Bankruptcies, May 2009

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.


Chapter 7

Timothy Compton Leffler, 2738 Humboldt St., Bellingham. Filed April 22.

Shane Sutton, 1973 Connifer Drive, Ferndale. Filed May 19.

Nick Floyd Lewis, 8260 Custer School Road, Custer. Filed May 19.

Michelle Rae McClellan, 400 W. Hemmi Road, Bellingham. Filed May 19.

Arthur Robert Williams and Cari Lynette Williams, 1541 Frontier Valley Lane, Maple Falls. Filed May 19.

Angelia Yvonne Ward, 837 Nevada St., Bellingham. Filed May 18.

Kyle Lane Kenoyer, 4605 Deming Road, Everson. Filed May 18.

Lyle Gene Vander Pol Sr., P.O. Box 823, Everson. Filed May 18.

Robert Bernard Fletcher, 1818 Main St. R6, Lynden. Filed May 15.

Jenny Forrest Johnson and Kevin Frederick Johnson, 2101 Samish Way, Bellingham. Filed May 14.

Kory John Breitenbucher, 2622 Grandivew Road, Ferndale. Filed May 13.

Shane Michael Hunter, 1539 Hel-lyn Place, Bellingham. Filed May 12.

Lisa Louise Garrison and Paul Theodore Garrison, 7146 Dahlberg Road, Ferndale. Filed May 11.

Jennifer Ruth Karchmer, 336 36th St. #104, Bellingham. Filed May 11.

Marcus Allan Erikson, P.O. Box 28455, Bellingham. Filed May 8.

Otis Fox Jordan and Elisa M. Jordan, 2319 H St., Bellingham. Filed May 7.

Donald Douglas Newsome, 6440 Little Bighorn, Maple Falls. Filed May 7.

Todd Wilson Ivanhoe and Valerie Ann Ivanhoe, 8985 Robinswood Lane, Maple Falls. Filed May 6.

Jonathon Michael Barlean, 6 Sunflower Circle, Bellingham. Filed May 6.

Jennifer Dyan Swanson and Jason Lee Swanson, 4549 Northwest Drive, Bellingham. Filed May 6.

Jeffery Del Williams, 141 16th St., Blaine. Filed May 6.

Juan Martinez Jr. and Margarita O. Martinez, 850 Parklyn Way, Ferndale. Filed May 5.

Edward Baker and Mary Sharon Baker, P.O. Box 931, Lynden. Filed May 5.

Mary L. Pacific and Melanie A. Pacific, 1224 Franklin St., Bellingham. Filed May 4.

Kathy Cheryl Quinn, 2001 Larabee Apt. 1, Bellingham. Filed April 30.

Randolph Ryan Roose, 5100 Fern St., Blaine. Filed April 30.

Ross L. Beck, 1509 Columbia Vista, Point Roberts. Filed April 30.

Douglas Alan Johnson and Deborah Ann Johnson, 311 Kwanzan Dr., Lynden. Filed April 23.

Sondra Joyce Whitehead, 1200 Lincoln St. #146, Bellingham. Filed April 24.

Rick Gurdeep Uppal and Casandra Dee Uppal, 4741 N. Golf Course Drive, Blaine. Filed April 27.

Kelly Carrol, 6121 Elder Road, Ferndale. Filed April 28.

Jacqui Weiss MacConnell, 2701 Williams St., Bellingham. Filed April 29.

Nicholas Stephen Strang, 2958 North Shore Road, Bellingham. Filed April 29.

Benjamin Norris Betz, 2630 Franklin St., Bellingham. Filed April 29.

Sonia Daphne Ramos and Ricardo Ramos, P.O. Box 1750, Sumas. Filed April 29.


Chapter 13

Michele Contoria Cotoner, 4250B Spring Creek Lane, Bellingham. Filed May 18.

Marcus James Ballweber and Holly Ann Ballweber, P.O. Box 264, Blaine. Filed May 15.

Richard R. Sprague, 2100 Electric Ave. #322, Bellingham. Filed May 15.

Kathy Ann Rice and Gregory Allen Rice, 2300 Jaeger St., Bellingham. Filed May 15.

Steven David Perret and Kerri Lyn Perret, 731 E. Smith Road, Bellingham. Filed May 14.

Douglas Glen Williamson, #2 Catkin Court, Bellingham. Filed May 13.

Julia Ramos and Luciano Ramos, 4004 Mt. Baker Highway, Everson. Filed May 8.

Marcel Danyel Harris, 825 Christian Way, Bellingham. Filed May 8.

Robert Steven Jones and Stephanie Renee Jones, 5863 Cedar Place #101, Ferndale. Filed May 5.

Michael Dean DeRoss and LeAnn Charleen DeRoss, 336 36th St. #113, Bellingham. Filed April 30.

Rudy Dolores Landaverde and Pedro Antonio Landaverde, 5315 Shields Road, Ferndale. Filed April 23.

Fred Lelon Binion, 314 Kline Road, Bellingham. Filed April 23.

Joseph Craig Curtright and Misty Sue Curtright. 6539 Quest St., Ferndale. Filed April 23.

Jessica Osen Gillians, 7910 Birch Bay Drive #14, Blaine. Filed April 24.

Kim Constant Carson, 3030 Kelly Road, Bellingham. Filed April 24.

Joshua Andrew Baijot and Jolene Janet Baijot, 708 Racine St., Bellingham. Filed April 24.

Robert James Reed and Michelle Diane Reed, 4891 Seafair Dr., Blaine. Filed April 27.

James Gary Cochrane, 5775 Northwest Drive, Ferndale. Filed April 28.

Linda Lee Maarhuis, 5775 Northwest Drive, Ferndale. Filed April 28.

Daniel Christopher Best and Margaret Jane Scott-Best, 1393 Lahti Drive, Bellingham. Filed April 29.

Michael Charles Peterson, 1319 Cornwall Ave. #102, Bellingham. Filed April 29.


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