As seasons turn, mental health counselor offers free consults

Mental health counselor Bonnie Johnson of Life Counseling in Bellingham is offering no-cost, 30-minute consultations for local residents who would like professional help coping with the wide range of physical and emotional reactions commonly associated with the turning of the seasons.

Meetings can be held in person, by phone or through a secure online platform.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health because mental health problems also detract from both quality and length of life,” Johnson said, in a press release. “Unfortunately, we don’t usually recognize the symptoms or know what to do. I can get a good idea of what’s going on fairly quickly and come up with a plan detailing the next steps for getting on your way to a happier, more satisfying life.”

Life Counseling LLC was established in 2007 for the research and development of new methods of delivering mental health services online. The company now offers a range of traditional and contemporary counseling and psychotherapy services including in-office appointments, on-site visits and counseling via secure online videoconferencing.

Johnson has been a licensed mental health counselor with national board certification for more than 20 years and a distance credentialed counselor since 2006.

She is an affiliate of the TeleMental Health Institute in San Diego, Calif., and a member of the Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington in Bellingham.

Appointments can be made by calling 360-303-3223 and through the Life Counseling website at

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