Bankruptcies, December 2008

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.


Chapter 7

Chris Henry Cardilla, 2631 Nevada St., Bellingham. Filed Nov. 19.

Heather Cara Sytsma and Michael Gary Sytsma, 2069 Oxford Court, Ferndale. Filed Nov. 19.

Athea Katie Germaine, 2371 Clear Valley Drive, Maple Falls. Filed Nov. 25.

Richard Alan Hawes, 2826 Kulshan St., Bellingham. Filed Nov. 25.

Martin DeAlan Woodruff, 2150 Douglas Ave. #7, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 25.

Bryce I.H. Tucker, 2902 A Nevada St., Bellingham. Filed Nov. 14.

Tod Jeffrey Arnason, P.O. Box 4422, Nooksack. Filed Nov. 14.

Ralph Loveland Gray and Diana Sue Gray, 2143 E. View Place B, Ferndale. Filed Nov. 14

Shirley Mae Terman, 2818 W. Indiana St. #2, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 14

Deanna Lynn McGuffin, 1320 Lakeway Drive #144, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 17.

Chris Henry Cardilla, 2631 Nevada St., Bellingham. Filed Nov. 19.

Heather Cara Sytsma and Michael Gary Sytsma, 2069 Oxford Court, Ferndale. Filed Nov. 19.

Bliss Anna Gurney and Thomas James Gurney, P.O. Box 31524, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 20.

Margaret Ann Zupfer, 5806 Pacific Rim Way #4, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 20.

Daniel Max Perry and Yuwei Gu, 1505 G St. Apt. 106, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 21.

Cynthia L. Ackerman and Harold W. Ackerman, 4582 Guemes Way, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 2.

Andrew Christopher Best and Veronica Maria Krueger, 2800 Sylvan St., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 2.

Carlito Ocampo Marcos, 2858 Maplewood Ave. #2, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 1.

Ericka Elizabeth Wendell, 2415 Xenia St., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 1.

Robert Alan Stanton and Dawn Carrie Stanton, 2810 W. Crestline Drive, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 1.

Douglas Glen Williamson, #2 Catkin Court, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 1.

Finnian Farrar Burn, 202 E. Holly St. #315, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 4.

Stacy Alison Mitchell, P.O. Box 3053, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 4.

Crescent Rae Barrat, 3231 Hillside Road, Deming. Filed Dec. 3.

Malden Karen Calvert, 7512 Rob-Lee Drive, Blaine. Filed Dec. 3.

Janice McAtee, 8558 Juniper Place, Maple Falls. Filed Dec. 8.

Benjamin Arthur Quinn, 2660 E. 41st Terrace, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 8.

Danny Thomas Williams and Ellen Grace Williams, 9685 Sumas Road #4, Sumas. Filed Dec. 5.

Taryn Mae Hallberg and Jeremy John Hallberg, 1130 Barnhart Road, Lynden. Filed Dec. 10.

James Douglas Nielson and Mary Laura Nielson, P.O. Box 64, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 11.

Carlos David Reneer and Rachel Rebecca Reneer, 1208 Yew St., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 11.

John Errol Oram and Judie Rae Oram, 6292 N. Star Road, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 9.

Renee Lynn Vanden Berg, 3538 Northwest Ave. #11, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 9.

Isabel Gonzalez Argueta and Antonia Argueta, 14776 Fruitland Drive, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 9.

Stepheni Lynn Queen, 231 Pyramid Lane, Lynden. Filed Dec. 9.

William Joshua Stone and Rebecca Lynn Stone, 1612 Kok Road, Lynden. Filed Dec. 9.

Steven Noel Loeffler and Denise Lynne Loeffler, 8283 Double Ditch Road, Lynden. Filed Dec. 16.

Brian Lee Hanson and Lynn Morrow Hanson, 2419 Nicholas Drive, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 16.

Sarah Anne Taggart, 808 32nd St. #19, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 16.

Kathy A. Harrelson, 2416 Franklin St., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 12.

Verna Francis Qualis and Richard John Qualis, 2317 Broadway, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 12.

Dana Linda Mae Parriera and Johsua Manuel Parriera, 1301 Main St., Lynden. Filed Dec. 12.

Kristoffer Jay Menger and Tracy Lee Jackson, P.O. Box 318, Custer. Filed Dec. 17.


Chapter 13

Virginia Leigh Burns, 1153 S. Smith Road, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 19.

Jessie Elizabeth Harder and Daniel Harder, 7395 Clamdigger Drive, Blaine. Filed Nov. 25.

Virginia Leigh Burns, 1153 S. Smith Road, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 19.

Ronald Glen Morehouse, 45 Grandview Lane, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 21.

Jessica D. Boots and Dwight W. Boots, 1962 Roeder Lane, Everson. Filed Nov. 21.

Rhonda Mae LeBrie and Tracy Alyn LaBrie, 3590 Brown Road, Ferndale. Filed Nov. 24.

Michael Charles Culberson, PMB #130 P.O. Box 5011, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 2.

Cesare John Daddabbo and Amy Lynette Daddabbo, 2360 Pine Drive, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 4.

Henry Pratt, Jr., 4320 Sweet Road, Apt. B, Blaine. Filed Dec. 4.

Ryan Douglas Fleming, 6650 Northstar Road, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 10.

Joseph Michael Anstett and Kimberly Marie Anstett, 8139 Sehome Road, Blaine. Filed Dec. 11.

Kelle Ann Hagen and Steven John Hagen, 816 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine. Filed Dec. 9.

Ramon Earl Rogers and Denise Louise Rogers, 3796 Sinclar Drive, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 16.

LeRoy Charles Richards and Mary Catherine Richards, 6742 Portal Way, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 16.

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