Bankruptcies | February 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

(No Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies reported) 

Chapter 7

Pamela J. Hullum, case no. 12-10936-KAO, filed Feb. 1.

Molly C. Ortman, case no. 12-10962-KAO, filed Feb. 2.

James J. and Linda M. Phillips, case no.  12-11027-KAO, filed Feb. 3.

Simon B. and Kimberly S. Rivas, case no. 12-11040-KAO, filed Feb. 3.

Malcolm S. Lower, case no. 12-11129-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Eva E. Willett, case no. 12-11137-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Matthew S. and Jennifer D. Marsh, case no. 12-11139-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Kent D. and Heidi Powell, case no. 12-11140-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Charles A. Beaman and Sylvia H. Kyburz-Beaman, case no. 12-11150-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Joshua A. and Kara L. Soles, case no. 12-11152, filed Feb. 8.

Dana J. and Zoya D. Hoggarth, case no. 12-11153-KAO, filed Feb. 8.

Cynthia L. Wagner, case no. 12-11170-KAO, filed Feb. 9.

Vladimir and Galina Galle, case no. 12-11181-KAO, filed Feb. 9.

Elnora E. Baltzell and Ronald J. Heer, case no. 12-11244-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

Richard A. and Ann M. Johnson, case no. 12-11247-KAO, filed Feb. 10.

Irene E. Olson, case no. 12-11326-KAO, filed Feb. 13.

Yelena S. Kravchenko, case no. 12-11328-KAO, filed Feb. 13.

Michael J. Manwell, case no. 12-11345-KAO, filed Feb. 14.

Rebecca A. Cordice, case no. 12-11359-KAO, filed Feb. 14.

Cecila M. Mueller, case no. 12-11372-KAO, filed Feb. 14.

Curtis R. and Erica M. Chapin, case no. 12-11428-KAO, filed Feb. 15.

Brenda D. Gray, case no. 12-11449-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Juan C. Morales and Virginia B. Villa, case no. 12-11484-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Robert D. and Cynthia M. Mordhorst, case no. 12-11485-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Brittney L. Smith, case no. 12-11505-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

D. Dianne Smith, case no. 12-11506-KAO, filed Feb. 16.

Kevin M. Snow, case no. 12-11506-KAO, filed Feb. 17.

Lisa M. Root, case no. 12-11534-KAO, filed Feb. 17.

John A. Maurer, case no. 12-11550-KAO, filed Feb. 17.

Joseph A. and Cheryl J. De Paulo, case no. 12-11604-KAO, filed Feb. 20.

Andrea L. Frakes, case no. 12-11607-KAO, filed Feb. 20.

Camera A., Sr., and Mary K. Somerville, case no. 12-11616-KAO, filed Feb. 21.

Fred R. Nason, case no. 12-11618-KAO, filed Feb. 21.

Brenda D. Finkbonner, case no. 12-11656-KAO, filed Feb. 21.

Frank A., Jr., and Sherri A. Coe, case no. 12-11712-KAO, filed Feb. 22.

Dan R. and Wendi K. Johnson, case no. 12-11745-KAO, filed Feb. 23.

Stephanie L. Williams, case no. 12-11749-KAO, filed Feb. 23.

Bret D. Olsen and Marie T. Matteson, case no. 12-11757-KAO, filed Feb. 23.

Thomas S. Loeffler, case no. 12-11867-KAO, filed Feb. 27.

Jai L. and Bradley M. Ginn, Sr., case no. 12-11877-KAO, filed Feb. 27.

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