Bankruptcies, January 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Karen L. Conrad, case no. 10-24857-KAO, filed Dec. 13.

Pamela Cook, case no. 10-24920-KAO, filed Dec. 13.

John and Phyllis M. Livermont, case no. 10-24936-KAO, filed Dec. 15.

Donnelle S. Geddes, case no. 10-24941-KAO, filed Dec. 15.

Aaron C. Sparenberg, case no. 10-24990-KAO, filed Dec. 16.

Jon M. Landers, case no. 10-25003-KAO, filed Dec. 16

Shannon M. Hillius, case no. 10-25005-KAO, filed Dec. 16.

Veronica B. Robinson, case no. 10-25085-KAO, filed Dec. 17.

Lynn R. Ackerson, case no. 10-25088-KAO, filed Dec. 17.

Andreas Stoubos, case no. 10-25140-KAO, filed Dec. 20.

Robert T. Buswell, case no. 10-25148-KAO, filed Dec. 20.

Derrick P. Webster, case no. 10-25159-KAO, filed Dec. 20.

Pamela D. Hansen, case no. 10-25192-KAO, filed Dec. 21.

Rebekah J. Lee, case no. 10-25218-KAO, filed Dec. 22.

Bayla K. and Jake M. Bailey, case no. 10-25219-KAO, filed Dec. 22.

Jevons Construction Inc., case no. 10-25251-KAO, filed Dec. 22.

Marsha L. McKeever, case no. 10-25301-KAO, filed Dec. 23.

Charlene R. Osterman, case no. 10-25302-KAO, filed Dec. 23.

Robert O. and Janet L. Johnson, case no. 10-25363-KAO, filed Dec. 27.

Raymond J. and Pamela B. Grill, case no. 10-25373-KAO, filed Dec. 27.

Ronald A. Davis, case no. 10-25378-KAO, filed Dec. 27.

Edward P. and Jean M. Layton, case no. 10-25391-KAO, filed Dec. 28.

Rachel E. Sibley, case no. 10-25440-KAO, filed Dec. 29.

Oscar A. Vera and Tomasa I. Avila, case no. 10-25462-KAO, filed Dec. 29.

David S. and Susan L. Robinson, case no. 10-25561-KAO, filed Dec. 30.

Kenenth L. and Rosa E. White, case no. 10-25570-KAO, filed Dec. 30.

Ronald L. and Darla K. Taylor, case no. 10-25574-KAO, filed Dec. 30.

Brent A. and Elizabeth A. Halverson, case no. 10-25584-KAO, filed Dec. 30.

Shon C. Bury, case no. 10-25625-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

John E. Pempe and Teresa A. Robinson, case no. 11-10092-KAO, filed Jan. 5.

Christopher G. Paulenich, case no. 11-10148-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Thuy T. T. Nguyen, case no. 11-10202-KAO, filed Jan. 7.

Jaulanne W. Sleeper, case no. 11-10213-KAO, filed Jan. 7.

Norma S. Gomez, case no. 11-10266-KAO, filed Jan. 10.

David W. Smith and Gail A. Constance-Smith, case no. 11-10298-KAO, filed Jan. 11.

Jessica L. and Scott M. VanDiest, case no. 11-10301-KAO, filed Jan. 11.

Robin J. Reed, case no. 11-10352-KAO, filed Jan. 13.

Michael S. McKibbon, case no. 11-10362-KAO, filed Jan. 13.

Valeriy N. Ponkratov and Valentina L. Ponkratova, case no. 11-10395-KAO, filed Jan. 14.

Maria E. Shook, case no. 11-10482-KAO, filed Jan. 18.

Scott L. and Patricia L. Strickler, case no. 11-10520-KAO, filed Jan. 19.

Lloyd D. and Marilyn A.Hunter, case no. 11-10589-KAO, filed Jan. 20.

LeAnn B. Qualls, case no. 11-10610-KAO, filed Jan. 21.

Thomas L. Costa, case no. 11-10637-KAO, filed Jan. 21.

Judson L. Ulrich, case no. 11-10644-KAO, filed Jan. 21.

Gene V. and Roxie D. Huffman, case no. 11-10688-KAO, filed Jan. 24.

Richard R. and Michelle D. Held, case no. 11-10693-KAO, filed Jan. 24.

Kirsten F. Lew, case no. 11-10716-KAO, filed Jan. 25.

Heather M. Curtis, case no. 11-10748-KAO, filed Jan. 25.

Sarah L. Hughes, case no. 11-10753-KAO, filed Jan. 25.

Azuma Q. Bearden, case no. 11-10759-KAO, filed Jan. 26.

Jason A. Collins, case no. 11-10765-KAO, filed Jan. 26.

Debra A. Morse, case no. 11-10781-KAO, filed Jan. 26.

Bruce W. Likkel, case no. 11-10805-KAO, filed Jan. 27.

Jedidiah D. and Heather D. Green, case no. 11-10810-KAO, filed Jan. 27.

Lee C. and Irwannah J. Bravener, case no. 11-10882-KAO, filed Jan. 28.

Chapter 11

Kang Investments LLC, case no. 11-10713-KAO, filed Jan. 25.

Parmjit S. and Kanwaljit K. Kang, case no. 11-10717-MLB, filed Jan. 25.

Chapter 13

Terry J. and Wendy S. Cline, case no. 10-24780-KAO, filed Dec. 10.

John D. and Linda J. Leininger, case no. 10-25027-KAO, filed Dec. 16.

Robynne L. Sapp, case no. 10-25061-KAO, filed Dec. 17.

Michele J. Boudreau, case no. 10-25071-KAO, filed Dec. 17.

Bela and Candace K. Pataky, case no. 10-25229-KAO, filed Dec. 22.

Patrick L. and Dana J. Kern, case no. 10-25404-KAO, filed Dec. 28.

Alicia M. Johnson, case no. 10-25585-KAO, filed Dec. 30.

Nicole M. Thompson, case no. 10-25639-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Brian S. and Ginger Thompson, case no. 11-10010-KAO, filed Jan. 3.

Linda K. Ferrier, case no. 11-10146-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Michele Savage, case no. 11-10152-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Timothy S. Check and Ayumi Takabe, case no. 11-10159-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Larry C. Mount, case no. 11-10389-KAO, filed Jan. 14.

John B. Hindman, case no. 11-10488-KAO, filed Jan. 18.

Donald J. and Patricia A. George, case no. 11-10592-KAO, filed Jan. 20.

Jason D. and Sherri L. Madeiros, case no. 11-10754-KAO, filed Jan. 26.

Joseph L. and Barbara H. Graham, case no. 11-10817-KAO, filed Jan. 27.

Michael L. and Susan E. Wootan, case no. 11-10824-KAO, filed Jan. 27.

Walter D. and Wendy L. Croney, case no. 11-10836-KAO, filed Jan. 27.

Daniel E. and Heather A. Backstrom, case no. 11-10840-KAO, filed Jan. 27.

Ronert E. and Karen A. Sedlak, case no. 11-10845-KAO, filed Jan. 27.


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