus is still actively engaged in the commercial and recreational market.

Though sales in those markets have declined, larger boats such as ACB’s new 34-foot flag bridge boat continue to do well.

“We don’t have all our eggs in the military side or commercial side,” Moore said.

“We’re working on diversifying our base of business.”


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