Bankruptcies, December 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Timothy A. Brown, case no. 11-23562-KAO, filed Nov. 23.

Muriel K. Gibbons, case no. 11-23565-KAO, filed Nov. 23.

Nicholas C. and Kristi A. Bruland, case no. 11-23602-KAO, filed Nov. 25.

Scott A. Welch, case no.11-23650-KAO, filed Nov. 25.

Mary E. Gould, case no. 11-23634-KAO, filed Nov. 28.

Pavel V. and Svetlana I. Gorun, case no. 11-23666-KAO, filed Nov. 28.

Ryan J. and Jessika M. West, case no. 11-23670-KAO, filed Nov. 28.

Aisia Thomas, case no. 11-23689-KAO, filed Nov. 28.

Arturo and Marisol Moreno, case no. 11-23731-KAO, filed Nov. 29.

Adam B. Reid, case no. 11-23804-KAO, filed Nov. 30.

Michael J. Heath, case no. 11-23819-KAO, filed Nov. 30.

Ty Terrwyn, case no. 11-23826-KAO, filed Nov. 30.

Jonathan Y. Huston, case no. 11-23840-KAO, filed Nov. 30.

Steven K. and JEan L. Bosman, case no. 11-23865-KAO, filed Nov. 30.

Jeffrey M. and Yvonne C. Harris, case no. 11-23890-KAO, filed Dec. 1.

Travis W. and Michelle Y. Bertram, case no. 11-23950-KAO, filed Dec. 2.

Marcia L. Johnson, case no. 11-24026-KAO, filed Dec. 5.

Nicole L. and Walter D. Croney III, case no. 11-24059-KAO, filed Dec. 6.

Gale G. Jefferson, case no. 11-24064-KAO, filed Dec. 6.

David G. and Katherine E. Lolkema, case no. 11-24101-KAO, filed Dec. 7.

David C. and Kimberly M. Bendt, case no. 11-24132-KAO, filed Dec. 8.

Diane L. Kirscheman, case no. 11-24166-KAO, filed Dec. 8.

William M. and Bonnie J. Murray, case no. 11-24172-KAO, filed Dec. 9.

Hugh P. Harkins, case no. 11-24222-KAO, filed Dec. 9.

Stephen C. Alaniz, case no. 11-24293-KAO, filed Dec. 13.

Steven J. and AnaLyn Herrick, case no. 11-24325-KAO, filed Dec. 14.

Morgan S. and Rochelle K. Simpson, case no. 11-24334-KAO, filed Dec. 14.

Hue Beattie, case no. 11-24339-KAO, filed Dec. 14.

James G. and Barbara K. Pearson, case no. 11-24353-KAO, filed Dec. 14.

Nancy L. Knaak, case no. 11-24365-KAO, filed Dec. 14.

Jeffrey L. and Jill A. Davis, case no. 11-24367-KAO, filed Dec. 15.

Katie E. Hickok, case no. 11-24388-KAO, filed Dec. 15.

Anthony L. Williams, case no. 11-24413-KAO, filed Dec. 15.

Todd A. and Debra L. Seules, case no. 11-24420-KAO, filed Dec. 15.

Rhonda L. Reed, case no. 11-24426-KAO, filed Dec. 15.

Patrick L. and Marisol Blake, case no. 11-24455-KAO, filed Dec. 16.

James R. and Darci D. Scheet, case no. 11-24511-KAO, filed Dec. 19.

Suzette L. Merrick, case no. 11-24551-KAO, filed Dec. 19.

Gilberto V. Antonio, case no. 11-24568-KAO, filed Dec. 20.

Laura K. Stangland, case no. 11-24578-KAO, filed Dec. 20.

Joseph A. and Cynthia R. Schneider, case no. 11-24655-KAO, filed Dec. 22.

Chapter 11

David R. Syre, case no. 11-24120-TWD, filed Dec. 8.

Chapter 13

Kenneth L. and Patricia A. Jameson, case no. 11-23603-KAO, filed Nov. 25.

Anna V. Zinkova, case no. 11-23688-KAO, filed Nov. 28.

Carla A. Lee, case no. 11-23816-KAO, filed Nov. 30.

Grigoriy N. and Natalya V. Yudin, case no. 11-23914-KAO, filed Dec. 1.

Mark E. and Diane F. Edson, case no. 11-24090-KAO, filed Dec. 7.

Yevgeniy A. and Anna V. Khizhnyak, case no. 11-24141-KAO, filed Dec. 8.

Kay E. Syre, case no. 11-24155-KAO, filed Dec. 8.

Danyal E. Zapata and Robert W. Blow, case no. 11-24379-KAO, filed Dec. 15.

Barry G. and Chava V. Wiebe, case no. 11-24604-KAO, filed Dec. 21.


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