Bankruptcies, January 2009

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.


Chapter 7

Catherine A. Luther, 1219 Clyde St., Blaine. Filed Dec. 26.

Duane Clyde Coleman, 9747 Vista Terrace, Blaine. Filed Dec. 30.

Sherri Jo Roberts, P.O. Box 571, Everson. Filed Dec. 30.

Nicolas Jean-Jacques Constantin, 4890 Maple Lane, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 30.

Gary Dean Lewis, 4015 Eliza Ave. #82, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 30.

Bonnie Rose Colon and Sergio Alexis Colon, 4235 Wintergreen Circle #240, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 31.

Ashley Kristin Paulson and Arlo Valentine Paulson, 3006 Harrison Ave., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 31.

Claudia Alexandra Lipp and Vernon Lyle Lipp II, 3148 Bennet Dr., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 31.

Aubrey Jean McCudden and Joshua J. McCudden, 3666 Woodlake Road, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 31.

Ardith R.G. Dillard, 1577 D St. #15, Blaine. Filed Jan. 6.

Kelly Leith Hanowell and Randolph Bryon Hanowell, 6172 Cedar Lane, Maple Falls. Filed Jan. 6.

Sage Casandra Holliday, 2580 E. Smith Road, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 7.

Laura Marie VanParys, 3420 W. McLeod #D34, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 7.

Deborah Dawn Stratton, 6119 Hawthorne Place, Maple Falls. Filed Dec. 29.

Diana Lynn Gray and Ronald Charles Gray, 3393 Alm Road, Everson. Filed Dec. 29.

Russel Frank Hayes, 1213 Whatcom St. Apt. 22, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 9.

Patricia Stovall and Burden S. Stovall, P.O. Box 824, Blaine. Filed Jan. 9.

Hillary Lynn Hitz, 209 Pollman Circle, Lynden. Filed Jan. 13.

Jody R. Hernandez and Dawn M. Hernandez, 261 Pollman Circle, Lynden. Filed Jan. 13.

Martin Joseph Lynch, 907 20th St. Apt. 2, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 13.


Chapter 13

Angelo Paniagua, 1706 Valhalla Lane D, Bellingham. Filed Jan 5.

Silvia E. Campos and Horacio Campos Jr., 205 Reeds Lane #60, Everson. Filed Jan. 12.

Maria Diane Dean and Bruce Arnold Dean, 3364 Topaz Court, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 12.

Brian T. Mahoney, 2315 Alabama St., Bellingham. Filed Jan. 14.

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