Bankruptcies, April 2010

The Bellingham Business Journal

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Kenneth G. Burns, P.O. Box 1645, Bellingham. Filed March 23.

James M. and Laura H. Reed, 5167 Lincoln Road, Blaine. Filed March 23.

Susan P. Walters, P.O. Box 512, Custer. Filed March 23.

Donald E. and Beverly L. Hall, 4230 Cody Road, Blaine. Filed March 23.

Walter F. and Janice R. Vickers, 6394 Overland Trail, Maple Falls. Filed March 24.

Diana L. Schmidt, 2233 Sweetbay Drive, Bellingham. Filed March 24.

Michael R. and Jackie K. Billmeyer, 4616 Rural Ave., Bellingham. Filed March 25.

Teresa L. and Ernest L. Thompson, 6063 Malloy Ave., Ferndale. Filed March 29.

Brandon M. Hanley, 3206 Greenwood Ave., Bellingham. Filed March 29.

Diane L. and Gerald R. Witt Jr., 7782 Uphill Drive, Deming. Filed March 26.

Karina M. Asencio, 7932 Apache Drive, Maple Falls. Filed March 26.

Jerzy W. Kalita, 5807 Hendrickson Ave. #206, Ferndale. Filed March 26.

Patrick E. and Naomi M. Brown, 6954 Mount Baker Highway, Deming. Filed March 30.

Kit E. Hershey, 2330 Moore St., Bellingham. Filed March 30.

Grettel J. Boyle, 2076 Kiwi Drive, Ferndale. Filed March 30.

Roberta L. Crenshaw, P.O. Box 29385, Bellingham. Filed March 30.

Paul A. Thorsteinson, 5321 Bellaire Way, Bellingham. Filed March 31.

Yvette C. Brewster, 1090 Sunset Ave., Bellingham. Filed March 31.

Cody D. and Natasha M. Sharp, 2101 Eastwod Way, Lynden. Filed March 31.

Daniel W. and Christina M. Harrison, 3431 Woburn St. #243, Bellingham. Filed April 2.

Clyde B. Fraley, 6800 Enterprise Road #22, Ferndale. Filed April 6.

Rebekah F. and Phillip B. Lorden, 856 St. Andrews Way, Bellingham. Filed April 6.

Theresa A. and Mitchell D. McClellan, 2237 Valencia St., Bellingham. Filed April 8.

Brian M. Hernandez, P.O. Box 5144, Bellingham. Filed April 9.

Bart B. and Tara J. Boeckholt, 5899 Cedar St., Ferndale. Filed April 9.

David A. Curry, 9 Bramble Way, Bellingham. Filed April 9.

Mark J. Svetcos, 14009 Welcome Road, Deming. Filed April 12.

Richard P. Ennis and Illa M. Olinger-Ennis, P.O. Box 353, Ferndale. Filed April 13.

Kevin D. Williams, 1060 York St. Apt. 116, Bellingham. Filed April 14.

Tony M. and Dick A. Snider Jr., 187 Polo Park Drive, Bellingham. Filed April 14.

Kellian England, 499 Westerly Road #102, Bellingham. Filed April 14.

Brian D. James, 6156 Pacific Heights Drive, Ferndale. Filed April 14.

Tracy L. Coyne, 6156 Pacific Heights Drive, Ferndale. Filed April 14.

Walter C. Lienemann, 9661 Jackman Road, Blaine. Filed April 15.

David Moreno, 1856 Trigg Road #101, Ferndale. Filed April 15.

Paula E. Neshteruk, 2593 Donovan Ave., Bellingham. Filed April 15.

Tracy L. Elliott, 3456 Deer Pointe, Bellingham. Filed April 16.

Bethany J. Gwinner, 7166 Brent Lane, Lynden. Filed April 16.

Azim J. and Aziza A. Alibhai, 3632 E. Rusley Drive, Bellingham. Filed April 16.

Dean B. and Wilda R. Rouse, 107 Fairside Drive, Lynden. Filed April 16.

Arlene C. Philpott, 4805 Poplar Drive, Blaine. Filed April 16.

Julie A. Brown, 1706 Front St. PMB 516, Lynden. Filed April 16.

Arnulfo M. and Maria Ramirez, P.O. Box 611, Custer. Filed April 19.

Shekinah M. and Bradley D. McAllister, 5078 LaBounty Road Unit B, Ferndale. Filed April 19.

Geraldine G. Mattson, 8090 Quinault Road, Blaine. Filed April 19.

Tillina M. and David W. Cooper, 2130 Williams St. #3, Bellingham. Filed April 20.

Maria S. and Vasilij Pshelensky, 5684 Orchard Drive, Ferndale. Filed April 20.

Erin C. Shaw, 3401 Redwood Ave. #10, Bellingham. Filed April 20.

Chapter 13

Gracie and Mark R. Thornton, 2400 Donovan Ave. #54, Bellingham. Filed March 24.

Lynn E. and Frank C. Pace, 4948 Northwest Drive, Bellingham. Filed March 24.

Kari L. Moore, 930 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed March 24.

Michael P. Jr. and Judy A. Skaer, 2608 Lochcarron Drive, Ferndale. Filed March 25.

William A. and Leonida B. Taylor, 1012 Nooksack Ave., Everson. Filed March 25.

Marshall R. Bunton, 6187 Oakview Place, Ferndale. Filed March 25.

Justin M. Asch, 4543 Decatur Drive, Ferndale. Filed March 29.

Marilyn K. and Ned Russell, 2590 Yew Street Road, Bellingham. Filed March 26.

Scott C. and Toni M. Chavarria, 2411 Erie Terrace, Bellingham. Filed April 2.

Cristina Sautto and Timothy O. Stricklett, 795 W. Larson Road, Bellingham. Filed April 13.

Vincent C. Edwards, 4204 Caron Road, Deming. Filed April 16.

Valerie M. James and James G. Frank, 2344 Zell Road, Ferndale. Filed April 16.

John A. Klemann, 5849 Guide Meridian, Bellingham. Filed April 16.


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