Airporter Shuttle moving central Bellingham pickup location

Airporter Shuttle, which offers bus service to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from a variety of western and central Washington locations, announced that beginning May 21, its central Bellingham pickup location next to the GuestHouse Inn on Lakeway Drive will relocate to the McDonald’s restaurant at 112 S. Samish Way.

The company said, in a press release, that the move will give residents on the south side of Bellingham, as well as students at Western Washington University, better access to the Airporter Shuttle.

Company officials also said they are working with a nearby business to work out a future parking arrangement for passengers. There will be no parking for Airporter passengers available at the McDonald’s or surrounding businesses when the move takes effect.

Airporter Shuttle’s other Bellingham stop, at Bellingham International Airport, remains unchanged.

The company is online at

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