Bankruptcies, March 2010

The Bellingham Business Journal

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Kimberly D. Chase, 4759 Ironwood Court, Blaine. Filed Feb. 18.

Cristita M. Tiu Bali and Chander P. Bali, 3201 Cherrywood Ave., Bellingham. Filed Feb. 18.

Ryan M. and Adrienne C. Barrett, 800 19th St., Lynden. Filed Feb. 18.

Janice F. Sturrock, 8055 Lyndale Drive, Lynden. Filed Feb. 18.

Michael W. Bunk, 2057 Washington St. #3, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 18.

Mandala Cascade, 1012 Jersey St. #201, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 18.

Dorothy Berry, 4451 Masterson Road, Blaine. Filed Feb. 18.

Shannon R. Medearis, 3536 Skylark Loop, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 19.

Peggy L. DuPriest, 1659 Birchwood Ave. #7, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 19.

Ray Rogawski, 8174 James Tree Lane, Blaine. Filed Feb. 22.

Emil E. Vinberg, 702 Kentucky St. #437, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 22.

Hak and Nyla N. Tuot, 4015 Eliza Avenue Unit 10B, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 22.

Italo A. and Morena E. Castaneda, 5743 Fallbrook Lance #101, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 22.

Juana Mijares, 117 W. 4th St., Everson. Filed Feb. 23.

Thomas W. Norris, 1103 Lakeview St., Bellingham. Filed Feb. 23.

Lori F. and Robert M. Hunt, 1297 West Axton Road, Ferndale. Filed Feb. 24.

Dale E. Wilson, 5574 Northwest Drive, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 25.

Ryan P. Long, 2804 McLeod Road, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 25.

Justin E. and Michelle M. Willoughby, 4406 Carstan Loop, Blaine. Feb. 25.

Lindsea M. Wery, 2300 E St., Bellingham. Filed Feb. 25.

Ryan M. Bays, 4346 King Mountain Road, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 26.

Michael A. and Laura R. Baughn, 3903 Flynn St. #104, Bellingham. Filed March 1.

Walter A. Richards, 3802 James St. #76, Bellingham. Filed March 2.

Derek N. Klemetsen, 6465 Church Road, Ferndale. Filed March 2.

Nina I. Moravec, P.O. Box 483 Ferndale. Filed March 3.

Danniel K. Boyer, 2411 Grandview Road #3, Ferndale. Filed March 4.

Tami L. Hall, 1215 E. Illinois St., Bellingham. Filed March 4.

Melanie P. and Daniel O. Beilner, 1015 Benson Lane, Lynden. Filed March 5.

Toni L. Taft, 1248 Modoc Drive, Bellingham. Filed March 5.

Kirsten A. and Kevin C. Smith Jr., 9048 W. 34th Ave., Blaine. Filed March 8.

Melinda S. Ware, 2118 J St. Unit B, Bellingham. Filed March 8.

Calvin L. and Tina M. Macy, 429 Donovan Ave., Bellingham. Filed March 9.

Spring J. and James E. Walters, 4738 Everson Goshen Road, Bellingham. Filed March 9.

Maria C. and Eduardo Olguim, 3630 N. Red River Road, Ferndale. Filed March 9.

Colleen P. Humphrey, 4000 Northwest Ave. #201, Bellingham. Filed March 9.

David A. S. and Teresa M. Raney, 5460 Sundown View Terrace, Bellingham. Filed March 9.

Sherry L. and Donald D. Roe, P.O. Box 131, Everson. Filed March 10.

Andrew J. and Natalie M. Reeves, 3235 Locust Ave., Bellingham. Filed March 10.

Anthony D. McClanahan, 3247 Partridge Lane #4, Bellingham. Filed March 10.

Katie J. Brokaw and Jeffrey J. Comstock, 3420 W. McLeod Road #53, Bellingham. Filed March 10.

Michelle D. Hall, 3821 Ridgemont Court, Bellingham. Filed March 11.

Gary E. Lehman, P.O. Box 1795, Ferndale. Filed March 11.

Robert M. Turner, 2702 W. Maplewood Ave., Bellingham. Filed March 11.

Gregory P. and Jennifer A. McKay, 5495 Sand Road, Bellingham. Filed March 11.

David J. Hamilton II, P.O. Box 531, Everson. Filed March 11.

Susan E. Woodward, 4000 Flynn St. #128, Bellingham. Filed March 11.

Michael G. and Dorothy E. Morgan, P.O. Box 3203, Blaine. Filed March 15.

Judith M. Tapley, 3908 Holtzheimer Trail Road, Blaine. Filed March 16.

Denise L. Hausserman, 300 Cashmere Lane, Everson. Filed March 16.

Grecia M. and Steven E. Waddle, 3744 Crystal Court, Bellingham. Filed March 17.

Jerry W. and Carol A. Wolcott, 1970 Conifer Drive, Ferndale. Filed March 17.

Johnny L. Bloxom, 1952 Washington St., Ferndale. Filed March 17.

Brenda L. Litke, 6050 Shannon Ave., Ferndale. Filed March 17.

Deven M. and Christina C. Kuoppala, 2532 E. Kelly Road, Bellingham. Filed March 17.

Roger A. and Judith A. Flotre, 2100 Huron St., Bellingham. Filed March 17.

Wayne A. Kanitz, 2174 Yew St. Road #4, Bellingham. Filed March 18.

Loreen A. Allen, 940 E. St., Blaine. Filed March 18.

Rosalie J. Slagle, 4621 Sunburst Dr., Blaine. Filed March 19.

Chapter 13

Mark K. and Lisa D. Campbell, 781 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Feb. 19.

Tabatha J. and Elliott D. Gault, 8486 Blaine Road, Blaine. Filed Feb. 22.

Marola J. and Daniel R. Quimby Jr., 3330 Chandler Parkway, Bellingham. Filed March 1.

Aaron  Lukoff, 1513 Donovan Ave., Bellingham. Filed March 5.

Angela M. Phelps, 2306 Douglas Road, Ferndale. Filed March 5.

Joel N. Brown, 8139 Comox Loop, Blaine. Filed March 5.

Marsha L. Schultz, 4414 Birch Bay Lynden Road #40, Blaine. Filed March 10.

Leona M. and Larry C. Mount, 2436 Crestline St., Ferndale. Filed March 11.

Raymond L. Heinzen II, 2921 Orleans St., Bellingham. Filed March 12.

Sara C. Finn, 2027 Washington St. #13, Ferndale. filed March 15.

Lynda M. Short, 4414 Birch Bay Lynden Road #7, Blaine. Filed March 18.

Yvonne M. Torrey, P.O. Box 29416, Bellingham. Filed March 18.

Kellie D. Deeter-Larsen, 506 3rd St., Nooksack. Filed March 18.

Mark A. and Barbara J. Carlson, 7145 Kickerville Road, Ferndale. Filed March 18.

Michelle R. McClellan, 2447 Cedar Court, Custer. Filed March 18.

Leonardo M. Hobbs, P.O. Box 689, Blaine. Filed March 22.

Compiled by Isaac Bonnell.


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