Bankruptcies, October 2012

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Mary Elaine Henry and Claude Steven Henry, case no. 12-20774-KAO. Filed Oct. 25.

Roger Michael Candanoza Jr., case no. 12-20772-KAO. Filed Oct. 25.

Joseph Brian Mills, case no. 12-20753-KAO. Filed Oct. 24.

Christopher John Isom, case no. 12-20750-KAO. Filed Oct. 24.

Eldor Richard Garcia, case no. 12-20729-KAO. Filed Oct. 24.

Ramiro Lopez Ortiz Jr., case no. 12-20724-KAO. Filed Oct. 24.

Sarah Michell Lunde, case no. 12-20723-KAO. Filed Oct. 24.

Stephen Muncey Woodward, case no. 12-20707-KAO. Filed Oct. 23.

Joshua Allen Ragsdill, case no. 12-20634-KAO. Filed Oct. 19.

Eugene Frederick Gluck, case no. 12-20621-KAO. Filed Oct. 19.

Malori Susan Smith, case no. 12-20595-KAO. Filed Oct. 18.

Robert Floyd Yancey Jr., case no. 12-20587-KAO. Filed Oct. 18.

Matthew James Pluard and Shauna Kay Pluard, case no. 12-20560-KAO. Filed Oct. 18.

Eric Paul Barnes, case no. 12-20551-KAO. Filed Oct. 18.

William Allen Granger, case no. 12-20533-KAO. Filed Oct. 17.

Kimmie Lee Van Vliet, case no. 12-20532-KAO. Filed Oct. 17.

Karin Loverich Johnson, case no. 12-20527-KAO. Filed Oct. 17.

John Richard Weber and Kelly Coleen Weber, case no. 12-20520-KAO. Filed Oct. 17.

Michael Joseph DeAnnuntis and Lisa Gayle DeAnnuntis, case no. 12-20511-KAO. Filed Oct. 17.

Kevin Wayne Foster and Christina Doreen Foster, case no. 12-20428-KAO. Filed Oct. 15.

Jesse Alphonso Paez and Lindsay Marie Paez, case no. 12-20362-KAO. Filed Oct. 12.

Mitchell Blaine Hansen and Darcee Jean Hansen, case no. 12-20300-KAO. Filed Oct. 11.

Russell Louis Stevenson and Tomomi Stevenson, case no. 12-20280-KAO. Filed Oct. 11.

Stephanie Lynne Draper, case no. 12-20265-KAO. Filed Oct. 10.

Christine Rene Mastne, case no. 12-20250-KAO. Filed Oct. 10.

Tod M. Bunker, case no. 12-20232-KAO. Filed Oct. 9.

Theth Foeung and Laura Jean Foeung, case no. 12-20230-KAO. Filed Oct. 9.

Amy Lynn Henderson, case no. 12-20193-KAO. Filed Oct. 8.

Jacob Dylan Segel and Brittney Lynn Segel, case no. 12-20180-KAO. Filed Oct. 6.

Nancy Lorene Wyly, case no. 12-20095-KAO. Filed Oct. 3.

Troy Eugene Apeles and Julie George Apeles, case no. 12-20075-KAO. Filed Oct. 3.

Thuan Dinh Nguyen, case no. 12-20068-KAO. Filed Oct. 3.

Travis Lee Martin and Candace Michelle Martin, case no. 12-20062-KAO. Filed Oct. 3.

Paul Charles Hart Jr., case no. 12-20060-KAO. Filed Oct. 2.

Donald Carl Weaver and Dana Michelle Weaver, case no. 12-20024-KAO. Filed Oct. 1.

Gopal Das and Bonnie Jean Das, case no. 12-19992-KAO. Filed Sept. 30.

Michael Paul Granfors, case no. 12-19921-KAO. Filed Sept. 28.

Steven Arnold Diem, case no. 12-19842-KAO. Filed Sept. 27.

Yvonne Nicole Castaneda and Roberto Esteban Castaneda, case no. 12-19819-KAO. Filed Sept. 26.

Tammy Anne Lovelace, case no. 12-19814-KAO. Filed Sept. 26.

Drew Michael Thayer and Jolene Kehr Thayer, case no. 12-19795-KAO. Filed Sept. 25.

Doris Kathryn Ferry, case no. 12-19779-KAO. Filed Sept. 25.

Chapter 11

Stebner Real Estate Inc., case no 12-19825-TWD. Filed Sept. 26.

Chapter 13

Karen M. Baker, case no. 12-20585-KAO. Filed Oct. 18.

Timothy Chris Call and Tracy Jean Call, case no. 12-20536-KAO. Filed Oct. 18.

Thomas Patrick LaPlante, case no. 12-20339-KAO. Filed Oct. 12.

Judith Carol Larkin, case no. 12-20151-KAO. Filed Oct. 5.

Jerry Davis Caldwell, case no. 12-20111-KAO. Filed Oct. 4.

Jeffery Eldon Rich and Carly Lynn Rick, case no. 12-19991-KAO. Filed Sept. 30.

Jesse Lee Eisses, case no. 12-19837-KAO. Filed Sept. 16.

Whatcom County bankruptcies are obtained from public records on file with the U.S. bankruptcy court. Listings are subject to change and are only current as of the filing date.

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