Bankruptcies, August 2010

The Bellingham Business Journal

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

April N. Bezona, 1134 Orleans St., Bellingham. Filed July 14.

Kerry D. Lilgreen, P.O. Box 89, Acme. Filed July 14.

James E. and Vickie A. Tilton, 6965 Noon Road, Everson. Filed July 15.

Mary E. White, 921 Autumn Lane, #238, Bellingham. Filed July 15.

Vanessa F. and Todd B. Damon, 2700 Victor St. #1, Bellingham. Filed July 15.

Valerie M. Shannon, 1731 E. Maple St. #156, Bellingham. Filed July 15.

Carol L. Tyler, 5191 Spoonbill Lane, Ferndale. Filed July 15.

Sarah M. Neely, 2005 Conifer Drive, Ferndale. Filed July 19.

Charles L. Landon and Joni A. Riccitelli, 3132 Firwood Ave., Bellingham. Filed July 19.

Kara J. and Marcus A. Deyerin, 5564 Whitsonville Way, Bellingham. Filed July 20.

William F. Tierney IV and Vanessa N. Rochon-Goodrich, 1818 Donovan Ave., Bellingham. Filed July 20.

Skip N. R. and Sommer A. Cronck, 1106 Newton St., Bellingham. Filed July 20.

Rebecca L. Buttone, 3095 Main St., Custer. Filed July 21.

Ronald W. Spangler, 4702 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham. Filed July 21.

Sherry A. and David K Forbes, 7062 Guide Meridian Road Unit C5, Lynden. Filed July 22.

Dale W. Dorcas, 924 21st St. #11, Bellingham. Filed July 22.

Jeffrey S. and Amy M. Lindeman, 9073 Shipyard Lane, Blaine. Filed July 26.

John F. Jr. and Caterina M. Bremer, 590 W. Lake Samish Drive, Bellingham. Filed July 27.

Cathleen L. and Kevin J. Vanderhorst, 5347 Everson Goshen Road, Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Cynthia E. Daily, 6592 Enterprise Road, Ferndale. Filed July 28.

Kevin T. Ryan, 1065 Chuckanut Drive, Bellingham. Filed July 29.

Beverly I. Connolly, 2120 Knox Ave., Bellingham. Filed July 29.

Jodi A. and Iona C. Plouff, 825 Woodbine Way, Bellingham. Filed July 29.

Dennis R. and Jeannette L. Dashiell, 3035 Toad Lake Road, Bellingham. Filed July 29.

Robert M. and Heidi E. Burkett, 4244 Wintergreen Circle #271, Bellingham. Filed July 30.

Julie M. and Charles W. Jefferson, 2852 Goshen Road, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 4.

Roy G. and Jacqueline Y. Pratt, 2248 B James Circle, Lynden. Filed Aug. 4.

Trudy A. Hovorka, 4550 Lynden Birch Bay Road #1174, Blaine. Filed Aug. 5.

Barbara L. Siegele, 702 Kentucky St. #692, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 5.

Jennifer K. and James E. A. Taylor, 3720 #D39, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 5.

Michael L. and MIchelle R. Flint, 7248 Everson Goshen Road, Everson. Filed Aug. 5.

Winifred C. Oldham, 2263 Odell Road, Blaine. Filed Aug. 5.

Jean M. and Quinn J. Wiebe, 774 Alder St., Blaine. Filed Aug. 9.

Cara L. and Stephen M. Coomer Jr., 1021 Lawson St., Sumas. Filed Aug. 11.

Frederick D. and Kimberly A. Rathburn, 2212 Iron St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 11.

Rebecca L. Nolan, 3312 Cedarside Court, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 11.

Clarke D. Leach, 8760 Giles Road, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 12.

Yvonne D. and Roderick L. Tannehill Sr., 252 E. Bakerview Road Apt. 224, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 16.

Karyn M. Harris, 3206 W. Maplewood Ave. Apt. 107, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 16.

Darla M. and Liam E. McGovern, 2215 E. St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 17.

Tim M. Sullivan, P.O. Box 31697, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 17.

Joyce J. Romero, 151 E. Horton Road, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 18.

June V. DeLaMare, 5342 Northwest Drive, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 20.

Marie R. Swartz, P.O. Box 2044, Ferndale. Filed Aug. 23.

Chapter 13

Kevin D. Carlson, 2940 Racine St., Bellingham. Filed July 14.

Cindy L. Greson, 3597 Ridgemont Way, Bellingham. Filed July 14.

Freida A. and Michael J. Adamo, 7524 Gemini St., Blaine. Filed July 15.

Kellie A. Brinton, 40 Birch Court, Blaine. Filed July 19.

Elaine F. and Richard W. Evans, 8071 Kayak Way, Blaine. Filed July 20.

Danielle M. Loisel, 2140 Bayview Ave., Blaine. Filed July 20.

Heather J. and Donalrd P. Templin, 5715 Applegrove Lane, Ferndale. Filed July 20.

Laurie L. and Michael S. Nelson, 8745 Charel Drive, Blaine. Filed July 27.

Carolyn E. Hinshaw, 5070 Festival Blvd. # 1C, Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Eric D. Robertson, 42 Lake Louise Drive, Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Robert and Ewa Antczak, 3950 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Custer. Filed July 28.

Stacie L. and Ryan R. Moore, 1247 Geneva Hills Road, Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Lydia V. Mukhamediyev, 801 Racine St., Bellingham. Filed July 29.

Rafal Z. and Tara R. Chala, P.O. Box 1823, Maple Falls. Filed July 29.

Jagdeep Singh, 2403 Jess Road, Custer. Filed July 29.

Karen S. and David G. Leighton, 9014 Bender Road, Lynden. Filed July 30.

Richard A. Patneaude, 2922 W. Connecticut St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 4.

Robert W. Blow and Danyal E. Zapata, 3827 E. Hoff Road, Everson. Filed Aug. 4.

Barry K. Slack, 1811 34th St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 6.

Donna J. and Mark G. Gelao, 4836 Lighthouse Drive, Blaine. Filed Aug. 6.

Cathy L. Yanney, 5252 Byers Road, Ferndale. Filed Aug. 9.

Karin R. Maya, 1310 Clearbrook Drive, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 12.

Brian J. Hanson, 8076 Chinook Way, Blaine. Filed Aug. 18.

Deborah L. Corbett, P.O. Box 3194, Ferndale. Filed Aug. 18.


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