Bankruptcies, June 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are for Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Julian A. and Jennifer MacDonough, case no. 11-16333-KAO, filed May 27.

James C. and Laura L. Pope,  case no. 11-16354-KAO, filed May 27.

Jason O. and Janene R. Kramer, case no. 11-16358-KAO, filed May 27.

David R. and Linda M. Schuyler, case no. 11-16359-KAO, filed May 27.

Victoria L. Bell, case no. 11-16380-KAO, filed May 27.

Brian C. Sibley, case no. 11-16398-KAO, filed May 27.

Kent S. Jarvis, case no. 11-16508-KAO, filed May 31.

Bernardo and Amelia M. Martinez, case no. 11-16617-KAO, filed June 1.

Jerry L. and Lois E. Summers, case no. 11-16665-KAO, filed June 2.

Edna J. Pyles, case no. 11-16668-KAO, filed June 2.

Margie L. Locke, case no. 11-16775-KAO, filed June 7.

Nicholas S. Ochoa, case no. 11-16799-KAO, filed June 7.

Ryan J. and Sarah J. Willett, case no. 11-16804-KAO, filed June 7.

David N. Kaplan Jr., case no. 11-16842-KAO, filed June 8.

David J. and Kristy I. Segaar, case no. 11-16851-KAO, filed June 8.

Paul J. Thornton and Darlene J. Miles, case no. 11-16874-KAO, filed June 9.

Cheryl M. and Scott A. Perry, case no. 11-16894-KAO, filed June 9.

Ronald L. Regnier, case no. 11-16942-KAO, filed June 10.

Matthew O. Nelson, case no. 11-16967-KAO, filed June 10.

Larisa Bendoim, case no. 11-17009-KAO, filed June 10.

Russell A. Eiriksson, case no. 11-17065-KAO, filed June 14.

Armando S. and Dolores L. Perez, case no. 11-17089-KAO, filed June 15.

Lancet R. and Rebekah C. Fisher, case no. 11-17146-KAO, filed June 16.

Martin R. and Janice A. Kuljis, case no. 11-17256-KAO, filed June 17.

Terri L. Vredenburg, case no. 11-17281-KAO, filed June 20.

Patrick G. Malone and Anne M. Travers, case no. 11-17303-KAO, filed June 20.

Tad F. and Jennifer A. Schwarz, case no. 11-17356-KAO, filed June 21.

Richard C. Bachelder, case no. 11-17453-KAO, filed June 23.

Chapter 11

Joseph M. and Randa M. Mead, case no. 11-16330-KAO, filed May 27.

Kathleen F. H. Nydam, case no. 11-16335-KAO, filed May 27.

Charles S. and Celeste M. Rankin, case no. 11-16777-KAO, filed June 7.

Anthony R. and Vicki E. Flaherty, case no. 11-16825-KAO, filed June 8.

Thomas and Maureen A. Perry, case no. 11-16914-KAO, filed June 9.

John A. and Lee A. Everett, case no. 11-16922-KAO, filed June 9.

Timothy W. and Tammy M. Decker, case no. 11-17066-KAO, filed June 14.

Gail C. Baker, case no. 11-17078-KAO, filed June 14.

Daniel R. and Cindy M. Roy, case no. 11-11-17171-KAO, filed June 16.

David B. and Roma G. Tanovan, case no. 11-17208-KAO, filed June 16.

Charles B. Neff, case no. 11-17530, filed June 24.


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