Bankruptcies, September 2009

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.
Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.
Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7

Sharie Kernan-Wilder and Willard L. Wilder Jr., 8673 Harbor Dr., Blaine. Filed Aug. 7.

David E. Conn, 492 Sprauge Valley Dr., Maple Falls. Filed Aug. 6.

Sharon R. and Warren S. Levine, 516 Darby Dr. #216, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 3.

Peter J. McKee, 7345 Yellow Fin Court, Blaine. Filed Aug. 3.

Catherine M. and Collin D. Geiter, PMB 265, 424 W. Bakerview Road Suite 105, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 3.

Thomas P. and Catherine E. Miller, 2220 Michigan St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 3.

Robert E. and Martha M. Carr, 7939 Chisholm Trail, Maple Falls. Filed Aug. 5.

Kenneth C. and Kathleen A. Tate, 2812 Michigan St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 5.

Debra L. Hammond, 8026 Birch Bay Dr. #242, Blaine. Filed Aug. 5.

Jaymi L. Bivens, 7460 Nemo Court, Blaine. Filed Aug. 5.

Julie A. Nelson, 2501 E St. #401, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 5.

Richard G. Weiler, P.O. Box 2063, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 4.

James L. Gillispie, 2932 W. Maplewood Ave., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 4.

Nicolette E. Ware, 925 21st St. Apt. C, Bellingham. Filed July 30.

Jody B. and David G. Spore, 3220 Orleans St. A-201, Bellingham. Filed July 29.

Cindy M. Randall, 192 E. Pole Road, Lynden. Filed July 29.

Adam E. Jensen, 224 E. Laurel Road, Bellingham. Filed July 29.

Janet L. Kircher, 2249 Lancaster Way, Ferndale. Filed July 29.

Martha E. Leviel, 1941 Lake Whatcom Blvd. Suite 108, Bellingham. Filed July 29.

Curtis D. Oaks, P.O. Box 1051 Sumas. Filed July 29.

Nicole I. Antle, 2222 Valencia St. #7, Bellingham. Filed July 29.

John A. Andros, P.O. Box 1566, Sumas. Filed July 28.

Ian W. and Beverly P. Barling, 1816 Olympic Pl., Bellingam. Filed July 28.

Harry and Mary A. Biemold, 7572B Woodland Road, Ferndale. Filed July 28.

Robert E. and Julie E. Haupert, 2527 Park St., Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Fern R. Hotkowski, 800 Liberty St. #10, Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Deborah R. Bouressa, 6205 Mission Road, Everson. Filed July 28.

Pamela J. and David L. Cofield, 1200 Lincoln St. #418, Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Larissa L. Lane, 3309 Lone Eagle Circle, Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Audrey M. and Paul D. Genest, 1117 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed July 28.

Jeri L. Moeller, 1408 Wilson Ave., Blaine. Filed July 27.

Troy A. Lozano, 4152 Meridian St. Suite 105-42, Bellingham. Filed July 23.

Daniel L. and Marianna Scodeller, 3344 Sussex Dr., Bellingham. Filed July 24.

Sonja C. and Arne J. Gjendem, 6159 Cedar Lane, Maple Falls. Filed July 24.

Aaron F. and Jennifer A. Hillman, 2731 Niagra St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 10.

Michael S. and Toni M. Cabello, 4460 Boone Road, Blaine. Filed Aug. 10.

Brian L. Yost, 2128 28th St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 26.

Sherry L. Klander, 425 S. 28th St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 26.

Michelle Diaz, 2418 Queen St. B, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 26.

John O. Malin, 4000 Flynn St. #46, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 26.

Tanya M. Smit, P.O. Box 29202, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 25.

Michael T. Matheny, 4149 Salt Spring Dr., Ferndale. Filed Aug. 25.

Tyann L. Davis, 328 Cleveland St., Sumas. Filed Aug. 25.

Sheryl A. Rhodes, 328 Cleveland St., Sumas. Filed Aug. 25.

Gaylan R. Geroge, 8512 Harborview Road, Blaine. Filed Aug. 20.

Kimberly A. and Christopher B. Arzabal, 1437 St. Paul St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 20.

Lisa A. Collins, $4016 Sweet Road, Blaine. Filed Aug. 19.

Michael R. Fortin, 4016 Sweet Road, Blaine. Filed Aug. 19.

Charles W. Teel, 1400 12th St. Apt. 902, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 19.

David S. and Sara G. Wesley, 2627 Sunset Dr., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 19.

John E. and Sue A. George, 865 Blaine Ave., Blaine. Filed Aug. 18.

Lesley J. Hofley, 1085 Peach Portal Dr., Blaine. Filed Aug. 18.

Lynda J. and Trevor J. Swan, 1040 Austin St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 18.

Sarah R. Berg, 7030 Kickerville Road, Ferndale. Filed Aug. 18.

Daniel E. Kale, 824 Yew St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 17.

Ronald L. and Lori A. Kirkwood, 6104 N. Fork Road, Deming. Filed Aug. 17.

Erin P. and Brett L. Nelson, 998 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 17.

Kasey R. Lehman Sr., 219 Pollman Circle, Lynden. Filed Aug. 13.

Melanie S. Pysden, 4432 E. Oregon St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 13.

Erik A. and Cassandra D. Bokamper, 3420 W. McLeod Road #83, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 12.

Amanda J. and Jeff J. Annis, P.O. Box 4410, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 12.

Lisa C. Hinkel, 2729 Patton St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 12.

Franklin E. Long, 2366 Harksell Road, Ferndale. Filed Aug. 12.

Stephen Grace, 817 Aaron Dr., Lynden. Filed Aug. 12.

Karlee M. and Jeremy L. Leyerly, 4456 Reese Hill Road, Sumas. Filed Aug. 11.

Wayde A. Morrison, P.O. Box 2167, Sumas. Filed Aug. 11.

Chapter 11

Apex-Micro America Inc., 2181 Buchanan Loop Suite 4, Ferndale. Filed July 30.

Leeward Subdivision Partners LLC, 1020 Geneva St., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 20.

Chapter 13

Renee A. Englert, P.O. Box 796, Sumas. Filed Aug. 7.

Jeffrey A. and Susan A. Gueno, 2000 Mill Ave. #10, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 7.

Jami L. and Peter C. Harrison, 4209 Springland Lane, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 6.

Richard D. Morgenthaler, 1937 Wildflower Way, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 6.

Modesta L. Urbano, P.O. Box 29801, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 6.

Teresa L. and Marty A. Brown, 436 Sunrise Dr., Lynden. Filed Aug. 3.

Elise J. Cupples, P.O. Box 28777, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 4.

Seth A. Belik, 6275 Everson Goshen Road, Everson. Filed July 31.

Sonja L. Wallberg-Gidlund and Thomas E. Gidlund, 3609 Illinois Lane, Bellingham. Filed July 31.

Elliot P. Lorden, 1232 Lattimore Road, Ferndale. Filed July 31.

Brent S. Boatman, 1724 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed July 30.

Robin D. and Jeffrey A. Wade, 83 Grand View Lane, Bellingham. Filed July 23.

Stephen G. Bovan, 4232 Spring Creek Lane, Bellingham. Filed July 24.

Marcia J. Wazny, 5607 Sand Road, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 26

Dip and Parvindar K. Singh, 1444 Fruitland Dr., Bellingham. Filed Aug. 21.

David A. Ramsay, 4751 Birch Bay Lynden Road #88, Blaine. Filed Aug. 17.

Yelena V. and David A. Nelson, 2003 N. Mahonia Place, Bellingham. Filed Aug. 13.

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