Bankruptcies, July 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are for Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Oleg G. and Larisa V. Khilchenko, case no. 11-17606-KAO, filed June 27.

Brandon A. Fortin, case no. 11-17611-KAO, filed June 27.

Katy C. and Jesse D.R. Pauley, case no. 11-17620-KAO, filed June 27.

Sandra R. Brown, case no. 11-17641-KAO, filed June 27.

Richard C. and Margene K. Cupples, case no. 11-17675-KAO, filed June 28.

Grigoriy G. Belyy Sr. and Lyudmila P. Belaya, case no. 11-17680-KAO, filed June 28.

Terrence H. Long and Mary B. Steenburgen-Long, case no. 11-17700-KAO, filed June 29.

Russell G. A. Ronnie, case no. 11-17708-KAO, filed June 29.

Ivan K.E. and Beverley A. Smith, case no. 11-17723-KAO, filed June 29.

Richard O. Riley, case no. 11-17729-KAO, filed June 29.

Larry E. Roberts, case no. 11-17737-KAO, filed June 29.

Elliott D. and Tabatha J. Gault, case no. 11-17740-KAO, filed June 29.

Ronda L. Anderson, case no. 11-17805-KAO, filed June 30.

Eugenia M. Morin, case no. 11-17835-KAO, filed June 30.

James E. and Christine S. Sorensen, case no. 11-17839-KAO, filed June 30.

Sarah J. Siegert, case no. 11-17845-KAO, filed June 30.

Chad S. Hyams, case no. 11-17955-KAO, filed July 1.

Frank L. and Sandra L. Clifford, case no. 11-17989-KAO, filed July 1.

Brian C. Young, case no. 11-17995-KAO, filed July 4.

William R. and Kimberly A. Borego, case no. 11-18073-KAO, filed July 6.

Monica L. and Ralph F. Ripple II, case no. 11-18133-KAO, filed July 7.

Darryl W.S. Chen and Linh T. Vu, case no. 11-18145-KAO, filed July 7.

Donald A. and Carole A. Maybury, case no. 11-18165-KAO, filed July 8.

Hiep V. Huynh, case no. 11-18184-KAO, filed July 8.

Michael E. and Patricia A. Neuterman, case no. 11-18194-KAO, filed July 8.

Paul J. and Karen E. Jackson, case no. 11-18284-KAO, filed July 12.

Stephen L. LaPlant, case no. 11-18309-KAO, filed July 13.

Sean A. and Amy K. Miller, case no. 11-18329-KAO, filed July 13.

Robert W. Benson, case no. 11-18337-KAO, filed July 13.

Konstantin K. Izhevskiy, case no. 11-18389-KAO, filed July 14.

Fredrick D. and Irene V. Lagerwey, case no. 11-18406-KAO, filed July 14.

Peter M. Yel, case no. 11-18417-KAO, filed July 15.

Kira Lieberman, case no. 11-18471-KAO, filed July 17.

Janice Lor, case no. 11-18479-KAO, filed July 18.

Jonnie L. Matson, case no. 11-18500-KAO, filed July 18.

John A. and Alison T. Manzo, case no. 11-18501-KAO, filed July 18.

Teresa A. Bannon, case no. 11-18514-KAo, filed July 18.

Brian R. and Beverly S. Miller, case no. 11-18518-KAO, filed July 19.

John P. and Charlene R. Steagall, case no. 11-18545-KAO, filed July 19.

Joseph and Staci Witt, case no. 11-18652-KAO, filed July 21.

Charles Racine, case no. 11-18655-KAO, filed July 21.

Kali Das, case no. 11-18703-KAO, filed July 22.

Chapter 13

Charles B. Neff, case no. 11-17530-KAO, filed June 24.

Monte R. and Julie K. Littleton, case no. 11-17815-KAO, filed June 30.

Jon C. Jacobs and Rosalee M. Revey-Jacobs, case no. 11-18146-KAO, filed July 7.

Tamara K. Stacey, case no. 11-18151-KAO, filed July 8.

Jose E. Reyes and Rosalinda Hernandez-Reyes, case no. 11-18159-KAO, filed July 8.

Kurt D. and Dawn R. Bush, case no. 11-18207-KAO, filed July 9.

Scott C. and Kristin K. Less, case no. 11-18230-KAO, filed July 11.

Narinder Pal and Babita Sharma, case no. 11-18236-KAO, filed July 11.

Dimitri V. and Yelena V. Kazantsev, case no. 11-18286-KAO, filed July 12.

Jeffrey R. Lindeman and Carmen R. Butterfield-Lindeman, case no. 11-18371-KAO, filed July 14.

William D. Woods, case no. 11-18450-KAO, filed July 15.

Rebecca L. and Will R. Ramerman, case no. 11-18478-KAO, filed July 18.

Jacqueline M. Scott, case no. 11-18523-KAO, filed July 19.

Gregory G. and Julia C. Long, case no. 11-18537-KAO, filed July 19.

Leslie A. Peterson, case no. 11-18626-KAO, filed July 21.

Tina M. Hinsinger, case no. 11-18637-KAO, filed July 21.


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