Bankruptcies, March 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are for Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Andrew Callegati, case no. 11-12096-KAO, filed Feb. 25.

Denise M. O’Donnell, case no. 11-12110-KAO, filed Feb. 26.

Daniel W. and Lorri L. Vining, case no. 11-12155-KAO, filed Feb. 28.

Suzanna M. Pfannenstiel, case no. 11-12167-KAO, filed Feb. 28.

Tammy S. and Ronald W. Wyatt, case no. 11-12179-KAO, filed Feb. 28.

Derek and Maria C. Allsop, case no. 12181-KAO, filed Feb. 28.

Christopher S. and Tasha L. Taylor, case no. 11-12246-KAO, filed Feb. 28.

Gloria E. Nygaard, case no. 11-12309-KAO, filed March 2.

Andres and Martha Z. Ozuna, case no. 11-12320-KAO, filed March 2.

Ryan A. and Jessica E. Martin, case no. 11-12332-KAO, filed March 2.

Kimberly M. Luarks, case no. 11-12343-KAO, filed March 3.

Deborah Christensen, case no. 11-12417-KAO, filed March 4.

Norma J. Kness, case no. 11-12430-KAO, filed March 4.

Jereme S. and Cassie L. Hakala, case no. 11-12439-KAO, filed March 4.

Jason S. and Dahrys M. Hayes, case no. 11-12441-KAO, filed March 4.

Genevieve O. and Colin E. Howser, case no. 11-12460-KAO, filed March 4.

Jeannine L. Westcott, case no. 11-12494-KAO, filed March 7.

Jeannie J. Webb-Runciman, case no. 11-12527-KAO, filed March 8.

Melanie L. Silwick, case no. 11-12539-KAO, filed March 8.

Melanie J. Billette, case no. 11-12547-KAO, filed March 8.

Mark A. Reynolds, case no. 11-12580-KAO, filed March 9.

Kenneth M. Tiderington, case no. 11-12689-KAO, filed March 11.

Fred and Damaris S. Gutierrez, case no. 11-12701-KAO, filed March 11.

Seth B. Keegahn, case no. 11-12712-KAO, filed March 11.

Cindy L. Coffelt, case no. 11-12732-KAO, filed March 11.

Mary D. Piovesan, case no. 11-12742-KAO, filed March 11.

Phillip A. Quimby, case no. 11-12755-KAO, filed March 14.

Shaleena D. Phan, case no. 11-12756-KAO, filed March 14.

Samara J. Wilson-Poole, case no. 11-12793-KAO, filed March 14.

Sokun Chan, case no. 11-12809-KAO, filed March 14.

Kristine V. Dietzsch, case no. 11-12817-KAO, filed March 15.

Paul P. and Maria G. Celedon, case no. 11-12818-KAO, filed March 15.

Gloria J. Point, case no. 11-12822-KAO, filed March 15.

Joshua A. and Jolene J. Baijot, case no. 11-12861-KAO, filed March 16.

Richard A. and Linda A. Price, case no. 11-12891-KAO, filed March 16.

Carole J. Hansen, case no. 11-12954-KAO, filed March 17.

Rena C. Andreoli and Adam N.B. Silver, case no. 11-12954-KAO, filed March 17.

Patricia Y. Greget, case no. 11-12991-KAO, filed March 17.

Nathaniel M. and Lori J. Doherty, case 11-13004-KAO, filed March 17.

Kimberly K. Miller, case no. 11-13005-KAO, filed March 17.

Karma L. Hardy and Patrick J. Jordan, case no. 11-13080-KAO, filed March 18.

Susan V.I. Costa, case no. 11-13109-KAO, filed March 21.

Michael W. Donoian, case no. 11-13125-KAO, filed March 21.

Elaina A. Phair, case no. 11-13127-KAO, filed March 21.

William T. and Amber D. Starr, case no. 11-13130-KAO, filed March 21.

Rhiannon S. Purcell, case no. 11-13169-KAO, filed March 21.

John P. and Audrey L. Krones, case no. 11-13208-KAO, filed March 22.

Sally L. VanderHeiden, case no. 11-13210-KAO, filed March 22.

James A. Epstein, case no. 11-13213-KAO, filed March 22.

Paul A. Waynetska, case no. 11-13234-KAO, filed March 22.

Daniel L. and May C. Burch, case no. 11-13236-KAO, filed March 22.

Charles A. and Maureen L. Roberts, case no. 11-13240-KAO, filed March 23.

Trevor M. Palmer, case no. 11-13241-KAO, filed March 23.

Iris C. Alas, case no. 11-13247-KAO, filed March 23.

Chapter 13

Leslie K. Lipke, case no. 11-12099-KAO, filed Feb. 25.

Greg L. Daws, case no. 11-12235-KAO, filed Feb. 28.

Connie S. Phillips, case no. 11-12378-KAO, filed March 3.

Steven A. and Penny J. Columbo, case no. 11-12419-KAO, filed March 4.

Darrell J. Stacey, case no. 11-12453-KAO, filed March 4.

Ramon and Sonya Castellanos, case no. 11-12463-KAO, filed March 4.

Todd J. Redd, case no. 11-12485-KAO, filed March 7.

Brian C. and Melissa C. Anderson, case no. 11-12530-KAO, filed March 8.

Erick J. Bendure, case no. 11-12629-KAO, filed March 10.

Elizabeth I. Cooper, case no. 11-12644-KAO, filed March 10.

Norman E. Hurst, case no. 11-12665-KAO, filed March 10.

Gregory P. Schneider, case no. 11-12947-KAO, filed March 17.

Vivian L. White, case no. 11-13044-KAO, filed March 18.

Daniel K. and Cynthia M. Craig, case no. 11-13187-KAO, filed March 22.

Robert and Ewa Antczak, case no. 11-13317-KAO, filed March 24.

Nolan T. Conrad, case no. 11-13321-KAO, filed March 24.


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