Bankruptcies, October 2010

The Bellingham Business Journal

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Raymond G. Hatcher, P.O. Box 524, Sumas. Case no. 10-21224. Filed Sept. 22.

Brandon H. Fisher, 2023 Yew St.,Bellingham. Case no. 10-21247. Filed Sept. 22.

Diane Zepeda, P.O. Box 575, Everson. Case no. 10-21332. Filed Sept. 23.

Teri L. and Patrick J. Watson, 8143 Skeena Way, Blaine. Case no. 10-21340. Filed Sept. 23.

Marlene A. and Russell H. Riviere, 4052 Jones Lane, Bellingham. Case no. 10-21355. Filed Sept. 24.

Jolene C. and Randy A. Maddon, 195 Parkview St., Blaine. Case no. 10-21372. Filed Sept. 24.

Rebecca J. Pen, 9516 Harvey Road, Blaine. Case no. 10-21464. Filed Sept. 27.

Delcie C. V. Capelle, 7650 Birch Bay Drive F8, Blaine. Case no. 10-21479. Filed Sept. 27.

Lisa E. Marx, 490 S. State St. Unit L, Bellingham. Case no. 10-21482. Filed Sept. 28.

Cynthia Elliot, 4069 Gloria Lane, Bellingham. Case no. 10-21532. Filed Sept. 28.

Lanette M. Rippa, P.O. Box 673, Blaine. Case no. 10-21545. Filed Sept. 28.

Lloyd E. and Sandra C. Johnson, 5776 Salish Road, Blaine. Case no. 10-21575. Filed Sept. 29.

Todd M. and Lacey N. Postma, 333 Front St., Sumas. Case no. 10-21588. Filed Sept. 29.

Amanda M. Warren, 2411 Utter St., Bellingham. Case no. 10-21862. Filed Oct. 4.

MaryAnn and Joel S. Baker, 6716 La Bello Drive, Lynden. Case no. 10-21865. Filed Oct. 4.

Kyle E. Klopfer, 602 W. Lake Samish Drive, Bellingham. Case no. 10-21900. Filed Oct. 5.

Kenneth M. and Elizabeth Hemmerly, 3905 Fraser St., Bellingham. Case no. 10-21905. Filed Oct. 5.

James and Michelle R. Densmore, 3411 Hollywood Ave., Bellingham. Case no. 10-21944. Filed Oct. 6.

Joan and Ronald McSorley, 1303 Willeys Lake Road, Ferndale. Case no. 10-21960. Filed Oct. 6.

Natalie B. Elmore, 3708 Home Road Unit 103, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22009. Filed Oct. 7.

Theresa M. and Michael J. Hennessey, 9693 Crest Drive, Blaine. Case no. 10-22026. Filed Oct. 7.

Michelle L. and Mulford Martin III, 2203 Hawk Way, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22093. Filed Oct. 8.

Myron L. and Helena G. Capps, 2314 Michigan St., Bellingham. Case no. 10-22099. Filed Oct. 8.

Janine M. LaMetterey, 250 N. State St. Unit 106, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22107. Filed Oct. 8.

Nicole E. Gruendl, 1717 Fruitland Drive, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22123. Filed Oct. 8.

Casey M. Schmidt, 1010 N. Garden St. Unit 4, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22156. Filed Oct. 11.

Carole J. Aregger, 5136B Guide Meridian, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22163. Filed Oct. 11.

Sukhmonder S. Brar, 9430 Sumas Road, Sumas. Case no. 10-22171. Filed Oct. 11.

Rex L. Howard, 977 Harrison Ave., Blaine. Case no. 10-22202. Filed Oct. 12.

Paul M. and Cheryl A. Mitchell, 2508 Brown Road, Ferndale. Case no. 10-22208. Filed Oct. 12.

Barbara R. Stilwell, P.O. Box 30931, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22211. Filed Oct. 12.

Clifford D. LaBounty Jr., 2825 Lake Whatcom Blvd., Bellingham. Case no. 10-22216. Filed Oct. 13.

Nicki J. Johnson, 5068 Reese Hill Road, Sumas. Case no. 10-22256. Filed Oct. 13.

Joan M. Bell, 1606 Washington St., Bellingham. Case no. 10-22320. Filed Oct. 14.

Naomi R. and Matthew S. Zender, 1307 Falls Drive, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22335. Filed Oct. 14.

Priscilla B. Paul, P.O. Box 1311, Ferndale. Case no. 10-22371. Filed Oct. 15.

Nathan L. and Lorilee Maclin, P.O. Box 1740, Ferndale. Case no. 10-22385. Filed Oct. 15.

Sarah J.P. Lines, 405 14th St., Bellingham. Case no. 10-22388. Filed Oct. 15.

Richard B. Jolley, 4434 Sucia Dr., Ferndale. Case no. 10-22398. Filed Oct. 15.

James E. Degenstien and Angeleah D. Gilland, 2901 Evergreen Ave., Bellingham. Case no. 10-22408. Filed Oct. 15.

Jamie L. and Aaron W. Sanday, 5525 Maleng Road, Acme. Case no. 10-22452. Filed Oct. 18.

April L. and Robert J. Ramey Jr., P.O. Box 4394, Nooksack. Case no. 10-22455. Filed Oct. 18.

Crystal A. and Jason C. Dahlstrom, 6422 Portal Commons Place, Ferndale. Case no. 10-22460. Filed Oct. 18.

John J. Radwanski, 203 E. Third St., Everson. Case no. 10-22527. Filed Oct. 19.

Reed H. McClellan, 2000 Alabama St. #8, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22546. Filed Oct. 20.

Richard E. and Linda L. Atkins, 45 Louise View Drive, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22548. Filed Oct. 20.

Don A. Reda, 1685 H St. #1223, Blaine. Filed Oct. 21.

James M. and Deborah M. Mastin, P.O. Box 567, Ferndale. Filed Oct. 21.

Coriander Dezotell, 308 W. Champion St. #303, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 22.

Jerry E. Bruneau, P.O. Box 224, Lynden. Filed Oct. 25.

Shawn L. Warren, 1400 Moore St. B-1, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 26.

Amanda K. Hamilton, 3700 Alabama St. #212, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 26.

Susan R. and Jeffrey R. Palmer, 3140 Tanglewood Lane, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 27.

Brenda J. Jensen, 8573 Vinup Road Unit A, Lynden. Filed Oct. 28.

Erin L. Runciman, 3811 Consolidation Ave., Bellingham. Filed Oct. 28.

Cipriano R. Mauricio and Monica B. Sjursen, 2018 Whatcom Lane, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 28.

Ronald R. Yepez, 1510 E. Maryland St., Bellingham. Filed Oct. 28.

Laurie A. and Michael S. Morrell, 7057 Guide Meridian Road, Lynden. Filed Oct. 29.

Christopher R. Benzel and Rosalie Ramos-Benzel, 6742 Kickerville Road, Ferndale. Filed Oct. 29.

Jimmy J. and Ruth M. Ingersoll, 120 Poplar Dr., Everson. Filed Oct. 29.

David B. Wilson, 3010 Ferry Ave. #117, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 29.

Chapter 13

Lori A. Gimmer, 1124 Berry Way, Lummi Island. Case no. 10-21294. Filed Sept. 23.

Sandra L. and Andrew W. Fisk, 2711 Russell St., Bellingham. Case no. 10-21326. Filed Sept. 23.

Jordan F. and Carey L. Barrett, 1913 Lake Louise Road, Bellingham. Case no. 10-21822. Filed Oct. 1.

Christine M. Heintz, 4715 Samish Way, Bellingham. Case no. 10-21878. Filed Oct. 4.

Kathleen A. and Kevin J. Elsbree, 8894 Blaine Road, Blaine. Case no. 10-21911. Filed Oct. 5.

Dawn R. and Kurt E. Imes, 6335 Portal Way Unit 11, Ferndale. Case no. 10-21914. Filed Oct. 5.

Robert T. Bohn, P.O. Box 29535, Bellingham. Case no. 10-21918. Filed Oct. 5.

Becky A. and Dennis A. Andrews, 8219 Stein Road, Custer. Case no. 10-21953. Filed Oct. 6.

Erin P. and Brett L. Nelson, 86 Polo Park Drive, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22016. Filed Oct. 7.

Olivia V. and Leif E. Karling, 611 C St., Blaine. Case no. 10-22088. Filed Oct. 8.

Micah D. Lagerway, 7105 Old Guide Road, Lynden. Case no. 10-22215. Filed Oct. 13.

Bentley J. Louviere, 424 W. Bakerview Road #105-275, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22251. Filed Oct. 13.

Devyn D. Briscoe, 5824 Storr Road, Ferndale. Case no-10-22329. Filed Oct. 14.

David J. and Ardie L. Terpstra, 1022 Ridge Lane, Everson. Case no. 10-22353. Filed Oct. 15.

Vernon S. Schermer, 1612 Seacrest Dr., Lummi Island. Case no. 10-22516. Filed Oct. 19.

Coni L. Pugh, 321 Christopher Lane, Everson. Case no. 10-22545. Filed Oct. 20.

Margaret J. and William M. Sellers, 76 Sudden Valley Drive, Bellingham. Case no. 10-22551. Filed Oct. 20.

Brandy M. and Leif R. Gustafson, 6550 Timmerman Lane, Ferndale. Filed Oct. 21.

Thomas J. Mallahan, 6075 Hoag Lane, Everson. Filed Oct. 21.

Steven G. Fisher, 1413 Victor St., Bellingham. Filed Oct. 28.

Rosario B. Correa, 5826 Pacific Rim Way Apt. 39, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 29.


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