Bankruptcies, June 2010

The Bellingham Business Journal

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Susann M. and Michael S. Cillern, 7956 E. Golf Course Drive, Blaine. Filed May 25.

Kathleen J. Hooper, 1232 Mitchell Ave., Blaine. Filed May 26.

Tara L. Tjoelker, 1300 Bradley Meadows Court, Lynden. Filed May 27.

Judith K. Pasky, 4295 Rural Ave., Bellingham. Filed May 27.

Steven C. LaRose, 2508 Vallette St., Bellingham. Filed May 27.

Lisa D. and Ricky R. McCauley, 3635 S. Pebble Place, Bellingham. Filed May 27.

Kevin V. Tucker, 605 Strandell St., Everson. Filed May 27.

Sharise R. and Brian L. Gass, 1078 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed May 28.

Echo R. Bleakney, 7951 Apache Drive, Bellingham. Filed May 28.

Shaun L. and Wendi L. Wilson, 3106 Racine St. #602, Bellingham. Filed May 28.

Tammy L. Christensen, 2843 W. Maplewood Ave. #11, Bellingham. Filed May 28.

Elly V. and Richard A. Morrison, 310 Palm St., Bellingham. Filed June 1.

Donna A. and Thomas L. Herrewig, P.O. Box 2191, Ferndale. Filed June 1.

Stephanie M. and Garrett W. Fultz, 1316 Andrea Court, Bellingham. Filed June 3.

Joseph M. and Heather L. Fitzgerald, 2067 Ponderosa Court, Bellingham. Filed June 4.

Brian N. Fitzpatrick, 1319 E. Maplewood Ave. #1, Bellingham. Filed June 7.

Bradley J. Martin, 2824 St. Clair St., Bellingham. Filed June 7.

Dorothy L. Peterson, 2110 Bill McDonald Parkway #2, Bellingham. Filed June 7.

Jon C. Soine, 2129 Ontario St., Bellingham. Filed June 8.

Charise L. Wenzi, 4380 Tull Road #401, Bellingham. Filed June 8.

Linda K. Dolan, P.O. Box 561, Custer. Filed June 8.

Larry M. Franks, 4860 N. King Mountain Road, Bellingham. Filed June 8.

Genna A. and Isreal G. Casarez, 6136 Sunshine Drive, Ferndale. Filed June 9.

Robin L. and Will W. Brant, 324 W. Homestead Road #204, Lynden. Filed June 9.

Valerie K. and Steven D. Van Wingerden, 4415 Squalicum Creek Drive, Bellingham. Filed June 10.

Helen T. and Erhard Squire, PMB 1188 4550 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Blaine. Filed June 10.

Joginder K. and Mohan S. Sandhu, 325 8th St., Blaine. Filed June 10.

Andrew N. Fischer, P.O. Box 30830, Bellingham. Filed June 15.

James F. Crane Jr., 1400 12thSt. #603, Bellingham. Filed June 15.

Dee W. Smith, 4360 Lake Hill Lane, Bellingham. Filed June 15.

Ben R. and Sara J. Harvey, 2608 Peabody St., Bellingham. Filed June 15.

Frances M. and Victor W. Maker, P.O. Box 4431, Nooksack. Filed June 16.

Chapter 13

Lisa D. Zapien-Baldwin and Nathan R. Baldwin, 4226 Cedar Hills Court, Bellingham. Filed May 27.

Sheryl D. Larson, 8475 Alder Way, Blaine. Filed May 27.

Guy L. and Diane Murphy, 667 Andy Court, Bellingham. Filed June 4.

Alton R. Dickinson, 509 D. St., Blaine. Filed June 9.

Mary R. Peters, 6110 Aquarius Ave., Ferndale. Filed June 10.

Pedro and Tracy M. Hinojosa, 1941 Lake Whatcom Blvd. B-3 #191, Bellingham. Filed June 10.

Peggy A. Erickson, 5846 Pacific Rim Way #59, Bellingham. Filed June 14.

Tanya L. and Carl F. Hunter, 800 South Park St., Lynden. Filed June 15.

Candace P. Carson, 1781 Old Samish Road, Bellingham. Filed June 15.


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