Bankruptcies, June 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Adam Wayne Brown, case no. 12-16457-KAO. Filed June 20.

Jose Antonio Suarez-Mondragon, case no. 12-16420-KAO. Filed June 20.

Craig Charles McAulay and Kristen Lynn McAulay, case no. 12-16378-KAO. Filed June 19.

Joseph Killens Ferguson, case no. 12-16373-KAO. Filed June 19.

Roy Melvin Anderson and Joyce Ann Anderson, case no. 12-16369-KAO. Filed June 19.

DeeAnn Stafford Richstein, case no. 12-16356-KAO. Filed June 19.

Timothy Edward Jackson, case no. 12-16287-KAO. Filed June 15.

Michelle Madeline Hull, case no. 12-16279-KAO. Filed June 14.

Maria A. Culver, case no. 12-16245-KAO. Filed June 14.

William Carter Jakeman, case no. 12-16220-KAO. Filed June 13.

Jessica A. Rodriguez, case no. 12-16219-KAO. Filed June 13.

Native American Fabricators LLC, case no. 12-16201-KAO. Filed June 13.

Joseph Brian Hugo and Alisha Pauline Hugo, case no. 12-16286-KAO. Filed June 12.

Mark Shannon Wilson, case no. 12-16185-KAO. Filed June 12.

Linda Ann Beaty, case no. 12-16162-KAO. Filed June 12.

Danilo V. Garcia and Zenaida Garcia, case no. 12-16151-KAO. Filed June 12.

Montgomery William Apt, case no. 12-16074-KAO. Filed June 8.

Wendy Ann Woods, case no. 12-16066-KAO. Filed June 8.

Matthew L. Frase, case no. 12-16060-KAO. Filed June 8.

Rick Dean Moore and Ann Elise Moore, case no. 12-16047-KAO. Filed June 7.

Herman W. Dietzsch and Joann M. Dietzsch, case no. 12-16018-KAO. Filed June 7.

Joseph Lee Reid, case no. 12-16015-KAO. Filed June 7.

Timothy Alan Ryken, case no. 12-16011-KAO. Filed June 7.

Matt Joseph Janus, case no. 12-15991-KAO. Filed June 6.

Walter Thomas Steele, Sr. and Barbara Jean Steele, case no. 12-15960-KAO. Filed June 6.

Amy Lyn Pinkerton, case no. 12-15904-KAO. Filed June 4.

Renee Lila Chadwick, case no. 12-15879-KAO. Filed June 1.

Phillip Anthony Specht and Denise Specht, case no. 12-15843-KAO. Filed May 31.

Richard Owen Koss and Sydney Ann Koss, case no. 12-15839-KAO. Filed May 31.

Joan B. Hansen and Steven J. Hansen, case no. 12-15660-KAO. Filed May 30.

Beajay Fay Fellers, case no. 12-15637-KAO. Filed May 30.

Jeremy James Simmons and Mindy Jean Simmons, case no 12-15581-KAO. Filed May 26.

Priscilla Dawn Ray, case no. 12-15539-KAO. Filed May 25.

Chapter 11

Patrick Thomas Uy and Mew Lan Uy, case no. 12-15710-MLB. Filed May 31.

Chapter 13

Richard Allen Neugebauer and Sarah Elizabeth Neugebauer, case no. 12-16463-KAO. Filed June 21.

Michael Jason Greget, case no. 12-16261-KAO. Filed June 14.

Estrella Sharon Perez Mendoza and Enrique Alejandro Nino Cruz, case no. 12-16256-KAO. Filed June 14.

Craig Anthony Wear and Quitana Dearest Wear, case no. 12-16079-KAO. Filed June 8.

Debra Ann Wharton-Pearce, case no. 12-16063-KAO. Filed June 8.

Jeffrey Douglas Lintz, case no. 12-15997-KAO. Filed June 6.

Arken Khadjakparovich Mukhamediyev, case no. 12-15946-KAO. Filed June 5.

Nicolaas Johannes Byma and Joanne Carol Byma, case no. 12-15933-KAO. Filed June 5.

Clinton L. Sizemore, case no. 12-15751-KAO. Filed May 31.

James Neil Langford and Nancy Jean Langford, case no. 12-15715-KAO. Filed May 31.

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