Bankruptcies, August 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following Whatcom County bankruptcies are obtained from public records on file with the U.S. bankruptcy court. These listings are subject to future change and are only current as of the filing date.

Chapter 7

Joshua Avinash Singh, case no. 12-18760-KAO. Filed Aug. 24.

William Henry Apt, case no. 12-18750-KAO. Filed Aug. 23.

Eric James Hitz, case no. 12-18740-KAO. Filed Aug. 23.

Eduardo Becerra-Navarrete and Elisa Becerra, case no. 12-18738-KAO. Filed Aug. 23.

Cory Benjamin Marquis, case no. 12-18736-KAO. Filed Aug. 23.

Gail Louise Heflin, case no. 12-18691-KAO. Filed Aug. 22.

David Wayne McIntosh and Marlene Augusta McIntosh, case no. 12-18646-KAO. Filed Aug. 21.

Danielle R. Haviland, case no. 12-18644-KAO. Filed Aug. 21.

Reuben Andrew Gonzales, case no. 12-18627-KAO. Filed Aug. 21.

Karen Joyce Manchester Fuentes, case no. 12-18591-KAO. Filed Aug. 20.

Wireless Detection, case no. 12-18571-KAO. Filed Aug. 17.

Rebecca Lynn Boonstra, case no. 12-18542-KAO. Filed Aug. 17.

Lora Lee Espinoza, case no. 12-18526-KAO. Filed Aug. 17.

Dedra Ann Shaw, case no. 12-18478-KAO. Filed Aug. 16.

Daryl Lee Burk and Jill Elizabeth Burk, case no. 12-18449-KAO. Filed Aug. 15.

Miranda Dawn Barnett and Brett Thomas Barnett, case no. 12-18449-KAO. Filed Aug. 15.

Matthew Ryan Bateman and Breanne Michelle Bateman, case no. 12-18436-KAO. Filed Aug. 15.

Robert Benjamin Fisher, case no. 12-18405-KAO. Filed Aug. 14.

Cher Angela Holleman, case no. 12-18402-KAO. Filed Aug. 14.

Tarsem Singh and Ranjit Kaur, case no. 12-18380-KAO. Filed Aug. 14.

Tracy Scott Epley and Gerri Rae Anderson-Epley, case no. 12-18298-KAO. Filed Aug. 10.

Byron Brian Cordova and Joann Cordova, case no. 12-18296-KAO. Filed Aug. 10.

Dawson Colt Cornett and Emily Mae Cornett, case no. 12-18235-KAO. Filed Aug. 9.

Jorge Raul Rentas and Jessica Lynn Rentas, case no. 12-18235-KAO. Filed Aug. 8.

Sande J. Heidi, case no. 12-18195-KAO. Filed Aug. 8.

Susan R. Teves, case no. 12-18147-KAO. Filed Aug. 6.

Anthony Michael Serrano and Nicole Renee Serrano, case no. 12-18144-KAO. Filed Aug. 6.

Fred Hardie Bishop Jr., case no. 12-18113-KAO. Filed Aug. 3.

David Parks, case no. 12-18088-KAO. Filed Aug. 3.

Tandi Lynn Bergsma, case no. 12-18087-KAO. Filed Aug. 3.

John Thomas Williams III and KAthleen Ann Fitzgerald, case no. 12-18069-KAO. Filed Aug. 2.

Wilson Everett Gordon and Linda Gail Gordon, case no. 12-18054-KAO. Filed Aug. 2.

Jessie R. Dwight and Tamara A. Dwight, case no. 12-18030-KAO. Filed Aug. 1.

Brian Andrew Richeson and Amanda Beth Richeson, case no. 12-17993-KAO. Filed July 31.

Thomas Leslie Wittenberg and Joyce Kennedy Wittenberg, case no. 12-17985-KAO. Filed July 31.

Bradley Curtis Hanks, case no. 12-17976-KAO. Filed July 31.

Kevin James Conzo, case no. 12-17848-KAO. Filed July 30.

Lonnie Lee Rouse and Rhonda Lynn Rouse, case no. 12-17847-KAO. Filed July 30.

William E. Duncan, case no. 12-17846-KAO. Filed July 30.

Chapter 11

Shannon Terrace LLC, case no. 12-18257-TWD. Filed Aug. 9.

Chapter 13

No cases reported.

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