Bankruptcies, February 2010

The Bellingham Business Journal

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

James R. Pierce II, 7151 Brent Lane, Lynden. Filed Jan. 21.

Lovette O. Lopez, 1101 McKenzie Ave. #206, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 21.

Matthew J. McCauley, P.O. Box 1918, Ferndale. Filed Jan. 22.

Christopher L. Foley, 516 Darby Drive Apt. 203, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 22.

Marlene D. Childress, 653 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 22.

Joseph E. McGill, 4744 Sandcastle Drive, Blaine. Filed Jan. 25.

Josh G. Barrett, 2315 Jaeger St., Bellingham. Filed Jan. 25.

Nicholas G. and Jamie L. Tilton, 1191 Haveman Road, Lynden. Filed Jan. 26.

David N. Kravchenko, 4015 Eliza Ave. #5, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 26.

Roberta E. and Clarence L. Dickinson IV, 3921 Nelson Road, Deming. Filed Jan. 26.

Kimberly K. Spille, 2176 Seamount Drive, Ferndale. Filed Jan. 26.

William M. and Paula J. Wydur, P.O. Box 132, Ferndale. Filed Jan. 27.

James M. Edwards, 9540 Seimahmoo Parkway L-18, Blaine. Filed Jan. 27.

Natalie J. Purington, 3115 Cottonwood Ave., Bellingham. Filed Jan. 27.

Jesus G. and Candelaria A. Muna, 3430 Y Road, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 27.

Terri L. Carter, 1202 22nd St., Bellingham. Filed Jan. 29.

Linda M. Esser, P.O. Box 29084, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 29.

Current Industries Inc., 3720 Williamson Way, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 29.

Cynthia L. Moe, 200 Washington Ave., Sumas. Filed Jan. 29.

Judith M. Martinez, 381 31st St., Bellingham. Filed Jan. 29.

Petr A. Yelfimov and Olga A. Yelfimova, 339 Meadowbrook Court Apt. 208, Bellingham. Filed Jan. 29.

Bert and Claydene J. Lederer, 803 W. Indiana St., Bellingham. Filed Jan. 29.

Lourie S. Overland, P.O. Box 819, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 1.

John W. Burkholder, 8440 Catalina Court, Blaine. Filed Feb. 1.

Julie H. Habers, 8262 Snohomish Road, Blaine. Filed Feb. 1.

Zohreh Norozi, P.O. Box 32390, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 2.

Elbourne D. Gnyp, 6289 D Portal Way, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 2.

Leo L. Gehrtz III, 5930 Guide Meridian, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 2.

Roberta A. Young and William N. Blais. P.O. Box 235, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 2.

Ryan M. Ferris and Carol J. Lucero, 1401 E. Victor St., Bellingham. Filed Feb. 3.

Monica M. Catrain, 5625 Poplar Place, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 3.

Melvin S. Hutto, 2 Marigold Drive #33, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 3.

Tara L. Vincent-Maloney, 2001 G. St. Unit B, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 5.

Maria G. and Victor L. Cuellar, 287 Pollman Circle, Lynden. Filed Feb. 5.

Lisa K. Kuhn, 3914 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham. Filed Feb. 5.

Theresa E. and Thomas R. Wingfield, 1487 A. Britton Court, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 5.

Mara J. Steele, case no. 10-11236-TTG, filed Feb. 8.

Bradley S. Neitling, 8697 Trapline Road, Everson. Filed Feb. 8.

Katherine I. Miller, 3010 Coolidge Drive, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 8.

Rachel A. English, 3010 Coolidge Drive, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 8.

Sheila R. Portillo, 7416 Clamdigger Dr., Blaine. Filed Feb. 8.

Dale A. and Jennifer D. Sprague, 2561 Thornton Road, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 8.

George H. and Arlys J. Reimer, 4241 Cody Road, Blaine. Filed Feb. 9.

Scott C. and Stacy K. Shuman, 2000 E. Lopez Court, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 9.

William C. Rose, P.O. Box 5011 PMB 128, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 10.

Shawn D. Atwood, 7593 Woodland Road, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 10.

William and Deborah Thibodeau, 4633 Celia Way Unit 302, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 10.

Jennifer A. McCarty, 3391 Lena Road, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 10.

Elder R.J. Roberts Jr., 2915 Martin Road, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 10.

Josiah J. and Jolene M. May, 2209 Lincoln St., Bellingham. Filed Feb. 10.

Holly C. and Trevor J. Wagner, 1500 Main St., Lynden. Filed Feb. 11.

Mary J. Mower, 2473 Donovan Ave., Bellingham. Filed Feb. 12.

Terry L. Helmka, 5705 Hendrickson Ave. Apt. B6, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 16.

Johnny E. and Linda J. Paul, 2651 South Red River Road, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 16.

John J. and Alisa M. Douglas, 3717 Woodlake Road, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 17.

Billiejo L. and Mark A. Bosman, 4529 Meridian St., Bellingham. Filed Feb. 17.

Alisa A. Wollens-Spencer, P.O. Box 5011 PMB 25, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 17.

Chapter 11

SW Group LLP, 9525 Semiahmoo Parkway Unit 103, Blaine. Filed Feb. 4.

Chapter 13

Shelly A. and Jeffrey A. Sliger, 932 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Lynden. Filed Jan. 22.

Irene M. Morgan, P.O. Box 932, Ferndale. Filed Jan. 26.

Frederick K. and Lisa D. Blair, 9358 Walkers Road, Blaine. Filed Jan. 27.

James F. and Carolyn H. Fox, P.O. Box 5180, Deming. Filed Jan. 28.

Trong T. Nguyen, 529 32nd St. #43, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 3.

Angela D. George, 4431 Carstan Loop, Blaine. Filed Feb. 8.

Karen L. Daniels, 3310 Alderwood Ave. Unit M4, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 9.

Monte H. and Suzan E. Hicks, P.O. Box 3287, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 9.

Lisa M. Benson, 1120 Dondee Court, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 10.

Billy J. and Raquel C. Wheeler, P.O. Box 30302, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 12.

Brandon L. and Toni L. Miller, 1040 Ten Mile Road, Everson. Filed Feb. 16.

Annette B. and Ronnie M. Doyle, 8183 Custer School Road, Custer. Filed Feb. 17.

Connie J. and Jay D. Morgan, 2991 W. Main St., Custer. Filed Feb. 17.

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