Bankruptcies, February 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are for Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Evelyn J. DeHaan, case no. 11-10890-KAO, filed Jan. 28.

David W. and Patricia J. Latham, case no. 11-10900-KAO, filed Jan. 28.

Dominic S. and Sarah M. Del Castillo, case no. 11-10950-KAO, filed Jan. 29.

Lena L. Harrington, case no. 11-10954-KAO, filed Jan. 29.

Timothy J. and Deborah J. Esposito, case no. 11-10968-KAO, filed Jan. 30.

Brian D. and Katrina R. Boyd, case no. 11-11036-KAO, filed Jan. 31.

Charles H. and Margaret A. Lindhout, case no. 11-11039-KAO, filed Jan. 31.

Bruce Brewer, case no. 11-11062-KAO, filed Jan. 31.

Mandy M. Smith, case no. 11-11063-KAO, filed Jan. 31.

Jennifer S. Jensen, case no. 11-11085-KAO, filed Feb. 1

Christopher D. Jellum, case no. 11-11099-KAO, filed Feb. 1.

Bertha M. Ochoa, case no. 11-11174-KAO, filed Feb. 3.

Tonya M. Martinez, case no. 11-11198-KAO, filed Feb. 4.

Mark R. Rehberger, case no. 11-11200-KAO, filed Feb. 4.

David E. Goodall, case no. 11-11231-KAO, filed Feb. 5.

Jeffrey J. Westcott, case no. 11-11277-KAO, filed Feb. 7.

Erik C. and Nora C. Gustafson, case no. 11-11293-KAO, filed Feb. 7.

Douglas S. Kreider, case no. 11-11294-KAO, filed Feb. 7.

William L. Burkholder, case no. 11-11309-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Cristal N. Bennett, case no. 11-11386-KAO, filed Feb. 9.

Christina M. Berry, case no. 11-11409-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

Tammy K. Spurgeon, case no. 11-11423-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

Christina A. King, case no. 11-11426-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

Jennie E. Mallett, case no. 11-11427-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

Lawrence A. Runnberg, case no. 11-11432-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

Daniel R. and Heather N. Phillips, case no. 11-11464-KAO, filed Feb. 11.

Edward S. and Yvette M. Taylor, case no. 11-11503-KAO, filed Feb. 11.

Alicia M. Gallivan, case no. 11-11537-KAO, filed Feb. 13.

Scott L. and Jennifer R. Taber, case no. 11-11565-KAO, filed Feb. 14.

Terrie D. Crandell, case no. 11-11576-KAO, filed Feb. 14.

Bernard A. Buttone, case no. 11-11590-KAO, filed Feb. 15.

Terry W. and Chasity H. Dickey, case no. 11-11607-KAO, filed Feb. 15.

Amelia Camberos, case no. 11-11608-KAO, filed Feb. 15.

Carolyn M. Ferrer, case no. 11-11620-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Bryan K. Berndtson, case no. 11-11622-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Richard J. and Ya Fei Wang Osburn, case no. 11-11625-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Daniel R. Embrey and Tammy L. Sirmans-Embrey, case no. 11-11627-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Galina Pshelensky, case no. 11-11641-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

David A. and Donna K. Charbonneau, case no. 11-11644-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Trung K. Ma, case no. 11-11675-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Gerrie-Ellen E. Davis, case no. 11-11691-KAO, filed Feb. 17.

Garrett J. Husky, case no. 11-11695-KAO, filed Feb. 17.

Tobey D. and Christina L. Gulley, case no. 11-11698-KAO, filed Feb. 17.

Janice P. Rogers, case no. 11-11737-KAO, filed Feb. 17.

Donald J. and Felicity A. Elliott, case no. 11-11741-KAO, filed Feb. 17.

Howard R. Duncan, case no. 11-11823-KAO, filed Feb. 21.

Gary E. and Marlene E. Dinwiddie, case no. 11-11886-KAO, filed Feb. 22.

Shane L. and Julie L. Williams, case no. 11-11900-KAO, filed Feb. 23.

Renee L. Jenkins, case no. 11-11917-KAO, filed Feb. 23.

Gloria G. Fotu, case no. 11-11937-KAO, filed Feb. 23.

Michael D. and Melissa J. Miller, case no. 11-11968-KAO, filed Feb. 24.

Susan J. Kamkoff, case no. 11-11969-KAO, filed Feb. 24.

Kimberly L. Edwards, case no. 11-11978-KAO, filed Feb. 24.

Rusty E. and Teresa L. Scott, case no. 11-12033-KAO, filed Feb. 24.

Stacy M. Simmons, case no. 11-12039-KAO, filed Feb. 25.

Glen T. Lewis, case no. 11-12056-KAO, filed Feb. 25.

Chapter 11

Donna J.C. Reid, case no. 11-11779-MLB, filed Feb. 18.

Chapter 13

Randall O. Budd, case no. 11-10951-KAO, filed Jan. 29.

Ronald S. and Meredith K. Baker, case no. 11-11045-KAO, filed Jan. 31.

Vasil Abyss, case no. 11-11060-KAO, filed Jan. 31.

Michael Carpenter, case no. 11-066-KAO, filed Feb. 1.

Barbara A. Burdette, case no. 11-11088-KAO, filed Feb. 1.

Tamara L. Neria, case no. 11-11181-KAO, filed Feb. 3.

James V. and Corrie A. Bremer, case no. 11-11185-KAO, filed Feb. 3.

Bryan S. and Dawn M. Rudder, case no. 11-11318-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Joey S. and Maria C. Warner, case no. 11-11329-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Joshua C. and Jaime L. Nichols, case no. 11-11340-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Nirmal S. Kandola, case no. 11-11416-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

Balbinder Kaur, case no. 11-11422-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

James J. and Ellen J. Savidge, case no. 11-11529-KAO, filed Feb. 12.

John L. and Janine M. Sande, case no. 11-11557-KAO, filed Feb. 14.

Ruth M. Solomon, case no. 11-11817-KAO, filed Feb. 20.

Brian K. and Adrienne R. Syvertson, case no. 11-12028-KAO, filed Feb. 24.

Reah M. and Dennis D. Dewell, case no. 11-12088-KAO, filed Feb. 25.


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