Bankruptcies, May 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Genny Marie Moore, case no. 12-14453-KAO. Filed April 29.

Bradly Steven Wilske, case no. 12-14454-KAO. Filed April 29.

Martin J. and Jayne M. Witman, case no. 12-14562-KAO. Filed April 30.

Valerie Jean Reagan, case no. 12-14606-KAO. Filed May 2.

Shirley Ann Palmer, case no. 12-14617-KAO. Filed May 2.

Kevin Leslie and Camillia Rose Smith, case no. 12-14623-KAO. Filed May 2.

Wendy Lynne Bloom, case no. 12-14680-KAO. Filed May 3.

Drew Allan West, case no. 12-14801-KAO. Filed May 7.

Randy Douglas Park, case no. 12-14874-KAO. Filed May 8.

Clifford Merton and Darla Gene Running, case no. 12-14875-KAO. Filed May 8.

Jose de Jesus Padilla Marquez and Lucila Maria Loza Padilla, case no. 12-14902-KAO. Filed May 9.

Bonnie Cherie Brandao, case no. 12-14903-KAO. Filed May 9.

Michael John and Deanna Peetoom, case no. 12-14905-KAO. Filed May 9.

Stephen Ray Park and Cassandra Marie Garipee, case no. 12-14910-KAO. Filed May 9.

Matthew Steven and LouAnn Leona Renfrew, case no. 12-14912-KAO. Filed May 9.

Christopher and Lisa Mortimer, case no. 12-14921-KAO. Filed May 9.

Jeanne Marie Lamphiear, case no. 12-14922-KAO. Filed May 9.

Ryan Burton Hanks, case no. 12-14933-KAO. Filed May 9.

Veronica Nichole Bean, case no. 12-15081-KAO. Filed May 11.

John Michael and Cindy Sue Jones, case no. 12-15082-KAO. Filed May 11.

Brian Edward George, case no. 12-15087-KAO. Filed May 12.

Caine Eugene Hand, case no. 12-15100-KAO. Filed May 14.

Steeven Andrew Smith, case no. 12-15116-KAO. Filed May 14.

Jerry L. and Carol L. Hopson, case no. 12-15117-KAO. Filed May 14.

Chantal Marcelle Piscopo, case no. 12-15126-KAO. Filed May 15.

Gerald Scott and Debra Kay Gorsuch, case no. 12-15128-KAO. Filed May 15.

Jeannina Alisa Larson, case no. 12-15136-KAO. Filed May 15.

Genelle K. Fowler, case no. 12-15137-KAO. Filed May 15.

William Eugene Todahl Jr., case no. 12-15178-KAO. Filed May 16.

Robert Lee and Laura Jean Fairchild, case no. 12-15208-KAO. Filed May 17.

Yvonne Ehricke Cartwright, case no. 12-15220-KAO. Filed May 17.

Eli and Karri Anne Coyle, case no. 12-15238-KAO. Filed May 17.

Dennis Wade and Suzanne Lawrence Pate, case no. 12-15247-KAO. Filed May 17.

Agustin and Mona Marie Galindo, case no. 12-15319-KAO. Filed May 18.

Bonnie Lynne Dunbar, case no. 12-15365-KAO. Filed May 21.

Sabrina M. Sniffen, case no. 12-15387-KAO. Filed May 22.

Angie Marie Martin, case no. 12-15418-KAO. Filed May 22.

Robert W. and Teresa C. Slyter, case no. 12-15419-KAO. Filed May 22.

Holly Lynnelle Neria, case no. 12-15426-KAO. Filed May 23.

John P. Hall, case no. 12-15479-KAO. Filed May 24.

Spencer Dwight Santenello, case no. 12-15484-KAO. Filed May 24.

Norman Thomas and Kristin Leigh Peterson, case no. 12-15511-KAO. Filed May 24.

Priscilla Dawn Ray, case no. 12-15539-KAO. Filed May 25.

Jeremy James and Mindy Jean Simmons, case no 12-15581-KAO. Filed May 26.

Chapter 11

No cases reported.

Chapter 13

John Joe and Vivian Marie Urban, case no. 12-14455-KAO. Filed April 29.

Brenden David Charcas and Jennifer Ann Murphy, case no. 12-14560-KAO. Filed April 30.

Janet Rae Kilmer, case no. 12-14760-KAO. Filed May 4.

Vivian Sue Reece, case no. 12-14768-KAO. Filed May 4.

Cheri Marie Wagar, case no. 12-14986-KAO. Filed May 10.

Apuleyo Delacruz and Natalia Lopez, case no. 12-15332-KAO. Filed May 18.

Michael James Marshall, case no. 12-15376-KAO. Filed May 21.

Nathan R. Elson and Cheryl Ceralde-Elson, case no. 12-15417-KAO. Filed May 22.

Jim Wright and Wilma Jean Smith, case no. 12-15421-KAO. Filed May 22.

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