Bankruptcies, May 2010

The Bellingham Business Journal

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

David L. and Debra M. Dugger, 1254 Vista Circle, Lynden. Filed April 22.

Barbara L. Larson, 6342 Noon Road, Everson. Filed April 22.

Lance and Amanda J. Brockie, 3428 W. McLeod Road Unit B105, Bellingham. Filed April 26.

Joye N. Epst, 2206 Sweetbay Drive, Bellingham. Filed April 26.

Jeffrey L. Smith, 1341 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed April 26.

Brenda L. and Bruce A. Morgan, 780 Cherry St., Blaine. Filed April 26.

William G. Evans, 1246 Undine St., Bellingham. Filed April 27.

Amy J. Millman, 3030 Main St., Custer. Filed April 27.

John W. and Sharon J. Andes, P.O. Box 2778, Blaine. Filed April 27.

Amy E. and William K. Devaney, 2711 Victor St., Bellingham. Filed April 28.

Neelam S. and Sarita S. Saraswat, 1926 Wildflower Way, Bellingham. Filed April 28.

Douglas P. and Lisa A. Addler, 642 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed April 28.

Abigail M. Shuman, 731 VanWyck Road, Bellingham. Filed April 29.

Terrance P. Cullinane, 212 1/2 Friday Creek Road, Bellingham. Filed April 29.

Samantha A. Seholm, 1811 W. North St., Bellingham. Filed April 29.

Turns To The East, 5643 Whitehorn Way, Blaine. Filed April 29.

Joanne B. and Richard M. King Sr., 3421 Alabama St., Bellingham. Filed April 29.

Bruce W. and Janet R. Todhunter, 6177 Glacier Place, Ferndale. Filed April 29.

Kevin L. and Laura S. Brown, 6627 Mission Road, Everson. Filed April 30.

Richard and Valerie Heinzen, 7133 Mecklem Road, Everson. Filed April 30.

Scott L. Worden, 2634 Superior St., Bellingham. Filed April 30.

Daryl L. and Michelle L. Toctocan, 1577 Brookedge Court, Bellingham. Filed April 30.

James A. Everbeck, P.O. Box 781, Deming. Filed April 30.

Kevin L. and Jennifer D. Coggan, 8421 Custer School Road, Custer. Filed May 3.

Martina Placid, P.O. Box 1442, Bellingham. Filed May 3.

Darrel E. Brulotte, 7135 W. 40th Drive, Ferndale. Filed May 3.

Ronald G. Longrie and Carol A. Nelsen-Longrie, 1177 Valley Highway, Acme. Filed May 3.

Janet M. and Larry R. Biles, 2411 Grandview Road #20, Ferndale. Filed May 4.

Phyllis J. Stevens, 3353 Racine St. #123, Bellingham. Filed May 5.

Roy J.D. and Helene L. Wade, 921 Autumn Lane #224, Bellingham. Filed May 5.

Jean M. Hunt, 8585 Harborview Road #15, Blaine. Filed May 6.

Lori J. and Charles J. Verkist, P.O. Box 966, everson. Filed May 6.

Barbara J. Hershey and Glen A. Tenkley, 2068 N. Shore Road, Bellingham. Filed May 7.

Dale M. Harts, 2228 Xenia St., Bellingham. Filed May 10.

Robert S. Solomon, 4204 Aldrich Road, Bellingham. Filed May 10.

Katherine M. and Ryan E. Regner, 212 E. Sunrise Drive, Lynden. Filed May 10.

Joshua P. and Wendy Neff, 2211 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Custer. Filed May 11.

Dina V. Semikina and Vadim V. Samusenko, 1429 Rainier Court, Ferndale. Filed May 11.

Leonard J. Jr. and Beth A. Sansone, 479 Westerly Road #204, Bellingham. Filed May 12.

Randall T. Durham, 4700 Alderson Road #34, Blaine. Filed May 13.

Sarah A. and Kevin V. Martinez, 2316 Yew St. Road #1, Bellingham. Filed May 13.

Robert R. Young, 4232 Wintergreen Circle #259, Bellingham. Filed May 13.

Frederick E. Morgan, 521 Main Place Unit B, Lynden. Filed May 14.

Michael G. Timmins, 5108 Yellow Brick Road, Bellingham. Filed May 17.

Leslie D. and Joe R. Brown, 1936 Coyote Lane, Bellingham. Filed May 17.

Luanne C. Sawdye, 3542 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham. Filed May 18.

Robyn K. Harper, 1220 Roland St. Bellingham. Filed May 18.

Cristopher H. Weiss, 8795 Wood Duck Way, Blaine. Filed May 19.

Istvan F. and Faye E. Dudas, 1440 Chuckanut Crest Dr., Bellingham. Filed May 19.

Jose J. Martinez and Maria D. Garcia, 702 Chestnut St., Everson. Filed May 21.

Greg A. Loving, 3495 1/2 S. McAlpine Road, Bellingham. Filed May 21.

Peggy H. and Raymond E. Huff Sr., 7902 W. Golf Course Drive, Blaine. Filed May 21.

Timothy A. and Sarah M. Dunphy, 5860 Pacific Rim Court #78, Bellingham. Filed May 21.

Jason B. Babcock, 1708 E. Sunset Drive #1, Bellingham. Filed May 24.

Chapter 13

Eric J. and Kristen E. Coston, 1915 Northshore Dr., Bellingham. Filed April 23.

Eunice C. and Michael B. Cline, 3912 Aaron Court, Bellingham. Filed April 28.

Jennifer R. and Denis J. Coleman, P.O. Box 485, Custer. Filed april 30.

Mark E. and Diane F. Edson, 6580 Olson Road, Ferndale. Filed April 30.

Ryan D. Belik, 4971 Guide Meridian, Bellingham. Filed April 30.

Rhonda L. and Lonnie L. Rouse, 215 Willow St., Lynden. Filed May 4.

Carl J. and Alison J. Keenan, 940 Nevada St., Bellingham. Filed May 5.

Timofey and Anna Odushkin, 1293 Roy Road, Bellingham. Filed May 6.

Belinda K. and Matthew J. Hickey, 6700 Old Guide Road, Lynden. Filed May 6.

Ann T. Rook, 4000 Flynn St. #109, Bellingham. Filed May 14.

Lisa M. Kellar, 690 Boblett St., Blaine. Filed May 17.

Lisa M. and Steven A. Kerzman, 2432 N. Bakerview Park Drive, Ferndale. Filed May 20.


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