Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.


Chapter 7

Barbara Sue Reid and James Edward Comer, 8560 Golden Valley Drive, Maple Falls. Filed on April 22.

Brien Keith and Katrina Elena Meggison, 2175 Yew St. Red #9, Bellingham. Filed on April 23.

Dian Patricia Carder, 2671 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham. Filed on April 23.

David William Morrison, 3937 Bay Road, Ferndale. Filed on April 23.

Mildred Ann Pavone, 5201 LaBounty Dr, Apt. B, Ferndale. Filed on April 24.

Katie Lee Dougall, 380 14th St., Blaine. Filed on April 30.

Shawn Kelly Jones, 1031 N. State St. #203, Bellingham. Filed on May 1.

Helen McGavin, 1014 W. Smith #34, Bellingham. Filed on May 5.

Ronald Franklin King, P.O. Box 285, Lynden. Filed on May 5

Gurtej Singh and Rajwant Kaur Chauhan, 2370 W. Maplewood #21, Bellingham. Filed on May 7.

Bonita Jane and James Robert LeDoux, 2075 E. Bakerview Road, Bellingham. Filed on May 8.

Ronald Glen and Pamela Leigh Hacker, 38 Strawberry Point Court, Bellingham. Filed on May 12.

Robert Lloyd Herrman, 3701 Aldergrove Road, Ferndale. Filed on May 12.

Jack Barton Hanssen, 1320 Lakeway Drive, Apt. #144, Bellingham. Filed on May 14.

Dale Edward Francisco, 1476 St. Helens Court, Ferndale. Filed on May 14.

Toby Emil and Shannon Leiann Lentz, 3888 Cindy Lane, Bellingham. Filed on May 15.


Chapter 13

George Edward Sundean, P.O. Box 47, Custer. Filed on April 22.

David Gomez, 2607 Eldridge Ave., Bellingham. Filed on April 23.

Richard Ward Hall, P.O. Box 534, Sumas. Filed on April 28.

Rebecca Ann Pearcy and Gregory Allen Pearcy, 2378 Yew Street Road, Bellingham. Filed on April 30.

Jack Richard Casciolini, P.O. Box 298442, Bellingham. Filed on April 30.

Jose Chicas Lara and Marisa Lara, 808 Judson St., Lynden. Filed on April 30.

David Arlyn Reetz, 1077 Mobile Lane, Ferndale. Filed on April 29.

Allen Wayne Mistal, 683 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed on May 16.

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