Bankruptcies, April 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are for Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Scott L. and Deanna I. Kennedy, case no. 11-13454-KAO, filed March 27.

Barbara A. Sharp, case no. 11-13480-KAO, filed March 28.

John S. Klick, case no. 11-13522-KAO, filed March 29.

Ryan A. and Sandra L. Teichert, case no. 11-13529-KAO, filed March 29.

Ian F. and Emily Y. Thompson, case no. 11-13556-KAO, filed March 29.

Paul A. and Lavona L. Ring, case no. 11-13615-KAO, filed March 30.

Clint A. Moeller, case no. 11-13648-KAO, filed March 30.

Kevin L. and Kimberle A. Eherenfieldt, case no. 11-13658-KAO, filed March 30.

Bobbi J. Alex, case no. 11-13712-KAO, filed March 31.

Brittney C. Grable, case no. 11-13734-KAO, filed March 31.

Laura J. Thiessen, case no. 11-13744-KAO, filed March 31.

Edward J. and Raynell S. Wurtz, case no. 11-13828-KAO, filed April 1.

Christina A. Hartle, case no. 11-13888-KAO, filed April 4.

Mathew J. and Stephanie J. Opsteegh, case no. 11-13918-KAO, filed April 5.

David C. and Jenny Z. Ji, case no. 11-13919-KAO, filed April 5.

Todd A. Benson, case no. 11-13953-KAO, filed April 6.

Roy A. and Nancy L. Knaak, case no. 11-14037-KAO, filed April 7.

Redmond Supermarket LLC, case no. 11-14058-KAO, filed April 8.

Belinda J. Wood, case no. 11-14076-KAO, filed April 8.

Luke J. Schmidt, case no. 11-14138-KAO, filed April 11.

Tom H. Wallace, case no. 11-14139-KAO, filed April 11.

Daniel Levine, case no. 11-14151-KAO, filed April 11.

David and Michelle Sager, case no. 11-14159-KAO, filed April 12.

Aleksey Y. and Tatyana Andrushenko, case no. 11-14164-KAO, filed April 12.

Eric G. and Celena J. Seitz, case no. 11-14167-KAO, filed April 12.

Ivan M. and Jessica M. Barrow, case no. 11-14203-KAO, filed April 12.

Jennifer L. Forney, case no. 11-14219-KAO, filed April 12.

Darlene M. Shorey, case no. 11-14258-KAO, filed April 13.

Kevin E. Meck, case no. 11-14291-KAO, filed April 14.

Christopher J. and Lisa M. Obryan, case no. 11-14309-KAO, filed April 14.

Christopher M. and Jamie A. Albrecht, case no. 11-14326-KAO, filed April 14.

Kristy K. Scherner, case no. 11-14332-KAO, filed April 14.

Robin E. Torpey, case no. 11-14338-KAO, filed April 14.

Kevin W. Tenkley, case no. 11-14340-KAO, filed April 14.

Rodger A. and Michelle M. Gainey, case no. 11-14341-KAO, filed April 14.

Ethan G. and Holly C. Futrelle, case no. 11-14370-KAO, filed April 15.

David R. Ahrens, case no. 11-14373-KAO, filed April 15.

Robert R. and Tammy L. Trapp, case no. 11-14431-KAO, filed April 18.

Marvin J. Hines, case no. 11-14447-KAO, filed April 18.

Sarah D. Fellers, case no. 11-14476-KAO, filed April 18.

Michael W. Kramer and Sandra J. McGirr, case no. 11-14478-KAO, filed April 18.

Arden L.J. Schroeder, case no. 11-14493-KAO, filed April 19.

Kelly S. and Julie K. Hatch, case no. 11-14502-KAO, filed April 19.

Paul E. and Julie D. Carlisle, case no. 11-14505-KAO, filed April 19.

Joshua B. and Brooke B. Thompson, case no. 11-14510-KAO, filed April 19.

Kriste L. Cude, case no. 11-14541-KAO, filed April 20.

Leah M. Shelley, case no. 11-14573-KAO, filed April 20.

Mark R. and Melissa M. Oostra, case no. 11-14596-KAO, filed April 21.

Jeffrey J. Howard, case no. 11-14597-KAO, filed April 21.

Brian J. and Rory A. Crovo, case no. 11-14607-KAO, filed April 21.

Chapter 11

Olson and Imhoff Farm LLC, case no. 11-14307-TWD, filed April 14.

Chapter 13

John E. and Shawn E. Devine, case no. 11-13520-KAO, filed March 29.

Deborah L. Corbett, case no. 11-13535-KAO, filed March 29.

Brian J. Hanson, case no. 11-13602-KAO, filed March 30.

Linda J. McFadyen, case no. 11-13811-KAO, filed March 31.

William P. and Kathy L. Lingbloom, case no. 11-13863-KAO, filed April 1.

Linda M. Smallwood, case no. 11-14158-KAO, filed April 11.

Michael D. and Laura L. Corcoran, case no. 11-14248-KAO, filed April 13.

Kim L. and Brenda G. Batterman, case no. 11-14284-KAO, filed April 14.

Michael A. and JoAnne T. Mazza, case no. 11-14339-KAO, filed April 14.

Matthew D. Wilson, case no. 11-14442-KAO, filed April 18.

Hazel L. Donelson, case no. 11-14461-KAO, filed April 18.


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