Bankruptcies | March 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Lauren Cathrina Kaligis, case no. 12-12090-KAO, filed March 1.

Robert Charles Stafford, case no. 12-12098-KAO, filed March 1.

Chris Lewis Berg and Trisha Nicole Berg, case no. 12-12100-KAO, filed March 1.

Erin Elizabeth Seal, case no. 12-12108-KAO, filed March 1.

Billy Edmond Brown, Jr., case no. 12-12113-KAO, filed March 1.

Vanite Nicole Dartt, case no. 12-12169-KAO, filed March 2.

Shawn Patrick Monninger, case no. 12-12175-KAO, filed March 2.

Ryan Anders Johnson, case no. 12-12195-KAO, filed March 5.

Ron D. Bennett, case no. 12-12203-KAO, filed March 5.

Susan A. Aguinago, case no. 12-12204-KAO, filed March 5.

Lindsey Danielle Olga Rice, case no. 12-12206-KAO, filed March 5.

Ronald Dean Bennett, case no. 12-12242-KAO, filed March 6.

Judy Lee Sweet, case no. 12-12264-KAO, filed March 7.

Brandy Christine Wells, case no. 12-12306-KAO, filed March 8.

Richard Kay Johannesen, case no. 12-12323-KAO, filed March 8.

Jeanne Lynne Schmitt, case no. 12-12336-KAO, filed March 8.

Marc Robert Bourcier and Scarlett Rae Graham-Bourcier, case no. 12-12358-KAO, filed March 9.

Barbara Ann Railsback, case no. 12-12364-KAO, filed March 9.

Melinda Marie Shahan, case no. 12-12374-KAO, filed March 9.

Heather Lynn Hall, case no. 12-12443-KAO, filed March 9.

Chavell Katrin Thomas, case no. 12-12473-KAO, filed March 12.

Cystalin Rose Hills and Brandon Christopher Hills, case no. 12-12503-KAO, filed March 13.

Martha D. Lyon, case no. 12-12519-KAO, filed March 13.

Trevor Elsdon Duane Giesbrecht and Jean Giesbrecht, case no. 12-12533-KAO, filed March 14.

Catherine Mary Forsman, case no. 12-12546-KAO, filed March 14.

Virginia Hope Jackson, case no. 12-12598-KAO, filed March 15.

Jerald Dean Godfrey and Heifie Allee Godfrey, case no. 12-12692-KAO, filed March 17.

Monica Lynnette Rodriguez, case no. 12-12711-KAO, filed March 19.

Jeffery Dale Mortensen, case no. 12-12715-KAO, filed March 19.

Trina Marie McCown, case no. 12-12722-KAO, filed March 19.

Sarah Katherin Briggs, case no. 12-12759-KAO, filed March 20.

Ramon Murray Magness and Wanda Lee Magness, case no. 12-12782-KAO, filed March 20.

Francisco Caceres and Maria Margareta Caceres-Bjorklund, case no. 12-12805-KAO, filed March 21.

Jack Rodwell Woods and Monique Renee Woods, case no. 12-12806-KAO, filed March 21.

Jessie Joy Pech, case no. 12-12870-KAO, filed March 22.

Kyle Christian Lynch, case no. 12-12923-KAO, filed March 23.

John Bonner Gamber, case no. 12-13009-KAO, filed March 26.

Trent Eugene Kallerson and Shirley Rose Kallerson, case no. 12-13039-KAO, filed March 26.

Tamela Dawn Roby, case no. 12-13045-KAO, filed March 27.

Chapter 11

No filings reported.

Chapter 13

Karen Margaret Baker, case no. 12-12131-KAO, filed March 1.

Jacob A. Dyrland, case no. 12-12178-KAO, filed March 2.

Herman Harvey St. Clair, Jr. and Susan Emily St. Clair, case no. 12-12238-KAO, filed March 6.

Charles Hunt, case no. 12-12288-KAO, filed March 7.

David P. and Jan M. Polen, case no. 12-12329-KAO, filed March 8.

Larry Eldon Veilleux, case no. 12-12538-KAO, filed March 14.

Dimitri Viktorvich Kazantsev and Yelena Viktorvich Kazantsev, case no. 12-12597-KAO, filed March 15.

Dorothy Elizabeth Aguilera, case no. 12-12779-KAO, filed March 20.

Laurie Michelle Blonden, case no. 12-12801-KAO, filed March 21.

Lisa Darlene Campbell, case no. 12-12915-KAO, filed March 23.

Robin Michele Giddings, case no. 12-12947-KAO, filed March 23.

Paul James Iriartborde, case no. 12-13038-KAO, filed March 26.

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