Bankruptcies, November 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Jacqueline L. McCallum, case no. 11-22532-KAO, filed Oct. 27.

Donna M. McCallum, case no. 11-22538-KAO, filed Oct. 27.

Delbert J. and Marcia J. Otter, case no. 11-22621-KAO, filed Oct. 28.

Jordan A. Tarrida, case no. 11-22639-KAO, filed Oct. 28.

Frank J. and Miriam D. Meyer, case no. 11-22732-KAO, filed Oct. 31.

Daniel and Judith Jones, case no. 11-22739-KAO, filed Oct. 31.

Diane L. Douglass, case no. 11-22766-KAO, filed Oct. 31.

Guenter G. Schneider, case no. 11-22771-KAO, filed Oct. 31.

Trevor D. and Nancy E. Toner, case no. 11-22772-KAO, filed Oct. 31.

James S. and Carol J. Hagen. case no. 11-22789-KAO, filed Oct. 31.

Adam S. and Nicole L. Burke, case no. 11-22798-KAO, filed Oct. 31.

Sharon J. Statema, case no. 11-22812-KAO, filed Nov. 1.

Kate L. Ingram-Gueno, case no. 11-22815-KAO, filed Nov. 1.

Bradley L. Gillespie, case no. 11-22816-KAO, filed Nov. 1.

Jacob L. Clark, case no. 11-22818-KAO, filed Nov. 1.

Gerald J. Leavitt, case no. 11-22828-KAO, filed Nov. 2.

Thong Chunphakvenn, case no. 11-22856-KAO, filed Nov. 3.

Ilana D. Phan, case no. 11-22873-KAO, filed Nov. 3.

Mitchell A. Williamson, case no. 11-22933-KAO, filed Nov. 4.

Stephen M. and Victoria A. Nelson, case no. 22936-KAO, filed Nov. 4.

Charlene E. Lenn, case no. 11-22958-KAO, filed Nov. 7.

Mabel L. Henderson, case no. 11-22962-KOA, filed Nov. 7.

Todd and Kimberly Bell, case no. 11-22965-KAO, filed Nov. 7.

Carla G. VanDyk, case no. 11-22969-KAO, filed Nov. 7.

James L. and Lynn C. Wade, case no. 11-23059-KAO, filed Nov. 9.

William K. and Laura L. Barnes, case no. 11-23113-KAO, filed Nov. 10.

David A. Waddell, case no. 11-23134-KAO, filed Nov. 11.

John J. Olsen, case no. 11-23166-KAO, filed Nov. 11.

Jason L. Mercier, case no. 11-23292-KAo, filed Nov. 16.

Michael V. and Kelly J. Burgess, case no. 11-23303-KAO, filed Nov. 16.

Vadim C. and Vera A. Yarovoy, case no. 11-23337-KAO, filed Nov. 17.

Christopher S. Collins, case no. 11-23362-KAO, filed Nov. 17.

Rebecca R. Kelly, case no. 11-23408-KAO, filed Nov. 18.

Ram and Chandra K. Raju, case no. 11-23413-KAO, filed Nov. 18.

Eric I. Nunez, case no. 11-23427-KAO, filed Nov. 18.

Amber N. Blackman, case no. 11-23428-KAO, filed Nov. 18.

Ramona A. Aarstol, case no. 11-23469-KAO, filed Nov. 21.

Daniel Sotelo Jr., case no. 11-23478-KAO, filed Nov. 21.

Stephanie A. Straight, case no. 11-23500-KAO, filed Nov. 21.

Timothy A. Brown, case no. 11-23562-KAO, filed Nov. 23.

Muriel K. Gibbons, case no. 11-23565-KAO, filed Nov. 23.

Chapter 11

Michael E. Reid, case no. 11-22970-MLB, filed Nov. 7.

Chapter 13

Daniel T. and Joan A. Walsh, case no. 11-22934-KAO, filed Nov. 2.

Michael G. Van Parys, case no. 11-22862-KAO, filed Nov. 3.

David S. Peterson, case no. 11-22895-KAO, filed Nov. 3.

Gary L. Benjamin, case no. 11-23009-KAO, filed Nov. 8.

Douglas J. and Vicki L. Saunders, case no. 11-23056-KAO, filed Nov. 9.

Brent J. Peterson, case no. 11-23142-KAO, filed Nov. 11.

Ninnie L. Chamberlain, case no. 11-23384-KAO, filed Nov. 17.


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