Appliance Depot starts cellphone recycling program

Appliance Depot is accepting cellphones to be recycled or reused with the help of a Renton-based organization, Cell Seattle.

The Depot, a job-training nonprofit that accepts donations of home appliances that can be reconditioned and sold and low cost, will collect cellphones—working or not—at its Bellingham facility at 802 Marine Drive. Donated phones will be taken by workers with Cell Seattle for processing.

“Here at Appliance Depot, we take pride in our own commitment to the environment and social responsibility. We want to make sure that our business partnerships reflect those values whenever possible,” Appliance Depot’s director Thoren Rogers said, in a press release. “Keeping products out of the waste stream for as long as possible is the best thing for the environment and our community.”

For more information, contact the Depot’s sales team at 360-527-2646.

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