Bankruptcies, August 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are for Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Adam J. Adams, case no. 11-18928-KAO, filed July 27.

Jerome L. and Margaret A. Applington, case no. 11-18932-KAO, filed July 28.

Lenedra J. Carroll, case no. 11-18965-KAO, filed July 28.

Susanne L. and Jesse J. Seales III, case no. 11-18987-KAO, filed July 28.

Linda J. Fletcher, case no. 11-18989-KAO, filed July 28.

Eddie P. Soo, case no. 11-19001-KAO, filed July 28.

Agustin E. Galvez-Cruz, case no. 11-19007-KAO, filed July 28.

Eric D. and Debbie Wentz, case no. 11-19027-KAO, filed July 28.

Ann T. Rook, case no. 11-19087-KAO, filed July 29.

James R. Farmer and Mei G. Koh, case no. 11-19107-KAO, filed July 29.

Aaron C. and Rita M. Kombol, case no. 11-19120-KAO, filed July 29.

Richard R. and Roberta L. Hillaire, case no. 11-19204-KAO, filed Aug. 2.

Kevin J. Elgie, case no. 11-19234-KAO, filed Aug. 3.

Charles R. and Marian F. Olson, case no. 11-19261-KAO, filed Aug. 3.

Milton W. Goodknight, case no. 11-19264-KAO, filed Aug. 3.

Mark A.M. and Melanee J. Mulholland, case no. 11-19265-KAO, filed Aug. 3.

Verna L. Sievi, case no. 11-19273-KAO, filed Aug. 4.

William A. and Lenore E. Gordon, case no. 11-19318-KAO, filed Aug. 4.

Brenda J. Thomas, case no. 11-19332-KAO, filed Aug. 5.

Daniel F. Lindeman and Brianna S. Murphy, case no. 11-19333-KAO, filed Aug. 5.

Karen A. Schaumberg, case no. 11-19345-KAO, filed Aug. 5.

Shirley L. Donohue, case no. 11-19346-KAO, filed Aug. 5.

Bruce M. and Jill S. Machado, case no. 11-19371-KAO, filed Aug. 5.

Brian L. and Heidi M. Pakaluk, case no. 11-19375-KAO, filed Aug. 5.

Todd E. Ulrickson, case no. 11-19377-KAO, filed Aug. 5.

Anne E. Cooley-Lyonais, case no. 11-19413-KAO, filed Aug. 8.

Jesten L. Bergman, case no. 11-19465-KAO, filed Aug. 9.

Randy L. and Laura A. Snow, case no. 11-19466-KAO, filed Aug. 9.

Alaura H. Seiler and Rudolph R. Walbrun, case no. 11-19525-KAO, filed Aug. 10.

Ronald C. and Julia J. Olson, case no. 11-19658-KAO, filed Aug. 13.

Ronald W. and Lucille M. Radonski, case no. 11-19732-KAO, filed Aug. 16.

Erin M. Sorensen, case no. 11-19736-KAO, filed Aug. 16.

Megan J. McBride, case no. 11-19738-KAO, filed Aug. 16.

Rebecca J. Garcia, case no. 11-19742-KAO, filed Aug. 16.

John N. Donahue and Truc Thi Nhu Ngo, case no. 11-19774-KAO, filed Aug. 17.

Norene J. and Larrygene Binggeli Sr., case no. 11-19785-KAO, filed Aug. 17.

Racheal D. and Neel W. Larson II, case no. 11-19839-KAO, filed Aug. 18.

Heather C. Longstreth, case no. 11-19843-KAO, filed Aug. 18.

Jesse P. Menish, case no. 11-19851-KAO, filed Aug. 18.

Celina C. Winchester, case no. 11-19953-KAO, filed Aug. 19.

James L. and Denise E. Boyles, case no. 11-20039-KAO, filed Aug. 24.

Marianna B. Reed, case no. 11-20043-KAO, filed Aug. 24.

Susan L. Winder, case no. 11-20044-KAO, filed Aug. 24.

Diego T. K. Linan, case no. 11-20045-KAO, filed Aug. 24.

Julie A. Zavala-Marantette, case no. 11-20052-KAO, filed Aug. 24.

Dacia N. Serrato, case no. 11-20067-KAO, filed Aug. 24.

Amy K. Schilder, case no. 11-20074-KAO, filed Aug. 24.

Tamara J. Neyens, case no. 11-20084-KAO, filed Aug. 24.

Kathy L. Miller, case no. 11-20098-KAO, filed Aug. 25.

Brett L. and Nicole D. Nichols, case no. 11-20117-KAO, filed Aug. 25.

Adam S. and Danielle L. Craver, case no. 11-20128-KAO, filed Aug. 25.

Gary L. Tiffany, case no. 11-20165, filed Aug. 26.

Chapter 13

Glenn A. and Shanan K. Hoekstra, case no. 11-11-19030-KAO, filed July 28.

Debora A. and Fred Mowrey Jr., case no. 11-19108-KAO, filed July 29.

Candace P. Carson, case no. 11-19302-KAO, filed Aug. 4.

Donald R. Mace II, case no. 11-19430-KAO, filed Aug. 8.

Michael P. and Judee C. Corgiat, case no. 11-19740-KAO, filed Aug. 16.

Paul S. and Christa L. Armstrong, case no. 11-20027-KAO, filed Aug. 23.

Ann M. Cline, case no. 11-20108-KAO, filed Aug. 25.

Brent S. Boatman and Stacey A. Warner, case no. 11-20129-KAO, filed Aug. 25.


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