Bankruptcies, December 2009

The Bellingham Business Journal

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Michael R. Guthrie, 84 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 20.

Joel O. Ferreiro, 22 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 20.

Karen Mitchell, 1711 BArkley Blvd. #701, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 20.

Mary E. Gallardo, 1612 Texas St. #A, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 20.

Todd H. and Rosalie A. Holliday, 187 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 23.

Pamela J. and Tarry B. Moena, 1580 Main St. #27, Ferndale. Filed Nov. 23.

Timothy J. and Billie J. Abercrombie, 1739 Emerald Way, Lynden. Filed Nov. 23.

Ryan J. Jones, 40 Strawberry Point Court, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 24.

Linh K. Vu and Minh N. Nguyen, 4225 Wintergreen Circle #254, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 24.

Karen L. and William R. Ashe, 3131 Cherrywood Ave., Bellingham. Filed Nov. 24.

Linda A. and William E. Wilson, P.O. Box 605, Sumas. Filed Nov. 27.

Spourn Foeung, 2222 Sweetbay Drive, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 30.

Jaime R. and Benjamin M. Dore, 2873 Undine St., Bellingham. Filed Nov. 30.

Anthony N. Anderson, 359 W. King Tut Road, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 30.

Brian T. and Rory J. Anderson, 6553 Lunde Road, Everson. Filed Nov. 30.

Shelli K. and Raymond K. Collins, 1714 Village Dr., Lynden. Filed Nov. 30.

Gerald L. and Karen A. Parker, 5369 Myers Drive, Ferndale. Filed Nov. 30.

Chris A. Cavnar, 1031 E. McLeod Road, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 1.

Kevin G. Allen, 3934 Griffith Ave., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 2.

James R. Bergin, 5545 Bayvue Road, Blaine. Filed Dec. 3.

Timothy R. Pech, P.O. Box 29043, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 3.

Marion E. Weston, 2626 Peabody St., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 3.

Deborah L. Watson, 2183 Maureen Drive, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 3.

Karin R. Maya, 1310 Clearbrook Dr., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 7.

Marie Y. Egawa, 2519 Lummi Shore Road, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 7.

Ted L. and Patricia A. Lee, 5001 Bay Road Unit A14, Blaine. Filed Dec. 7.

All Season Windows and Gutters Inc., 5373 Guide Meridian D-7, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 8.

Dawn M. Guitierrez, 1626 Brookwood Drive, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 8.

Bradley R. Rider, 1661 Saphire Trail Road, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 9.

Vanessa A. Kenoyer, 4516 Glen Meadows Place, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 9.

Christine A. Gary, 2817 Martin St., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 10.

Jeffrey H. and Alice A. Johnson, 280 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 10.

Rebecca M. Brower-Winter and Rhett C. Winter, 500 Darby Dr. #111, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 11.

Lisa L. Imel, 2421 Alabama St., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 15.

Caren L. and Jeffrey T. Rudder, 8757 Custer School Road, Custer. Filed Dec. 16.

Kari R. Williams, 1420 birchwood Ave. #201, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 17.

Wendy J. Schloredt dba Turns to the East, 5643 Whitehorn Way, Blaine. Filed Dec. 17.

Mark D. Huber, 3229 Pinewood Ave., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 17.

Dorothy A. and Ronald K. McCauley, 1200 Lincoln St. #225, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 18.

Elizabeth M. Costello, P.O. Box 441, Sumas. Filed Dec. 18.

Jennifer L. Schimke, 2152 Seamount Dr., Ferndale. Filed Dec. 18.

Tammie D. and Billy J. Fusher, 1428 Westview Circle, Lynden. Filed Dec. 14.

Penny E. Moon, 4777 Corona Court, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 14.

Steven L. and Beverly G. Smith, 7231 Everson Goshen Road, Everson. Filed Dec. 14.

Sheridan K. and James H. Byrnes, 2072 Diane Court, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 14.

Northwest Collision Specialist Inc., P.O. Box 32225, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 14.

Melanie and Cory McDaniel, P.O. Box 32225, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 14.

Samuel D. and Bobbie D. Harper, P.O. Box 29103, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 21.

Piyapol Artmangkorn, 4550 Birch Bay Lynden Road F125, Blaine. Filed Dec. 21.

Chapter 13

Donna L. Stedman, 2412 Franklin St., Bellingham. Filed Nov. 24.

Shawn D. and Nettie C. Knabb, 3 Bramble Way, Bellingham. Filed Nov. 24.

Jason P. and Margaret E. Letchworth, P.O. Box 257, Lummi Island. Filed Nov. 27.

Mark E. and Diane F. Edson, 6580 Olson Road, Ferndale. Filed Nov. 30.

Steven N. and Denise L. Loeffler, 8283 Double Ditch Road, Lynden. Filed Nov. 30.

Linda J. McFadyen, P.O. Box 1648, Blaine. Filed Nov. 30.

Elisabeth D. Britt, 1403 N. Shore Drive, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 3.

Juanita I. and David H. Jefferson III, 2885 Haxton Way, Bellingham. Filed Dec. 10.

Sharon R. Knight, 1812 E. Illinois St., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 15.

Jodi L. Lewing, 3963 Nelson Road, Deming. Filed Dec. 15.

Karen N. and Mark C. Smith, 891 Parklyn Way, Ferndale. Filed Dec. 16.

Michael E. Mirowski, 8206 Salish Lane, Blaine. Field Dec. 17.

Beau W. Hooper, 1409 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham. Filed Dec. 18.

Compiled by Isaac Bonnell.

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