Bankruptcies, November 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Pauline J. Koester, case no. 12-21671-KAO. Filed Nov. 21.

Anthony Michael Roman Jr., case no. 12-21659-KAO. Filed Nov. 21.

Elsie Doris Konzelman, case no. 12-21643-KAO. Filed Nov. 20.

Kelli Lynn Pike, case no. 12-21566-KAO. Filed Nov. 16.

Lawrence Lyle Farmer and Marjorie Lou Farmer, case no. 12-21553-KAO. Filed Nov. 16.

Bobbi Joy Corder, case no. 12-21547-KAO. Filed Nov. 15.

Jeb Stuart Brooks and Roxie Ann Brooks, case no. 12-21546-KAO. Filed Nov. 15.

Teresa Ann Rancati, case no. 12-21517-KAO. Filed Nov. 15.

Katherine A. Koruga, case no. 12-21493-KAO. Filed Nov. 15.

Tanya Andrukov, case no. 12-21464-KAO. Filed Nov. 14.

Richard D. Nelson and Sanjuanita Guerrero Nelson, case no. 12-21427-KAO. Filed Nov. 13.

Cristen Lee Wesselman and Nikki Danae Wesselman, case no. 12-21408-KAO. Filed Nov. 12.

Tracy Lin Williams, case no 12-21403-KAO. Filed Nov. 12.

Mary Anne Morgan, case no. 12-21362-KAO. Filed Nov. 9.

Kenneth LeRoy Belch Jr., case no. 12-21277-KAO. Filed Nov. 7.

John Thomas Hawkins and Shara Marie Hawkins, case no. 12-21259-KAO. Filed Nov. 7.

Adam Guy Garner and Corrine Leann Garner, case no. 12-21251-KAO. Filed Nov. 7.

Donald Wayne Parker and Charlene Ida Rose Parker, case no. 12-21238-KAO. Filed Nov. 6.

Lisa Rae Jordan, case no. 12-21212-KAO. Filed Nov. 5.

Anita Lee Rodriguez, case no. 12-21179-KAO. Filed Nov. 2.

Lynne B. Kuta, case no. 12-20997-KAO. Filed Oct. 31.

Ricky Lee Gansler, case no. 12-20989-KAO. Filed Oct. 30.

Robert Dennis Dickinson, case no. 12-20972-KAO. Filed Oct. 30.

American Treating Company LLC, case no. 12-20898-KAO. Filed Oct. 29.

Kate Lynn Gueno, case no 12-20866-KAO. Filed Oct. 29.

Joseph Edward Brown and Metrina Udaundo Brown, case no. 12-20838-KAO. Filed Oct. 26.

Kelly Christine Hamilton, case no. 12-20813-KAO. Filed Oct. 26.

Chapter 11

No cases reported.

Chapter 13

Kevin Lyn Coggan and Jennifer Dawn Coggan, case no. 12-21638-KAO. Filed Nov. 20.

Pamela Ann Bartling, case no. 12-21563-KAO. Filed Nov. 16.

Nickolla Marie Hudson and John Donald Hudson, case no. 12-21504-KAO. Filed Nov. 15.

Carlos Corona and Olga Corona, case no. 12-21498-KAO. Filed Nov. 15.

John Vincent Impero and LeeAnn Stock Impero, case no. 12-21352-KAO. Filed Nov. 9.

Robert Arestad, case no. 12-21161-KAO. Filed Nov. 2.

Rex Allen Pettis and Connie Annette Pettis, case no. 12-21126-KAO. Filed Oct. 31.

Patricia Lee Stanley, case no. 12-20814-KAO. Filed Oct. 26.

Whatcom County bankruptcies are obtained from public records on file with the U.S. bankruptcy court. Listings are subject to change and are only current as of the filing date.

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