Bankruptcies, July 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Mark Gilbert Heath, case no. 12-17782-KAO. Filed July 27.

Robert Dean Flaherty Jr. and Ginger K. Flaherty, case no. 12-17742-KAO. Filed July 26.

Mark Lee Cicogni and Peachy Villanueva Cicogni, case no. 12-17741-KAO. Filed July 26.

Aaron Lee Grey and Melissa Diane Grey, case no. 12-17729-KAO. Filed July 26.

Hermod Erling Bakke and Linda Gail Bakke, case no. 12-17722-KAO. July 26.

Matthew Robert Randall and Laura Jane Randall, case no. 12-17720-KAO. Filed July 26.

Robert John Benasky and Jeri Lynn Benasky, case no. 12-17693-KAO. Filed July 25.

Efrain Garfias-Velazquez and Carmen A. Garfias, case no. 12-17692-KAO. Filed July 25.

Travis Joshua Hansen and Danicka Elysha Hansen, case no. 12-17658-KAO. Filed July 24.

Christ Gade Thomsen and Tami Lynn Thomse, case no. 12-17657-KAO. Filed July 24.

Daharanjit Singh Sandhu and Sandeep Kaur Sandhu, case no. 12-17615-KAO. Filed July 23.

Paul Edward O’Breen and Jamie Lynn O’Breen, case no. 12-17591-KAO. Filed July 23.

Mark Allen Ferguson and Angela Elizabeth Ferguson, case no. 12-17556-KAO. Filed July 20.

Russell Scott King and Jolene Flay King, case no. 12-17526-KAO. Filed July 20.

Walter Robert Taylor and Karen Kay Taylor, case no. 12-17517-KAO. July 19.

Charles Robert Brinkley and Jerrie Lynn Brinkley, case no. 12-17502-KAO. Filed July 19.

Richard Anthony Perkins and Melody Ann Perkins, case no. 12-17480-KAO. Filed July 19.

Fidel Guevara Rodelas and Jacqueline Bernice Rodelas, case no. 12-17476-KAO. Filed July 19.

Dannetta Villa, case no. 12-17453-KAO. Filed July 18.

Michael Ross Glick, case no. 12-17403-KAO. Filed July 17.

Ryan Daniel Kimber and Carrie Kathleen Kimber, case no. 12-17346-KAO. Filed July 16.

Amber Lee Winsor, case no. 12-17311-KAO. Filed July 13.

Darrell John Stacey, case no. 12-17308-KAO. Filed July 13.

Salvador Alexander Lopez, case no. 12-17275-KAO. Filed July 13.

Martha Kimberly Carson, case no. 12-17252-KAO. Filed July 12.

Michael Dennis Sullivan and Emily Elizabeth Sullivan, case no. 12-17244-KAO. Filed July 12.

Ellen Pugh McAnany and David Donaldson McAnany Jr., case no. 12-17228-KAO. Filed July 12.

Jennifer Aika Mott, case no. 12-17042-KAO. Filed July 6.

Daryl Ray Myers and Meghann Jean Myers, case no. 12-17039-KAO. July 6.

Michael Norman Gist and Heather Ann Gist, case no. 12-16946-KAO. Filed July 3.

Mary Annette Rael, case no. 12-16943-KAO. Filed July 3.

Brandon Michael Minga, case no. 12-16815-KAO. Filed June 29.

April Dennise Lee, case no. 12-16767-KAO. Filed June 28.

Chapter 11

No cases reported.

Chapter 13

Margaret Louise Parsons, case no. 12-17809. Filed July 27.

Adam Patrick Prince, case no. 12-17784-KAO. Filed July 27.

Cecilia Marie Johnson, case no. 12-17612-KAO. Filed July 23.

Paula Baldwin Elias, case no. 12-17423-KAO. Filed July 18.

Richard Leon Woodmansee and Carol Leslie Woodmansee, case no. 12-17419-KAO. Filed July 17.

Ty Merlyn West and Kimi Carnine West, case no. 12-17406-KAO. Filed July 17.

Elizabeth Ann Mello, case no. 12-17167-KAO. Filed July 10.

Debra Ann Wharton-Pearce, case no. 12-17020-KAO. Filed July 5.


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