Bankruptcies, December 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Dimitra Walker, case no. 12-22581-KAO. Filed Dec. 19.

Nadia Petrovna Snitko, case no. 12-22576-KAO. Filed Dec. 19.

Angelito Pangan Domingo Jr. and Domonique Danielle Domingo, case no. 12-22568-KAO. Filed Dec. 19.

James Ray Maois Sr. and Debbie Jo Marois, case no. 12-22504-KAO. Filed Dec. 18.

Autumn Sunshine McIntyre, case no. 12-22501-KAO. Filed Dec. 18.

Steven Michael Freeman and Cynthia Jane Freeman, case no. 12-22450-KAO. Filed Dec. 15.

Celso Domino Hapa and Chona Miciano Hapa, case no. 12-22398-KAO. Filed Dec. 14.

Mary Beth Wynstra, case no. 12-22377-KAO. Filed Dec. 13.

Jacqueline Marie Leilani Kauhi, case no. 12-22372-KAO. Filed Dec. 13.

Michelle Renee Stites, case no. 12-22316-KAO. Filed Dec. 13.

George Paul Ferran and Poli Melanie Ferran, case no. 12-22241-KAO. Filed Dec. 11.

Michael Joseph Burnett and Susan Ellen Burnett, case no. 12-22237-KAO. Filed Dec. 11.

Cherlynn Janice Miller, case no. 12-22216-KAO. Filed Dec. 10.

Kathleen Ann Folsom, case no. 12.22208-KAO. Filed Dec. 10.

Melanie Lynn Marcos, case no. 12-22206-KAO. Filed Dec. 10.

Robert Edward Johnson and Princess Johnnie Johnson, case no. 12-22205-KAO. Filed Dec. 10.

Jeffrey Bert Hawke, case no. 12-22185-KAO. Filed Dec. 8.

Gary Leroy Terpsma and Kimberley Ann Blakesley, case no. 12-22143-KAO. Filed Dec. 7.

Diane Marie O’Flaherty, case no. 12-22080-KAO. Filed Dec. 5.

Trevor Ryan Siden and Stephanie Siden, case no. 12-22011-KAO. Filed Dec. 3.

Aaron Michael Dugger and Miranda Blair Dugger, case no. 12-21968-KAO. Filed Nov. 30.

Martha Susan Corlett, case no. 12-21956-KAO. Filed Nov. 30.

Robert Michael Gill, case no. 12-21909-KAO. Filed Nov. 30.

Judith Margaret Anderson, case no. 12-21863-KAO. Filed Nov. 29.

Jacob Allan Williams, case no. 12-21770-KAO. Filed Nov. 27.

Wendy Lorraine Wasisco, case no 12-21763-KAO. Filed Nov. 27.

Herbert Ira Orshansky, case no. 12-21736-KAO. Filed Nov. 26.

Chapter 11

No cases reported.

Chapter 13

Lisa Ann Schenk, case no. 12-22485-KAO. Filed Dec. 17.

James Brian Gates and Kim Ellen Gates, case no. 12-22411-KAO. Filed Dec. 14.

Russell John Moquin, case no. 12-22402-KAO. Filed Dec. 14.

Sean Richard Freel-Sharpe, case no. 12-22396-KAO. Filed Dec. 14.

Theresa Marie Griffin, case no. 12-22353-KAO. Filed Dec. 13.

Jeannie Ann Nixt, case no, 12-22126-KAO. Filed Dec. 6.

Charles Alan Kubik, case no 12-22049-KAO. Filed Dec. 4.

Jeffrey Daniel Smith and Christine Kathryn Smith, case no. 12-21896-KAO. Filed Nov. 30.

Kenneth W. Wittig, case no. 12-21712-KAO. Filed Nov. 23.

Whatcom County bankruptcies are obtained from public records on file with the U.S. bankruptcy court. Listings are subject to change and are only current as of the filing date.

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