Bankruptcies, January 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Michelle Wilson, case no. 11-24977-MLB, filed Dec. 31.

Susan J. Welcher, case no. 11-249788-MLB, filed Dec. 31.

Michael J. And Michele J. Klumb, case no. 11-24979-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Jared C. and Mistie M. Helland, case no. 11-24980-MLB, filed Dec. 31.

Behzad Talebi and Beeta P.S. Ahmad, case no. 11-24981-MLB, filed Dec. 31.

Kerry L. Mrachek, case no. 11-24982-MLB, filed Dec. 31.

Mariel A. Benfit, case no. 11-24984-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Ralph O. Jr. and Susan B. Ellis, case no. 11-24986-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Rosemarie Glaser, case no. 11-24987-TWD, filed Dec. 31.

Earl and Candance Majestic, case no. 11-24989-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Joseph M. Graziano and Lynn Marie Birks, case no. 11-24991- KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Brandy K. Lyon, case no. 11-24992-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Donald W. Sather, case no. 11-24993-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Thomas A. Martin, case no. 11-24994-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Erik T. and Roxanne S. Greene, case no. 11-24995- KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Raymond C. and Paulette Boesch, case no. 11-24996-TWD, filed Dec. 31.

Harry N. Landis, case no. 11-24997-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

Darren K. and Alison J. Brooks, case no. 11-24998-TWD, filed Dec. 31.

Linda J. Jansen, case no. 11-24999-KAO, filed Dec. 31.

David L. Long, Jr., case no. 11-25000-TWD, filed Dec. 31.

Cindy Lu Turner Licuanan, case no. 11-25001-TWD, filed Dec. 31.

Denise J. Lavoie, case no. 11-25002-MLB, filed Dec. 31.

Judy A. Esteb, case no. 12-10000-MLB, filed Jan. 2.

Benjamin M. and Dore Kia J. Akada, case no. 12-10001-TWD, filed Jan. 2.

Danielle C. Gianni, case no 12-10002-KAO, filed Jan. 2.

Vincent D. Letourneau, case no. 12-10003-KAO, filed Jan. 2.

Bruce D. and Jacqueline L. Johnson, case no. 12-10006-MLB, filed Jan. 2.

Jacobs Enterprises LLC, case no 12-10004-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Jon B. and Lorraine M. Jacobs, case no. 12-10005-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Garry R. Baker, case no. 12-10009-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Egardo Mendoza, 12-10010-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Matthew W. Symons, case no. 12-10011-KAO, filed Jan. 3.

Todd M. and Ava S. Gofelsonger, case no. 12-10012- MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Fred A. and Lorraine M. Steele, case no. 12-10015-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Sherry S. Marlin, case no. 12-10015-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Scott S. Studebaker, case no. 12-10016-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Kyle McCutcheon, case no. 12-10017-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Danny S. and Gina Thavixay, case no. 12-10018-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Casey L. Hackett, case no. 12-10019-KAO, filed Jan. 3.

Phuoc Van Cao, case no. 12-10029-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Rolando C. and Carolyn M. Aiello, case no. 12-100210-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Dickson P. and Courtney M. Harding, case no. 12-10022-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Ashley L. Kirk, case no. 12-10023-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

William Smith, case no. 12-10024-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Terri A. Norton, case no. 12-10025-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Edwin Alcaide, case no. 12-10026-KAO, filed Jan. 3.

Gerald Leonard, case no. 12-10028-KAO, filed Jan. 3.

Karen T. Marion, case no. 12-10029-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Kyle R. Knight, case no. 12-10030-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Keith P. Welch, Jr., case no. 12-10031-KAO, filed Jan. 3.

Adam D. Dyes, case no. 12-10032-MLB, filed Jan. 3.

Megan M. Northup, case no. 12-10007-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Kimberly L. Adams, case no. 12-10008-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Bashair Alshukry, case no. 12-10033-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Nina Wells, case no. 12-10036-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Jamie D. Reaves, case no. 12-10037-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Melvin W. and Lynette T. Loveday, case no. 12-10038-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Roy L. and Violet J. Gillmore, case no 12-10039-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Rosemary D. Allen, case no. 12-10040-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Kenneth J. Oliphant, case no. 12-10041-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Kelly L. Wolfe, case no. 12-10043-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Kuldig Singh, case no.12-10044-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Parmjit Kaur, case no. 12-10046-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Neil N. Giertsen, case no. 12-10047-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Bahman Ahmadi and Giti Boragh, case no. 12-10048-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Brandon W. Dennis, case no. 12-10049-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Pamela Ives, case no. 12-10051-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Delia I. Cho, case no. 12-10052-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Jeremy I. Williams, case no. 12-10053-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Michael P Schincke, case no. 12-10054-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Do Van Bui and Anh Nhung T. Ngeyen, case no. 12-10055-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Jonathan E. D. and Leanne Brown, case no. 12-10056-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Patrick W. and Shawn G. Lidstrom, case no. 12-10057-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Ryan M. Pederson, case no. 12-10058-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Charles C. Bartsch, case no. 12-10059-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Partygal Inc., case no. 12-10060-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Patti, Y. Hoey, case no. 12-10061-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Theodis Thomas, case no. 12-10062-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Iuta R. and Ailene M. Semo, case no. 12-10063-MLB, filed Jan. 4.

Jon W. and Sarah E. Bredensteiner, case no. 12-10064-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Marvin J. Kok, case no. 12-10065-KAO, filed Jan. 4.

Linda A. Lucas, case no. 12 -10066-KAO, filed Jan. 5.

Ben A. and Jessica M. Colis, case no. 12-10067-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Joel E. Russell, case no. 12-10071-KAO, filed Jan. 5.

Cheo Liam Saeteun, case no. 12-10072-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Frank and Deborah E. Hella, 12-10073-KAO, filed Jan. 5.

Marcela E. Gomez, case no. 12-10076-TWD, filed Jan. 5.

Clara O. Mata, case no. 12-10081-TWD, filed Jan. 5.

Christopher L. Glenn, case no. 12-10085-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Marcus D. Williams, case no. 12-10086-TWD, filed Jan. 5.

Donald M. Oglesby, case no. 12-10087-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Diane McGee, case no. 12-10089-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

James Joung, case no. 12-10090-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Fred L. Blake, case no. 12-10092-KAO, filed Jan. 5.

Loree J. Adams, case no. 12-10093-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Craig A. Tompkins, case no. 12-10094-TWD, filed Jan. 5.

Shannon J. Alexander, case no. 12-10095-KAO, filed Jan. 5.

Aubrey Roshelle, case no. 12-10097-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Ria Remila, case no. 12-10098-TWD, filed Jan. 5.

Adam R. and Marilyn P. Abenojar, case no. 12-10099-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Kyeong J. and Sun H. Choe, case no 12-10100-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Michael P. Agner, II, case no. 12-10101-MLB, filed Jan. 5.

Simon H. and Kyung Sin Kim, case no. 12-10103-TWD, filed Jan. 5.

Debra L. and Jack L. Steinle, case no. 12-10104-TWD, filed Jan. 5.

Gary and Minda Gogal, case no. 12-10107-KAO, filed Jan. 5.

Juan A. Lopez-Vasquez, case no. 12-10112-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Stephen M. Christy, Sr., case no. 12-10113-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Vadim V. Prokhor and Tatyana Gil, case no. 12-10115-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Barbara J. Sinnett, case no. 12-10116-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

Christine A. Reynolds, 12-10118-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

A Kalchick Realty, LLC, case no. 12-10119-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Agustin Lara-Aguilar, case no. 12-10119-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Centurion Financial Group, LLC, case no. 12-10121-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Kathryn Guglielmelli, case no. 12-10121-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Malina H. Gankova, case no. 12-10123-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

Alma R. Para-Gonzalez, case no. 12-10124-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Mark T. and Jennifer M. Herrmann, case no. 12-10125-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

Nicole A. Grasberger, case no. 12-10126-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Patrick A. Johnson, case no. 12-10126-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Richard Russell, case no. 12-10129-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Amber S. Kincannon, case no. 12-10130-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

Randy L. Saeyang, case no. 12-10131-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

Denise D. Hughey, case no. 12-10133-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Craig W. Mooney, case no. 12-10134-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Cherie L. Hardin, case no. 12-10135-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Tajuana Haley, case no. 12-10136-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

Thomas W. and Peggy L. Vinge, case no. 12-10138-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Robert L. and Anita Richmond, case no. 12-10139-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

Jack D. Boutiette, case no, 12-10140-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

John A. and Debra A. Romaszka, case no. 12-10141-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Nancy F. Hallums, case no. 12-10142-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

William H. Ray, case no 12-10143-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

Richard A and Catherine M. Wilson, case no. 12-10145-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

William B. and Dorothy L. Bauman, case no. 12-10146-KAO, filed Jan. 6.

Johann R. and Cathie Jo Klaassen, case no. 12-10147-MLB, filed Jan. 6.

John J. Pugliese, case no. 12-10148-TWD, filed Jan. 6.

Gary Y. K. and Jovita Chan, case no. 12-10149-TWD, filed Jan. 7.

Guy C and Kathleen G. Clark, case no. 12-10150-KAO, filed Jan. 7.

Thom P. Tran, case no. 12-10151-MLB, filed Jan. 7.

Faye M. Cooper, case no. 12-10152-MLB, filed Jan. 8.

Joshua W. Schoenbachler, case no. 12-10153-MLB, filed Jan. 8.

Zamzam Abdullahi Olow, case no. 12-10154-TWD, filed Jan. 8.

Rene F. Sommer, case no. 12-10155-KAO, filed Jan. 8.

Brandon M. Decker, case no. 12-10156-KAO, filed Jan. 9.

Tiffany N. Wilson, case no. 12-10157-TWD, filed Jan. 9.

Keith R. Wilson, case no. 12-10158-MLB, filed Jan. 9.

Vickie L. Millan, case no. 12-10161-TWD, filed Jan. 9.

Real Solutions/Macrosystems Inc., case no. 12-10163-MLB, filed Jan. 9.

Shiwa Silan, case no. 12-10165-KAO, filed Jan. 9.

Linda K. Marr, case no. 12-10166-KAO, filed Jan. 9.

Christina Marie Patton, case no. 12-10167-MLB, filed Jan. 9.

Kerry L. Dalton, case no. 12-10168-TWD, filed Jan. 9.

Melbie L. Apostol, case no. 12-10169-TWD, filed Jan. 9.

Noelani Summer, case no. 12-10171-TWD, filed Jan. 9.

Val E. and Kathryn A. Anderson, 12-10175-KAO, filed Jan. 9.

Peter J. and Carrie L. Munger, case no. 12-10176-MLB, filed Jan. 9.

Jeffrey M. and Lyly M. Graffam, case no. 12-10177-MLB, filed Jan. 9.

Dennis and Linda Learned, case no. 12-10178-MLB, filed Jan. 9.

Ronald B. Cash, case no. 12-10179-MLB, filed Jan. 9.

Sonia Ortiz, case no. 12-10181-KAO, filed Jan. 9.

Jose J. Garcia, case no. 12-10182-KAO, filed Jan. 9.

Dione M. Cundiff, case no. 12-10185-TWD, filed Jan. 9.

James S. and Christina S. Lee, case no. 12-10186-MLB, filed Jan. 9.

Zecret A. Truex, case no. 12-10187-TWD, filed Jan. 9.

Steven L. and Darlene C. Kreiter, case no. 12-10188-KAO, filed Jan. 9.

Steven T. Gemane, case no. 12-10189-KAO, filed Jan. 9.

Brian L. and Pamela M. Wright, case no. 12-10193-KAO, filed Jan. 10.

Monika Vujanovic, case no. 12-10194-TWD, filed Jan. 10.

Jeffrey A. Long, case no. 12-10195-KAO, filed Jan. 10.

Katrina D. Mayhew, case no. 12-10196-KAO, filed Jan. 10.

Tamara K. WIlson, case no. 12-10197-KAO, filed Jan. 10.

Stanley J. Atkins, case no. 12-10198-KAO, filed Jan. 10.

Jong Kyu Choi, case no. 12-10201-KAO, filed Jan. 10.

Carlyn M. Allen, case no. 12-10202-KAO filed Jan. 10.

Natalie Thompson, case no. 12-10203-MLB, filed Jan. 10.

Donald A. and Brenda J. Buckenmeyer, case no. 12-10236-KAO, filed Jan. 11.

Cheri A. Manos, case no. 12-10268-KAO, filed Jan. 12.

Faustino and Yvonne Perez, case no 12-10304-KAO, filed Jan. 13.

Frank and Jacquelane D. Luis, case no. 12-10321-KAO, filed Jan. 13.

Tanya M. Simpson, case no. 12-10332-KAO, filed Jan. 13.

Tony C. and Margie L. Harriman, case no. 12-10392-KAO, filed Jan. 17.

Steven D. Anderson, case no. 12-10394-KAO, filed Jan. 17.

Tamara S. Goodwin, case no. 12-10404-KAO, filed Jan. 17.

Sara J. White, case no. 12-10414-KAO, filed Jan. 17.

Candace R. Rosenau, case no. 12-10419-KAO, filed Jan. 17.

Homestead NW Dev. Co., case no. 12-10428-KAO, filed Jan. 18.

Gregory and Megan Nelson, case no. 12-104770-KAO, filed Jan. 20.

Ricardo J. and Jenise R. Miguel, case no. 12-10478-KAO, filed Jan. 20.

Dawn A. Mason, case no. 12-10479-KAO, filed Jan. 20.

Brenda D. and Kyle A. Garcia, case no. 12-10493-KAO, filed Jan. 23.

Joseph P. Crape, case no. 12-10494-KAO, filed Jan. 23.

Daniel P. and Debbie J. Bly, case no. 12-10501-KAO, filed Jan. 23.

Tylean Fox, case no. 12-10504-KAO, filed Jan. 23.

Paul A., Jr., and Lisa A. Porter, case no. 12-10538-KAO, filed Jan. 24.

Donna E. Holden, case no. 12-10541-KAO, filed Jan. 24.

Jamie L. Rexhausen, case no. 12-10554-KAO, filed Jan. 24.

Jonathan E. Holbert, case no. 12-10565-KAO, filed Jan. 25.

John A. and Laurel A. Granger, case no. 12-10570-KAO, filed Jan. 25.

Steven D Radke and Andrea E.L. Hill-Radke, case no. 12-10585-KAO, filed Jan. 25.

Linda A. Kimball, case no. 12-10635-KAO, filed Jan. 26.

Rick Q. Phan, case no. 12-10659-KAO, filed Jan. 26.

Barbara J. Huffman, case no. 12-10688-KAO, filed Jan. 27.

Joshuah P. Davis, case no. 12-10724-KAO, filed Jan. 27.

Paul W. Tice, Jr. and Mary C. Kimer-Tice, case no, 12-10761-KAO, filed Jan. 30.

Sharon A. Middleton, case no. 12-10766-KAO, filed Jan. 30.

Travis J. and Jennifer Isaacson, case no. 12-10773-KAO, filed Jan. 30.

Wes J. Larocque, case no. 12-10775-KAO, filed Jan. 30.

Joseph S. Pollock, case no. 12-10780-KAO, filed Jan. 30.

Louis A. and Mary R. Burrell, case no. 12-10780-KAO, filed Jan. 30.

Rodney W. and Elizabeth A. Dement, case no. 12-10784-KAO, filed Jan. 30.

No reports for Chapter 9 or Chapter 11.


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