Bankruptcies, May 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are for Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Robert L. and Helen O. Burger, case no. 11-14693-KAO, filed April 22.

Andrew Ruiz, case no. 11-14703-KAO, filed April 22.

David A. and Deanna R. Kangas, case no. 11-14721-KAO, filed April 22.

Sara L. Zucati, case no. 11-14738-KAO, filed April 22.

Cristi L. Garner, case no. 11-14757-KAO, filed April 25.

Lisa A. Alvaro, case no. 11-14827-KAO, filed April 26.

Nicole R. Hensley, case no. 11-14854-KAO, filed April 26.

Kimberly A. Smith-Kentner, case no. 11-14858-KAO, filed April 26.

Richard Lopez and Edna L. Barnhouse-Lopez, case no. 11-14859-KAO, filed April 26.

Myron T. Hall, case no. 11-14860-KAO, filed April 26.

Antoinette M. Martinez, case no. 11-14893-KAO, filed April 27.

Marsha G. Brown, case no. 11-14894-KAO, filed April 27.

Adrianne L. Hanson, case no. 11-14966-KAO, filed April 28.

Timothy Se. and Shelly A. Dolan, case no. 11-14991-KAO, filed April 28.

Kendra L. Drake, case no. 11-15016-KAO, filed April 28.

Francis E. and Theresa L. Sison, case no. 11-15018-KAO, filed April 28.

Howard J. and Linda L. Kitchen, case no. 11-15024-KAO, filed April 28.

Peterson Property Reconstruction LLC, case no. 11-15026-KAO, filed April 28.

Nickolaas H. and Sandra K. Laninga, case no. 11-15047-KAO, filed April 28.

Corrie A. Bremer, case no. 11-15060-KAO, filed April 29.

Andrew T.M. Fulton and Karalee A. Neff, case no. 11-15122-KAO, filed April 29.

Lisa K. Carpenter, case no. 11-15124-KAO, filed April 29.

Joseph W. and Sara B. Neff, case no. 11-15129-KAO, filed April 29.

Karen L. Heffley, case no. 11-15137-KAO, filed April 29.

Kathrine C. Hanna, case no. 11-15202-KAO, filed April 30.

Raymond P. and Torie L. Acheson, case no. 11-15231-KAO, filed May 2.

Rita J. and Henry F. Dotson, case no. 11-15243-KAO, filed May 2.

Joan V. McCauley, case no. 11-15252-KAO, filed May 2.

Kris W. and Tracy L. Kruse, case no. 11-15276-KAO, filed May 3.

James H. and Linda L. Vining, case no. 11-15280-KAO, filed May 3.

Kathleen F. and Glenn E. Golay, case no. 11-15329-KAO, filed May 4.

Claudia P. Diaz, case no. 11-15333-KAO, filed May 4.

Stafford W. and Pamela J. Thompson, case no. 11-15456-KAO, filed May 6.

Heather S. Young, case no. 11-15460-KAO, filed May 6.

Alberta B. and Jose A.S. Garcia, case no. 11-15501-KAO, filed May 9.

Emily K.A. Harrison, case no. 11-15573-KAO, filed May 10.

Michael J. Tharp, case no. 11-15589-KAO, filed May 11.

Lyle D. and Carol Y. Benson, case no. 11-15593-KAO, filed May 11.

Shawn A. and Christina M. Graham, case no. 11-15644-KAO, filed May 12.

Anastasia Caralis, case no. 11-15660-KAO, filed May 12.

Douglas T. and Kyla R. Leishman, case no. 11-15668-KAO, filed May 12.

Randall W. and Michelle A. Erickson, case no. 11-15674-KAO, filed May 12.

Lorenzo G. Trujillo, case no. 11-15676-KAO, filed May 12.

David T. and Anne-Margaret Misterly, case no. 11-15730-KAO, filed May 13.

Brant R. and Kimberly D. Sorensen, case no. 11-15817-KAO, filed May 17.

Tiffany N. and David M. Lahr, case no. 11-15824-KAO, filed May 17.

Nicole T. Crohn, case no. 11-15828-KAO, filed May 17.

Bazil A. Jimmy and Tammy L. Robertson-JImmy, case no. 11-15830-KAO, filed May 17.

Catherine R. Molaison, case no. 11-15870-KAO, filed May 18.

William J. and Velma Newmon, case no. 11-15883-KAO, filed May 18.

Paul A. and Dana C. Ellis, case no. 11-15901-KAO, filed May 19.

John P. and Debbie J. Wilson, case no. 11-15937-KAO, filed May 19.

Madeline Davis, case no. 11-15940-KAO, filed May 19.

Lynne M. Long, case no. 11-16041-KAO, filed May 21.

David C. and Carrie M. Simplot, case no. 11-16077-KAO, filed May 23.

Mark F. Franco, case no. 11-16085-KAO, filed May 23.

Marion E. Roebuck, case no. 11-16127-KAO, filed May 24.

Stephanie G. Gaddis, case no. 11-16131-KAO, filed May 24.

Terry L. McCarty, case no. 11-16150-KAO, filed May 24.

Rex L. and Lori A. Moena, case no. 11-16200-KAO, filed May 25.

Buddy W. and Bobbie L. Nolan, case no. 11-16206-KAO, filed May 25.

Chapter 13

Charles B. Neff, case no. 11-14681-KAO, filed April 22.

James M. and Theresa M. Griffin, case no. 11-14715-KAO, filed April 22.

Rodney J. Buston, case no. 11-14870-KAO, filed April 26.

David E. and Denise E. Harrison, case no. 11-14878-KAO, filed April 26.

Jeffrey A. and Shelly A. Sliger, case no. 11-15130-KAO, filed April 29.

Erik V. Merta, case no. 11-15643-KAO, filed May 12.

Devyn D. Briscoe, case no. 11-15675-KAO, filed May 12.

John J. and Joan E. Carpenter, case no. 11-15691-KAO, filed May 12.

Thia T. Nguyen, case no. 11-15758-KAO, filed May 16.

Douglas C. Batey and Shannon M. deGrasse, case no. 11-15821-KAO, filed May 17.

Josh B. Oathout, case no. 11-15839-KAO, filed May 17.

Leonid M. Belyatskiy, case no. 11-15852-KAO, filed May 18.

Giuseppe Mauro, case no. 11-15859-KAO, filed May 18.

Randall L. and Kelly F. Human, case no. 11-15872-KAO, filed May 18.

Justin R. and Reginna M. Todahl, case no. 11-15918-KAO, filed May 19.

Balbinder Kaur, case no. 11-15933-KAO, filed May 19.

Stephen D. and Melanie S. Gibb, case no. 11-16145-KAO, filed May 24.

Robert E. and Teresa A. Olund, case no. 11-16151-KAO, filed May 24.


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