Bankruptcies, October 2011

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

The following bankruptcies are from Whatcom County.

Chapter 7

Tammy and Robert C. Spinner Jr., case no. 11-21314-KAO, filed Sept. 26.

Jose D. Martinez Galan and Janice E. Blackmore, case no. 11-21342-KAO, filed Sept. 27.

Coady E. Pike, case no. 11-21362-KAO, filed Sept. 27.

Daljit S. and Satinderjit K. Dhillon, case no. 11-21365-KAO, filed Sept. 27.

Terri L. Muenscher, case no. 11-21372-KAO, filed Sept. 27.

Kailyn E. Brown, case no. 11-21374-KAO, filed Sept. 27.

Kelley D. Vice and Sydney P. Cole, case no. 11-21411-KAO, filed Sept. 28.

Harlee’s Inc., case no. 11-21460-KAO, filed Sept. 29.

Evelia Moreno, case no. 11-21464-KAO, filed Sept. 29.

Colleen R. Mitchell, case no. 11-21472-KAO, filed Sept. 29.

David A. and Vera V. Kaydalov, case no. 11-21519-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

Yuriy V. and Anna-Maria Gorun, case no. 11-21529-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

Kent B. and Peggy L. Selby, case no. 11-21545-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

Casey A. and Molly C. Ward, case no. 11-21547-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

Luz I. and Alan D. Speidel, case no. 11-21553-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

Debbie J. and John P. Wilson Jr., case no. 11-21562-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

Delcie C. Van Capelle, case no. 11-21602-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

James and Deborah L. Parham, case no. 11-21605-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

Thomas J. Kasperson, case no. 11-21702-KAO, filed Oct. 4.

Myron A. and Joanne J. Burke, case no. 11-21797-KAO, filed Oct. 6.

Aaron C. and Lynette M. Maberry, case no. 11-21812-KAO, filed Oct. 6.

Frederick J. and Ina J. Bach, case no. 11-21813-KAO, filed Oct. 6.

Nicholas S. Hibma, case no. 11-21889-KAO, filed Oct. 10.

Cynthia A. Bentley, case no. 11-21916-KAO, filed Oct. 10.

Paul L. DePoppe, case no. 11-21933-KAO, filed Oct. 11.

Marisel M. Andersen, case no. 11-21976-KAO, filed Oct. 12.

Rose Vogel, case no. 11-21995-KAO, filed Oct. 13.

Kevin P. and Margaret R. Fairshon, case no. 11-22012-KAO, filed Oct. 13.

Kirk P. and Bonita J. Fengel, case no. 11-22041-KAO, filed Oct. 14.

Jude D. Gray, case no. 11-22045-KAO, filed Oct. 14.

Cheryl A. Basher, case no. 11-22093-KAO, filed Oct. 14.

Christopher J. Bauer, case no. 11-22101-KAO, filed Oct. 14.

Justin R. Tromp, case no. 11-22135-KAO, filed Oct. 17.

Mary E. Sullivan, case no. 11-22138-KAO, filed Oct. 17.

Seth H. Anderson, case no. 11-22145-KAO, filed Oct. 17.

Matthew S. Peterson, case no. 11-22164-KAO, filed Oct. 18.

Sharon M. Hymer, case no. 11-22170-KAO, filed Oct. 18.

Peter F. and Joan C. Rice, case no. 11-22179-KAO, filed Oct. 18.

Emily K. Heiser, case no. 11-22196-KAO, filed Oct. 19.

Forrest Logsdon-Hughes and Jennifer F. Hughes, case no. 11-22213-KAO, filed Oct. 19.

David C. and Christina J. Fox, case no. 11-22273-KAO, filed Oct. 20.

H. David Kurland, case no. 11-22278-KAO, filed Oct. 20.

Jocelyn A. Koker, case no. 11-22281-KAO, filed Oct. 20.

Donald S. and Christine L. Whitney, case no. 11-22293-KAO, filed Oct. 20.

Daniel L. and Amber D. Klein, case no. 11-22315-KAO, filed Oct. 21.

Jerimie J. and Jessica L. Young, case no. 11-22342-KAO, filed Oct. 21.

James M. Fellers, case no. 11-22344-KAO, filed Oct. 21.

Leslie N. Jackson, case no. 11-22353-KAO, filed Oct. 21.

Cory W. and Katherine Goodwin, case no. 11-22384-KAO, filed Oct. 24.

Kathleen R.M. and Travick F. Risher Jr., case no. 11-22403-KAO, filed Oct. 24.

Ahn T. Truong, case no. 11-22411-KAO, filed Oct. 25.

Julie A. Steele, case no. 11-22432-KAO, filed Oct. 25.

Deborah T. Lutz, case no. 11-22462-KAO, filed Oct. 26.

Michael J. Vasilantone, case no. 11-22465-KAO, filed Oct. 26.

Melanie D. Deaton, case no. 11-22469-KAO, filed Oct. 26.

Chapter 11

David A. Force, case no. 11-22301-TWD, filed Oct. 21.

Chapter 13

Michael J. and Laurie A. Morris, case no. 11-21366-KAO, filed Sept. 27.

David R. and Linda M. Schuyler, case no. 11-21587-KAO, filed Sept. 30.

Tammy D. Klenz, case no. 11-21687-KAO, filed Oct. 3.

Adam W. and Falon M. Finkbonner, case no. 11-21882-KAO, filed Oct. 9.

Sindy S. and Richard A. Wiebe Sr., case no. 11-21884-KAO, filed Oct. 9.

Kinnie L. Chamberlain, case no. 11-21919-KAO, filed Oct. 11.

Trenton J. and Shawna L. Hanson, case no. 11-21920-KAO, filed Oct. 11.

Tim P. and Grace G. Lukens, case no. 11-22089-KAO, filed Oct. 14.

Renee F. Gilbert, case no. 11-22128-KAO, filed Oct. 17.

Jordan L. Stone, case no. 11-22195-KAO, filed Oct. 19.

Anita M. Perry-Byrne, case no. 11-22299-KAO, filed Oct. 20.

Corey R. and Laura M. Barrett, case no. 11-22412-KAO, filed Oct. 25.


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